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Measure of Noncompactness and Nondensely Defined Semilinear Functional Differential Equations with Fractional Order

This paper is devoted to study the existence of integral solutions for a nondensely defined semilinear functional differential equations involving the Riemann-Liouville derivative in a Banach space ... fractional order semilinear functional differential equations, Proc. A. Razmadze Math. Inst., 146 (2008), 9–20. [9] BELMEKKI, M., BENCHOHRA, M. AND GORNIEWICZ, L., Semilinear functional differential

Vector Cross Product Differential and Difference Equations in R^3 and in R^7

Through a matrix approach of the $2$-fold vector cross product in $\mathbb{R}^3$ and in $\mathbb{R}^7$, some vector cross product differential and difference equations are studied. Either the ... product can be found in mathematical models of physical processes, control theory problems in particular, which involve di erential equations [ 6, 8 ]. In [6] and [ 7 ], through certain 3 3

New oscillation theorems for second order quasi-linear difference equations with sub-linear neutral term

In this paper, the authors obtain some new sufficient conditions for the oscillation of all solutions of the second order neutral difference equation Δ ( a n ( Δ z n ) β ) + q n x n − ℓ γ = 0 , n ≥ n ... Mathematics, Government Arts College (Autonomous), Salem, India References Agarwal, R.P.: Difference Equations and Inequalities. Marcel Dekker, New York (2000) MATHGoogle Scholar Agarwal, R.P., Bohner, M

Reducible functional differential equations

differential-difference equations and arise in a number of biological models. ... . 20. CASTELAN, W.G. and INFANTE, E.F. On a functional equation arising in the stability theory of difference-differential equations, _Q.rt. Appl. Math. 35 (1977), 311-319. 27. MABIC-KULMA, B. On an

TBA equations and resurgent Quantum Mechanics

Riemann-Hilbert problems in the study of BPS spectra in \( \mathcal{N} \) = 2 gauge theories and of minimal surfaces in AdS. We also show that our TBA equations, combined with exact quantization conditions ... Mechanics with arbitrary polynomial potentials. These equations provide a generalization of the ODE/IM correspondence, and they can be regarded as the solution of a Riemann-Hilbert problem in resurgent

Functional differential equations—a reciprocity principle

differential-difference equations to electrodynamics and biological models. ... Differential Equations with a Regular Singular Point, Differencial'nye Uravnenija I0 ( 1974 ), 1892 - 1894 . 5. SHAH , S. M. and WIENER , J. Reducible Functional Differential Equations , International Journal of

Measure of noncompactness on and applications

In this paper we define a new measure of noncompactness on and study its properties. As an application we study the existence of solutions for a class of nonlinear functional integral equations using ... . Brezis, Functional Analysis, Sobolev Spaces and Partial Differential Equations, Springer New York Dordrecht Heidelberg London, 2011.         [ Links ] [12] G. Darbo, Punti uniti in trasformazioni a

Serum creatinine and estimated glomerular filtration rates in HIV positive and negative adults in Ethiopia

free mass and grip strength in both HIV positive and negative adults (P<0.05). No difference was observed in eGFR between HIV positive and HIV negative adults. For all eGFR equations, the correlation ... composition and clinical parameters. Pearson?s correlation coefficient was used to show the correlation between 24-hr creatinine clearance and eGFR equations. Bias was calculated mean difference between 24-hr

Bootstrapping solutions of scattering equations

Abstract The scattering equations are a set of algebraic equations connecting the kinematic space of massless particles and the moduli space of Riemann spheres with marked points. We present an ... , Scattering in Three Dimensions from Rational Maps, JHEP 10 (2013) 141 [arXiv:1306.2962] [INSPIRE].ADSCrossRefGoogle Scholar [8] F. Cachazo, S. He and E.Y. Yuan, Scattering equations and Kawai-Lewellen-Tye

Evaluation of group electronegativities and hardness (softness) of group 14 elements and containing functional groups through density functional theory and correlation with NMR spectra data

Quantum Chemical calculations for group 14 elements of Periodic Table (C, Si, Ge, Sn, Pb) and their functional groups have been carried out using Density Functional Theory (DFT) based reactivity ... central atom. All these calculations were performed using the B3PW91 functional together with the 6-311++G** basis set level for H, C, Si, Ge, F, Cl and Br atoms and the 3-21G for Sn and I atoms

Oscillation of nonlinear delay difference equations

We obtain some oscillation criteria for solutions of the nonlinear delay difference equation of the form xn ... - 1465 (Russian). MR 83k:34069. Zbl 0496 . 34044 . [3] G. Ladas , C. G. Philos , and Y. G. Sficas , Sharp conditions for the oscillation of delay difference equations , J. Appl. Math. Simulation 2 ( 1989

On linear difference equations over rings and modules

We develop a coalgebraic approach to the study of solutions of linear difference equations over modules and rings. Some known results about linearly recursive sequences over base fields are ... linear difference equations over base fields is well understood, the theory over arbitrary ground rings and modules is still under development. It is becoming more interesting and is gaining increasingly

ERCP Success Rate and Periampullary Diverticula: The Pocket Makes No Difference

diverticula within 2–3 cm of the ampulla, have unclear etiology, though motility disorders, congenital defects, and aging may contribute to it. The prevalence of PAD varies widely in the literature (3–32%) [2 ... ]. There are reports of associations between PAD and biliary obstruction [3, 4], choledocholithiasis [5, 6], and pancreatitis [7], though they are generally thought to be asymptomatic. PAD can be

Oscillation and nonoscillation in nonlinear third order difference equations

O B. SMITH 0 W.E. TAYLOR 0 0 Department of Mathematlcs Texas Southern University Houston , TX 77004 , USA equations - OSCILLATION AND NONOSCILLATION IN NONLINEAR THIRD ORDER DIFFERENCE EQUATIONS ... is called oscillatory. The problem of determining oscillatlon criteria for certain second order nonllnear difference equations has been investigated by Hooker and Patula [1], and Szmanda [ 2 ]. The

Some derivative free quadratic and cubic convergence iterative formulas for solving nonlinear equations

methods which is based on the central-difference and forward-difference approximations to derivatives. It is proved that three of the four methods have cubic convergence and another method has quadratic ... frequently in scientific work. In this paper, we have introduced some techniques for solving nonlinear equations. The techniques were based on the central-difference and forward-difference approximations to

Morse Decompositions for Delay-Difference Equations

Scalar difference equations \(x_{k+1}=f(x_k,x_{k-d})\) with delay \(d\in {\mathbb {N}}\) are well-motivated from applications e.g. in the life sciences or discretizations of delay-differential ... , that is differential equations. A first approach to tackle difference equations via discrete Lyapunov functionals is due to Mallet-Paret and Sell [17]. In showing that such an integer-valued functional V

Instantons in the Hofstadter butterfly: difference equation, resurgence and quantum mirror curves

Abstract We study the Harper-Hofstadter Hamiltonian and its corresponding non-perturbative butterfly spectrum. The problem is algebraically solvable whenever the magnetic flux is a rational multiple ... ] J. Gu and T. Sulejmanpasic, High order perturbation theory for difference equations and Borel summability of quantum mirror curves, JHEP 12 (2017) 014 [arXiv:1709.00854] [INSPIRE

Oscillation and nonoscillation theorems for some mixed difference equations

In this paper we investigate the oscillatory and nonoscillatory behavior of solutions of certain mixed third and fourth order difference equations. Specific results are also obtained for the constant ... . - OSCILLATION AND NONOSCILLATION THEOREMS FOR SOME MIXED DIFFERENCE EQUATIONS (1.2) where P, is a sequence of positive numbers having a positive limit inferior, that is, there is a positive constant c 0 such

Functional differential equations—a reciprocity principle

differential-difference equations to electrodynamics and biological models. ... Differential Equations with a Regular Singular Point, Differencial'nye Uravnenija I0 ( 1974 ), 1892 - 1894 . 5. SHAH , S. M. and WIENER , J. Reducible Functional Differential Equations , International Journal of

A focal boundary value problem for difference equations

The eigenvalue problem in difference equations, (−1)n−kΔny(t)=λ∑i=0k−1pi(t)Δiy(t), with Δty(0)=0, 0≤i≤k, Δk ... A FOCAL BOUNDARY VALUE PROBLEM FOR DIFFERENCE EQUATIONS 0 CATHRYN DENNY and DARREL HANKERSON Department of Algebra, Combinatorics, and Analysis Auburn University Auburn , Alabama 36849-5307 , USA