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Homotopy theory of algebraic quantum field theories

Motivated by gauge theory, we develop a general framework for chain complex-valued algebraic quantum field theories. Building upon our recent operadic approach to this subject, we show that the ... theoretical generalization of algebraic quantum field theory with a particular focus on the homotopy-coherent Einstein causality axiom. We provide examples of such homotopy-coherent theories via (1) smooth

Bicomplex Numbers and their Elementary Functions

In this paper we introduce the algebra of bicomplex numbers as a generalization of the field of complex numbers. We describe how to define elementary functions in such an algebra (polynomials ... functions, and trigonometric functions) as well as their inverse functions (roots, logarithms, inverse trigonometric functions). Our goal is to show that a function theory on bicomplex numbers is, in some

Constraining quantum fields using modular theory

Abstract Tomita-Takesaki modular theory provides a set of algebraic tools in quantum field theory that is suitable for the study of the information-theoretic properties of states. For every open set ... Channels via a Sandwiched Rényi Relative Entropy, Commun. Math. Phys. 331 (2014) 593 [arXiv:1306.1586] [INSPIRE]. [23] R. Haag and J.A. Swieca, When does a quantum field theory describe particles?, Commun

Quantum information processing and composite quantum fields

been found to underlie the combinatorics of composite gauge invariant operators in quantum field theory, with applications in the AdS/CFT correspondence. Based on these algebras, we discuss some ... argue that this can be fruitful interface between quantum information and quantum field theory, with implications for AdS/CFT. Keywords 1/N Expansion AdS-CFT Correspondence  ArXiv ePrint: 1809.05156

A theory of reparameterizations for AdS3 gravity

Abstract We rewrite the Chern-Simons description of pure gravity on global AdS3 and on Euclidean BTZ black holes as a quantum field theory on the AdS boundary. The resulting theory is (two copies of ... , Springer, (2009).Google Scholar [40] H.L. Verlinde, Conformal Field Theory, 2-D Quantum Gravity and Quantization of Teichmüller Space, Nucl. Phys. B 337 (1990) 652 [INSPIRE]. [41] H.L. Verlinde and E.P

A study of quantum field theories in AdS at finite coupling

breaking in AdS implies the existence of a conformal manifold in the boundary conformal theory. We also provide evidence for the existence of a critical point with bulk conformal symmetry, matching existing ... University Press, Cambridge (1966) [INSPIRE].zbMATHGoogle Scholar [3] A.A. Belavin, A.M. Polyakov and A.B. Zamolodchikov, Infinite Conformal Symmetry in Two-Dimensional Quantum Field Theory, Nucl. Phys. B

Effective field theories in Rξ gauges

Abstract In effective quantum field theories, higher dimensional operators can affect the canonical normalization of kinetic terms at tree level. These contributions for scalars and gauge bosons ... . Pérez-Victoria, Field redefinitions in effective theories at higher orders, arXiv:1811.09413 [INSPIRE]. [18] M.E. Peskin and D.V. Schroeder, An Introduction to quantum field theory, Perseus Books

Entanglement content of quantum particle excitations. Part I. Free field theory

Abstract We evaluate the entanglement entropy of a single connected region in excited states of one-dimensional massive free theories with finite numbers of particles, in the limit of large volume ... and J.L. Cardy, Entanglement entropy and quantum field theory, J. Stat. Mech. 0406 (2004) P06002 [hep-th/0405152] [INSPIRE]. [5] C.H. Bennett, H.J. Bernstein, S. Popescu and B. Schumacher

Topologically twisted SUSY gauge theory, gauge-Bethe correspondence and quantum cohomology

equivariant quantum cohomology classes of the cotangent bundle of Grassmann manifolds and the equivariant quantum cohomology ring. Also, we study the twisted chiral ring relations of supersymmetric Wilson loops ... Supersymmetric Gauge Theory Supersymmetry and Duality Differential and Algebraic Geometry Integrable Field Theories  ArXiv ePrint: 1605.07165 Download to read the full article text Notes Open Access

Muchos mundos bohmianos

as a theory that can be interpreted in many ways. After characterizing the interpretive divide between the quantum potential approach and the guidance approach to Bohmian mechanics, I show that ... Ministerio.   REFERENCIAS BIBLIOGRÁFICAS Albert, D. Z. Elementary quantum metaphysics. In: Cushing, J. T.; Fine A. & Goldstein, S. (Ed.). Bohmian mechanics and quantum theory: an appraisal. Dordrecht

Chiral entanglement in massive quantum field theories in 1+1 dimensions

Abstract We determine both analytically and numerically the entanglement between chiral degrees of freedom in the ground state of massive perturbations of 1+1 dimensional conformal field theories ... . Kitaev, Entanglement in quantum critical phenomena, Phys. Rev. Lett. 90 (2003) 227902 [quant-ph/0211074] [INSPIRE]. [7] P. Calabrese and J.L. Cardy, Entanglement entropy and quantum field theory, J. Stat

E7(7) exceptional field theory in superspace

Abstract We formulate the locally supersymmetric E7(7) exceptional field theory in a (4 + 56|32) dimensional superspace, corresponding to a 4D N = 8 “external” superspace augmented with an “internal ... with local SU(8) invariance, Nucl. Phys. B 274 (1986) 363 [INSPIRE]. [6] M. Duff, E 8 × SO(16) symmetry of d = 11 supergravity?, in Quantum field theory and quantum statistics. Volume 2, A. Batalin et

The action of long strings in supersymmetric field theories

Abstract Long strings emerge in many Quantum Field Theories, for example as vortices in Abelian Higgs theories, or flux tubes in Yang-Mills theories. The actions of such objects can be expanded in ... originating field theory. Such classifications have been made before for bosonic strings. In this work we expand upon that and classify also strings with fermionic degrees of freedom, where the string breaks D

Overlap singularity and time evolution in integrable quantum field theory

Abstract We study homogeneous quenches in integrable quantum field theory where the initial state contains zero-momentum particles. We demonstrate that the two-particle pair amplitude necessarily has ... Theories Boundary Quantum Field Theory  ArXiv ePrint: 1805.08132 Download to read the full article text Notes Open Access This article is distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons

Fab Four effective field theory treatment

The article addresses the John interaction from Fab Four class of Horndeski models from the effective field theory point of view. Models with this interaction are heavily constrained by gravitational ... scalar-tensor models. In this paper we indirectly address constraints (12) and their role in the context of the effective field theory treatment of gravity. We claim that although the constraints (12

Ground state instability in nonrelativistic QFT and Euler–Heisenberg Lagrangian via holography

-relativistic strongly correlated quantum theory from probe branes holography in Schrödinger spacetime. ... chemical potential of the dual quantum field theory, which is due to U(1) symmetry along \(x^-\) compact direction and not charge carriers, would be $$\begin{aligned} T=\frac{1}{\pi r_H \beta L} \qquad

On quantum quenches at one loop

Abstract We study global quenches in a number of interacting quantum field theory models away from the conformal regime. We conduct a perturbative renormalization at one-loop level and track the ... and R.C. Myers, Smooth and fast versus instantaneous quenches in quantum field theory, JHEP 08 (2015) 073 [arXiv:1505.05224] [INSPIRE].ADSMathSciNetCrossRefzbMATHGoogle Scholar [26] S.R. Das, D.A

Argyres-Douglas theories, Painlevé II and quantum mechanics

Abstract We show in details that the all order genus expansion of the two-cut Hermitian cubic matrix model reproduces the perturbative expansion of the H1 Argyres-Douglas theory coupled to the Ω ... Gauge Theory Conformal Field Theory Integrable Hierarchies  ArXiv ePrint: 1803.02320 Download to read the full article text Notes Open Access This article is distributed under the terms of the

L∞ algebras and tensor hierarchies in Exceptional Field Theory and Gauged Supergravity

Abstract We show how the gauge and field structure of the tensor hierarchies in Double and E7(7) Exceptional Field Theory fits into L∞ algebras. Special attention is paid to redefinitions, the role ... Notes in Mathematics, vol. 161, Springer Verlag (1970).Google Scholar [3] B. Zwiebach, Closed string field theory: Quantum action and the B-V master equation, Nucl. Phys. B 390 (1993) 33 [hep-th/9206084

Comparison of Various Mean Field Formulations for Retrieving Refractive Indices of Aerosol Particles Containing Inclusions

atmospheric aerosol components. Atmospheric models often employ EMAs to include internally mixed aerosols without the computational burden of exact theory. In the current work, several types of mixing rules ... scattering theory is used to computationally describe the scattering of radiation by particles which have a diameter similar to or larger than the wavelength of incident light. It can be used to retrieve