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Dehydration of infrared ginger slices: heat and mass transfer coefficient and modeling

, this study aimed to investigate the infrared ginger dehydration process by approaching the constant period of dehydration to the theory of mass and heat transfer process to the wet bulb thermometer and ... constant mass. Heat and mass transfer coefficients, and effective diffusion coefficient increased linearly with temperature increasing, resulting in values ranging from 69.40 to 92.23 W m-2 °C-1, 0.062 to

Entransy dissipation analysis of heat exchangers under heat leakages and varying heat capacity ratios

heat capacity ratio and the heat leak on the entransy dissipation number has been illustrated. Entransy dissipation number has been found out for both parallel flow heat exchanger and counter flow heat ... describing heat transfer ability . Int J Heat Mass Transf   2007 ; 50 : 2545 – 56 . Google Scholar Crossref Search ADS   2 Zhu HY , Guo ZY . Entransy dissipation analysis and heat

Effect of velocity and rheology of nanofluid on heat transfer of laminar vibrational flow through a pipe under constant heat flux

Transverse vibration creates strong vorticity to the plane perpendicular to flow direction which leads to the radial mixing of fluid and, therefore, the results of heat transfer are significantly ... increased value of thermal conductivity of nanofluid is not the sole reason for heat transfer boost but some other factors such as Reynolds number, particle diameter, and volume fraction also affect the heat

Comparison work about different empirical formulas for the boiling heat transfer coefficient in separated heat pipe system

Thermosiphon is a kind of heat transfer equipment with high thermal conductivity. It can transfer heat for long distance by boiling and condensing. Thus, it is important to study the heat transfer ... . Google Scholar Crossref Search ADS   10 Bergman TL , Incropera FP , DeWitt DP , et al.  Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer  . John Wiley & Sons , 2011 . APPENDIX

Heat and mass transport phenomena of nanoparticles on time-dependent flow of Williamson fluid towards heated surface

fluids is the suspension of solid nanoparticles. In this framework, a theoretical study is performed to analyse the heat and mass transfer performance in the time-dependent flow of non-Newtonian Williamson ... dimensionless parameters on velocity, temperature, and nanoparticle concentration field together with the skin friction coefficient and rates of heat and mass transfer are presented with the assistance of

Thermodynamics of charged accelerating AdS black holes and holographic heat engines

expression of the thermodynamic mass in the first law of thermodynamics displays an inextricably intertwining behavior with the charge due to the unusual asymptotic structure of the accelerating black holes ... . Yerra, A note on Gauss-Bonnet black holes at criticality, Phys. Lett. B 772 (2017) 800 [arXiv:1706.09344] [INSPIRE]. [42] H. Xu, Y. Sun and L. Zhao, Black hole thermodynamics and heat engines in

Kinetics and thermodynamics of the formation of trihalomethanes

The effect of contact time and temperature on the formation of trihalomethanes (THMs) was studied during the chlorination of Khandaq El-Sharqi canal, Egypt, under laboratory condition. Samples were

Thermodynamics of charged, rotating, and accelerating black holes

standard methods. In particular we compute the mass in two independent ways: through a Euclidean action calculation and by the method of conformal completion. The ambiguity in the choice of the normalization ... charged accelerating AdS black holes and holographic heat engines, JHEP 02 (2019) 144 [arXiv:1808.10299] [INSPIRE].ADSCrossRefzbMATHGoogle Scholar [44] K. Dutta, S. Ray and J. Traschen, Boost mass and the

Analysis of black hole thermodynamics with a new higher order generalized uncertainty principle

-corrected temperature, entropy and heat capacity and we compare the behaviors of the usual temperature and the corrected temperature for the charged black hole in the spherical horizon case. ... absorbed by the black hole. Then we investigate the thermodynamic properties of the topological charged black hole under the consideration of GUP and we obtain the GUP-corrected temperature, entropy and heat

Engineering hydration model for ordinary Portland cement based on heat flow calorimetry data

The reaction kinetic of Portland cement was characterized by heat flow calorimetry, with the experiments conducted at different, constant, curing temperatures. With these data at hand, Ulm and ... , Goetz-Neunhoeffer F, Neubauer J. The early hydration of OPC investigated by in-situ XRD, heat flow calorimetry, pore water analysis and 1H NMR: learning about adsorbed ions from a complete mass balance

Regular black holes and its thermodynamics in Lovelock gravity

In this work two new families of non-singular or regular black hole solutions are displayed. These black holes behave as de Sitter space near its center and have a well defined AdS asymptotic region ... mass density will be discussed. Next, it will be obtained the two families of solutions and analyzed their behavior. Finally their thermodynamics will be displayed. 2 A well posed mass definition In

Slowly rotating Einstein–Maxwell-dilaton black hole and some aspects of its thermodynamics

, entropy and heat capacity. In addition, to examine the thermodynamic properties of the black hole an extended technique is applied. The equation of state of Van der Waals type is obtained and investigated ... obtained and examined. Section 3 is devoted to the thermodynamics of the black hole; relations for the temperature and heat capacity are investigated. In Sect. 4 the equation of state and the Gibbs potential

Entropy Generation in MHD Radiative Flow of CNTs Casson Nanofluid in Rotating Channels with Heat Source/Sink

rate, and Bejan number profiles are investigated and presented through graphs. Moreover, the impact of significant parameters on surface drag force and heat transfer rate is tabulated. ... · View at ScopusM. S. Liu, M. Ching-Cheng Lin, I. T. Huang, and C. C. Wang, “Enhancement of thermal conductivity with carbon nanotube for nanofluids,” International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer

New approach for efficient condensation heat transfer

heat transfer over a wide range of subcooling [5]. The authors observe a new suction flow condensation mode that realizes fast droplet growth and surface refreshment simultaneously. The secret lies in ... , depending on the wettability of surfaces, the condensate droplets can exhibit filmwise or dropwise condensation mode. One of the long-standing challenges in condensation heat transfer is how to engineer

Exploring Knowledge Transfer at UC Engineering School

relative importance of patenting as a knowledge transfer mechanism. I found that in UC Engineering patenting and publishing activity have increased steadily, in line with faculty size increase. However ... importance of publishing over patenting, as a technology transfer channel, they are relatively similar in the perception of UC Engineering and MIT faculty, in terms of production counting strong differences

Thermal performance of a micro heat exchanger (MHE) working with zirconia-based nanofluids for industrial cooling

for industrial and microelectronic cooling applications. The experiments were conducted at heat fluxes 10–70 kW/m2 and for nanofluids at various mass concentrations of 0.1–0.3% and passing flow rates of ... nanofluid. Open image in new window Fig. 2 The dependence of heat transfer coefficient on the applied heat flux and for various mass concentrations of nanofluids Fluid flow Figure 3 presents the

Higher derivative corrections to Kerr black hole thermodynamics

derivative terms make a non-negative correction to the entropy (at fixed mass and angular momentum) if their coefficients have appropriate signs. The correction from the six derivative terms does not have a ... ] R.P. Kerr, Gravitational field of a spinning mass as an example of algebraically special metrics, Phys. Rev. Lett. 11 (1963) 237 [INSPIRE].ADSMathSciNetCrossRefzbMATHGoogle Scholar [5] M. Lu and M.B

Vertical distribution and cellular heat resistance of bottom animals from the Possyet Bay (Japan Sea)

20–30 m, by intensive water mixing near islands and capes. 3. Comparison of the vertical distribution of species from the Possyet Bay with their cellular heat resistance (species-specific feature, used ... distributions of bottom fishes. 15 Fie. 1: Cellular heat resistance, tl (?C), of the ciliated epithelium in bivalves and ascidians in relation to the depths of their mass development in Possyet Bay (Japan Sea

The relentless march of mass coral bleaching: a global perspective of changing heat stress

The global coral bleaching event of 2014–2017 resulted from the latest in a series of heat stress events that have increased in intensity. We assessed global- and basin-scale variations in sea ... identified for the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, in which heat stress peaks during or shortly after the boreal and austral summers, respectively. The proportion of reef pixels experiencing bleaching-level

Phase transitions and geothermodynamics of black holes in dRGT massive gravity

Quantum Gravity 26:195011, 2009), by interpreting the graviton mass as a thermodynamical variable, we propose a first law of thermodynamics which include a mass term and establish a new Smarr Formula. Then ... by treating the graviton’s mass as a thermodynamic variable while its conjugate is identified with the graviton potential. Then, we perform a study of the thermodynamics and geothermodynamics of the