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Epidemiology of neonatal early-onset sepsis in a geographically diverse Australian health district 2006-2016

Aim To describe the epidemiology of EOS including blood culture utilisation, across a large and geographically diverse Australian health district. Background Sepsis in the first three days of life ... epidemiology of EOS including blood culture utilisation, across a large and geographically diverse Australian health district. Sepsis in the first three days of life remains a leading cause of death and

HIV diagnoses in migrant populations in Australia—A changing epidemiology

Introduction We conducted a detailed analysis of trends in new HIV diagnoses in Australia by country of birth, to understand any changes in epidemiology, relationship to migration patterns and ... male-to-male sex in men from North Africa and the Middle East, North Asia, Southern and Central Asia and the Americas. Conclusion The epidemiology of HIV in Australia is changing, with an increase in

Epidemiology and factors associated with peripheral neuropathy among HIV infected patients in Gondar, Ethiopia: A cross-sectional study

Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine, Monash University , Melbourne, Victoria , Australia , 4 Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Institute of Public Health, College of Medicine and Health Sciences

Epidemiology of Liver Cancer in Europe

Can J Gastroenterol Epidemiology of liver cancer in Europe F Xavier Bosch Josepa Ribes FX Bosch, J Ribes. Epidemiology of liver cancer in Europe. Can J Gastroenterol 2000;14(7):621-630. Liver ... contribution to the burden of LC are largely unknown. Diabetes has been associated with an increased risk of sev Can J Gastroenterol Vol 14 No 7 July/August 2000 Epidemiology of liver cancer in Europe eral

Global disease burden of pathogens in animal source foods, 2010

, based on an analysis of global burden of foodborne disease (FBD) estimates of the WHO Foodborne Disease Burden Epidemiology Reference Group (FERG). The FBD burden of these pathogens was combined with ... , FL , United States of America, 2 Economic Research Service, US Department of Agriculture , Washington DC , United States of America, 3 Unit for Genomic Epidemiology, Danish Technical University

Deep learning in estimating prevalence and systemic risk factors for diabetic retinopathy: a multi-ethnic study

population could be determined accurately using a DLS, in significantly less time than human assessors. This study highlights the potential use of AI for future epidemiology or clinical trials for DR grading ... combining the clinical data and retinal images to risk stratify patients with diabetes. AI-based DLS is a potential alternative assessment tool to determine the epidemiology of DR in research settings, and

Adherence to anti-vectorial prevention measures among travellers with chikungunya and malaria returning to Australia: comparative epidemiology

Compare the adoption and adherence to health protection behaviours prior to and during travel among international Australian travellers who return to Australia with notified chikungunya or malaria infection. This information could inform targeted health promotion and intervention strategies to limit the establishment of these diseases within Australia. Seeking travel advice prior...

Adherence to anti-vectorial prevention measures among travellers with chikungunya and malaria returning to Australia: comparative epidemiology

epidemiology AuthorsAuthors and affiliations Dillon Charles AdamChau Minh BuiAnita Elizabeth HeywoodMohana KunasekaranMohamud SheikhPadmanesan NarasimhanChandini Raina MacIntyre Open Access Research note

International Study of the Epidemiology of Paediatric Trauma: PAPSA Research Study

Objectives Trauma is a significant cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. The literature on paediatric trauma epidemiology in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) is limited. This study aims ... prospective cohort study of paediatric trauma admissions, over 1 month, from 15 paediatric surgery centres in 11 countries. Epidemiology, mechanism of injury, injuries sustained, management, morbidity and

Epidemiology of chlamydial infection and disease in a free-ranging koala (Phascolarctos cinereus) population

added valuable information and insight into the epidemiology of C. pecorum infection in free-ranging koala populations. In our population, there was 31% overall prevalence of C. pecorum infection and a ... epidemiology and pathogenesis. Our study has provided important new information, but additional investigation of chlamydial dynamics and pathogenesis at the population level is warranted. Supporting information

The Role of Climate in the Epidemiology of Melioidosis

Purpose of ReviewMelioidosis epidemiology is susceptible to climate change through direct and indirect effects on human encounter with the causative agent, Burkholderia pseudomallei. This review ... , changes in global precipitation patterns and an increased incidence of extreme weather events are expected to change melioidosis epidemiology. Further studies of the physical geographic drivers of

Changing epidemiology of candidaemia in Australia

Knowledge of contemporary epidemiology of candidaemia is essential. We aimed to identify changes since 2004 in incidence, species epidemiology and antifungal susceptibilities of Candida spp. causing ... drugs were not licensed in Australia at commencement of the study. Given the importance of contemporary local epidemiology in selecting antifungal therapy, we conducted a follow-up study of candidaemia to

Establishing contemporary trends in hepatitis B sero-epidemiology in an Indigenous population

the epidemiology of chronic HBV infection in Indigenous Australians, particularly in males, older people and children. The NT introduced universal infant HBV vaccination for Indigenous children in 1988 ... : 24004727 2. Kramvis A , Kew MC ( 2007 ) Epidemiology of hepatitis B virus in Africa, its genotypes and clinical associations of genotypes . Hepatol Res 37 : S9 ±s19. 034X

Epidemiology, associated burden, and current clinical practice for the diagnosis and management of Alzheimer’s disease in Japan

Epidemiology, associated burden, and current clinical practice for the diagnosis and management of Alzheimer's disease in Japan William Montgomery,1 Kaname Ueda,2 Margaret Jorgensen,3 Shari Stathis,3 ... cases. A systematic review was conducted to examine the epidemiology and associated burden of AD in Japan and to identify how AD is diagnosed and managed in Japan. English and Japanese language databases

Correction to: Epidemiology of chronic hepatitis B virus in Ireland using routinely collected surveillance and administrative data, 2004–2014

Department of Epidemiology and Preventative Medicine, Monash University, The Alfred Centre , 99 Commercial Road, Melbourne, Victoria 3004 , Australia 2 Centre for Population Health, Burnet Institute , 85

Epidemiology of fractures in Armenia: development of a country-specific FRAX model and comparison to its surrogate

probabilities were minimal. Objective Armenia has relied on a surrogate FRAX model based on the fracture epidemiology of Romania. This paper describes the epidemiology of fragility fractures in Armenia used to ... Bone Diseases, University of Sheffield , Sheffield , UK 5 MRC Lifecourse Epidemiology Unit, University of Southampton , Southampton , UK 6 Institute for Health and Ageing, Catholic University of

Epidemiology of hip fracture and the development of FRAX in Ukraine

NIHR Southampton Biomedical Research Centre, University of Southampton and University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust , Tremona Road, Southampton , UK 3 MRC Lifecourse Epidemiology Unit ... . Methods The incidence of hip fracture was computed from three regional estimates and used to construct a country-specific FRAX model for the Ukraine. The model characteristics were Epidemiology; Hip