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The corporate headquarters in organization design theory: an organizational economics perspective

organization in general. I outline a number of organizational economics ideas that may help addressing these challenges. ... Jensen MC, Meckling W (1992) Specific and general knowledge and organizational structure. In: Werin L, Wijkander H (eds) Contract Economics. Blackwell, OxfordGoogle Scholar Kleinbaum AM, Stuart TE (2014

The Ontology of Uncertainty in Finance: The Normative Legacy of General Equilibrium

répartition la meilleure des risques. Econométrie, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Paris, 1953) in his model of general equilibrium under uncertainty, which became a milestone in the theory of ... familiar narrative of the performativity of economics. KeywordsPerformativity General equilibrium State pricing approach Arrow securities Market socialism Normativity  Finance—as a sector of the economy

The Economics of the Gulag

in the 1930s,? in The Economics o f Forced Labor: The Soviet Gulag. Paul R. Gregory and Valery Lazarev, eds. Hoover Institution Press, 2003. pp. 108 and 110. xv? Simon Ertz, ?Building Norilsk,? in ... Economics, pp. 129-130. The Gulag also became involved in major construction projects. Some of these projects were meant to provide infrastructure for various Gulag camps. For example, during the first two

Correction to: Introduction to Advanced Statistical Analyses for Computational Economics and Finance

/s10614-018-9804-y The original publication of the article has been published incorrectly with few textual errors. The correct text is given below: In section “General Presentation of the Contributions ... ”, first paragraph, the sentence should read, “This special issue of Computational Economics publishes a selection of the best papers presented at the fourth International Symposium in Computational

On lattice-topological properties of general Wallman spaces

Let X be an arbitrary set and ℒ a lattice of subsets of X such that ϕ,X∈ℒ.𝒜(ℒ) is the algebra generated by ℒ and I(ℒ) consists of all zero-one valued finitely additive measures on 𝒜(ℒ). Various subsets of and I(ℒ) are considered and certain lattices are investigated as well as the topology of closed sets generated by them. The lattices are investigated for normality, regularity...

Guest Commentary: Citizenship, Economics, and Morality

Interdisciplinary Journal of Problem-based Learning GUEST EDITORS? INTRODUCTION Citizenship, Economics, and Morality Thomas A. Lucey (Illinois State University) and Mary Beth Henning (Northern Illinois University ... ) IJPBL issued a call for manuscripts that described problembased learning that examined intersections of citizenship, economics, and morality. While these areas represent deep areas of study within their

General and specialized Orthopaedics

interest and funding [6, 7]. General Orthopaedics appeared as a specialty in the eighteenth century, divided in a high number of sub-specialties in the twentieth century and keeps expanding. Medical ... ; however we know that the access to science is not even on our planet. We acknowledge in the general orthopaedics section efforts made by developing economies to provide quality orthopaedics in specific

Economics on the Use of Oxygenates

. Refineries in countries no subsidizing EtOH, having fluid catalytic cracking units, will find advantageous to use light olefins present in the catalytic gasoline to produce ethers. Key words: Economics

Pathology vs. Economics: Hard Lessons from the Field

or training a sustainable workforce, but one learning curve that is faced regularly is that of the economics of pathology. And they’re not always easy curves to navigate. Incentivizing public ... diagnoses than the old lab. That’s not unfair—that’s simply economics. ASCP is now consulting with the original lab to help them improve on their services and learn to invest in themselves to improve their

Self-reported hearing difficulty and its association with general, cognitive, and psychosocial health in the state of Arizona, 2015

. Our objective was to assess statewide prevalence of self-reported hearing ability in Arizona adults and its association with general health, cognitive decline, diabetes and poor psychosocial health. A ... self-reported hearing ability in Arizona adults and its association with general health, cognitive decline, diabetes and poor psychosocial health. Methods A self-report question on hearing was added

Prevalence and determinants of stillbirth among women attended deliveries in Aksum General Hospital: a facility based cross-sectional study

. Therefore this was aimed to assess the prevalence and determinants of stillbirth using facility based cross-sectional study among women attended deliveries at Aksum General Hospital in 2018. Systematic random ... and determinants of stillbirth among women attended deliveries at Aksum general hospital, Tigray, Northern Ethiopia in 2018. Main text Methods Study area and period The study was conducted from

A brief introduction to health economics

article provides an introduction to health economics to set the scene for papers on the use of allografts in the knee. ... -adjusted life year Health economics  Abbreviations HTA Health technology assessment QALY Quality-adjusted life year ACI Autologous chondrocyte implantation EQ-5D The EuroQol measure of quality of life

Allografts in reconstruction of the posterior cruciate ligament: a health economics perspective

economics analysis, a decision tree model was developed within Microsoft Excel® and was considered the most appropriate choice as reconstruction is usually successful and most patients return to a functioning

The race for an artificial general intelligence: implications for public policy

An arms race for an artificial general intelligence (AGI) would be detrimental for and even pose an existential threat to humanity if it results in an unfriendly AGI. In this paper, an all-pay ... decision in uncertain circumstances; it can be said to be intelligent’ (New Scientist 2017, p.  3). A distinction needs to be made between ‘narrow’ (or ‘weak’) AI and Artificial General Intelligence (AGI

General practitioners’ attitudes towards early diagnosis of dementia: a cross-sectional survey

Dementia is often underdiagnosed in general practice, which may be based on general practitioners’ (GPs’) knowledge and emotional factors as well as external problems. This study aimed to describe ... -0956-1 ©  The Author(s). 2019 Received: 15 November 2018Accepted: 30 April 2019Published: 20 May 2019 Open Peer Review reports Abstract Background Dementia is often underdiagnosed in general

Spatial mobility in elite academic institutions in economics: the case of Spain

certain research-related activities, including international Ph.D. programs. KeywordsGovernance Economics institutions Brain drain Brain circulation Brain gain  Electronic supplementary material The ... across countries among the Ph.D. trained. In this paper, we study the spatial mobility of 3540 economists working in 2007 in 125 economics departments and research centers in 22 countries. These 125