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Wall Ethics?

Ethical Theory and Moral Practice pp 1–2 | Cite as Wall Ethics? AuthorsAuthors and affiliations Ezio Di Nucci Article First Online: 19 March 2019 2 Shares 332 Downloads ... Not another ethics sub-discipline, please! Who needs one more microscopic parasite piggy-bagging on the shoulders of working people? From bioethics to business ethics, from media ethics to military

Wisdom and Ethics - The contribution of sapiential ethics for Old Testament ethics

Old Testament sapiential literature is often described as "ethical literature", however, when concepts on Old Testament ethics are formulated, this literature is often overlooked. Furthermore, there ... almost no monographs on the ethics of Old Testament wisdom. Could this perhaps be due to not only the claim that Old Testament wisdom thinking lacks divine revelation or reference to other Old Testament

Citizen Science Ethics

research and medicine, and I’m particularly interested in thinking about ethics in unregulated research such as citizen science. I teach in the areas of bioethics and research ethics. I am a Co-Editor of the

Technology Ethics in Qualitative Research: How to Be

enter the field of ethics. In the case of specific qualitative data analysis software, it would be possible to list a set of principles that would begin with the organization and importing of data ... exporting results to their written dissemination. Such principles could set the boundaries or define ethics in the use of software, referring to any research activity that touches what is right or wrong, good

Schriftgezag op het speelveld van de hermeneutische ethiek

As a tribute to Jan G. van der Watt, in this article I offer a reflection on the authority of Scripture in ethics, in attempted loyalty to the motto of our theological faculty: Fides Quaerens ... Systematic Theology and Christian Ethics, Evangelical Theological Faculty, Belgium IIFaculty of Theology, North-West University, South Africa Correspondence     ABSTRAKTE As a tribute to Jan G

Ethics, science and technology

The article aims at thinking the relation between ethics, science and technology, emphasising the problem of their re-linking, after the split into judgements of fact and judgements of value, which ... , which happened in the beginning of modern times. Once the warlike Aristocracy's ethics and the saint man's  moral are examined, one tries to outline the way by taking as a reference the ethics of

An ethics of forgiveness

provide guidelines that can be applied in the sphere of a political transition of the basis of an ethics of forgiveness. The new post-Apartheid society of South Africa is a good example of such a political ... Christian ethics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.         [ Links ] Berkhouwer, G C 1957. Dogmatische Studiën. De mens het beeld Gods. Kampen: Kok.         [ Links ] Bright, J 1963. The Kingdom of

Can ethics be taught?

The main question of this article, 'Can Ethics be Taught?', is a critical reflection on the years I spent in association with Prozesky developing and presenting ethics training modules to a broad ... strengths and weaknesses. In a sense this is a critique of the discipline of Applied Ethics, yet at the same time it offers a possible pedagogy for what Prozesky and I would call 'ethics at the coalface


This paper constructs a conceptual framework for the normative study of public health. It argues that to develop discussions of ethics in public health without paying attention to the broader ... ethics, advocacy ethics, applied ethics, and critical ethics. Each of these modes of ethics is important, but the development of work in critical ethics is the most important priority within the normative

Professional ethics in academia: defining the categories of behavior spectrum in matters of unethical conduct

investigators and trainees. Defining the categories of human behavior spectrum in academia in matters of unethical conduct may help facilitate change. Open image in new window Academic professional ethics needs

The Bible and ethics: Pathways for dialogue

The potential relevance of biblical ethics for today is a contested issue. What is the significance of individual ethical texts of the Bible, and how - if at all - can they be dialogue partners for ... that the biblical narrative of love, as it culminates in the gospel of Jesus Christ, stands out as a primus inter pares reference point for the dialogue between biblical ethics and ethics today. In the

Social media and ethics education

usually one-way traffic while the new media allow dialogue and interaction. These distinctive characteristics potentially make social media an ideal forum and instrument for ethics teaching. Asamoah is well ... internet access and censorship are based on ethical standards and media ethics, as Asamoah argues. Perhaps it should be, but the current practice is very different. Nonetheless, the connection between

Why Trolley Problems Matter for the Ethics of Automated Vehicles

This paper argues against the view that trolley cases are of little or no relevance to the ethics of automated vehicles. Four arguments for this view are outlined and rejected: the Not Going to ... making clear where these arguments go wrong, a positive account is developed of how trolley cases can inform the ethics of automated vehicles. KeywordsAutomated vehicles Ethics of risk Trolley problems

Construction of ethics in clinical research: clinical trials registration

databases. Registration of clinical trials means another step of clinical research towards transparency, ethics and impartiality, resulting in real evidence to the forthcoming changes in clinical practice as ... forthcoming changes in clinical practice as well as in the health situation. Key words: biomedical research, clinical trials, ethics, drug information services, World Health Organization

Listening past difference: Towards a compassionate ethics of communication

, especially in the South African context. The central question to be answered pertains to the ethics of mediation, representation and communication in a world marked by difference, inequality and struggle. Of ... question of how we communicate with each other across the many differences that lie between us. Keywords: Compassion, ethics, globalisation, listening, media     1.Introduction The international

Prolegomenon for an ethics of visibility in Hannah Arendt

the visibility of our acts and deeds as well, calling out the dignity of appearance in ethics. ... domain of visibility that is crucial to an ethics of appearance based on the who. The phenomenological description of mental activities establishes the necessity to investigate those activities through the

Ethics, Human Rights, the Intelligent Robot, and its Subsystem for Moral Beliefs

cooperates with, and moderates the robot’s capability of planning and action. KeywordsRobot ethics Moral belief state Giovanni Pico della Mirandola Immanuel Kant Universal Declaration of Human Rights  1 ... , operational definition of ethical competence may also be of interest for scholars in the field of ethics, but we must leave it to them to have an opinion on this. 2 Relation to Existing Work on Machine Ethics

Ethics in SAF: A Preamble

enforceable code of ethics, any profession is vulnerable to deterioration and decay. Despite its importance, most of us probably rarely read or refer to our SAF Code of Ethics. I? think every professional ... organization should periodically review its Code to see if it is still fair and useful. But it has been my experience that when you start messing around with the code of ethics, members get nervous and

Christianity, Ethics, and Politics in the Age of Isabella Chow

Lee Law Review Online by an authorized editor of Washington & Lee University School of Law Scholarly Commons. For more information , please contact , USA 2 Ian Huyett , Christianity, Ethics , and

Moral earthquakes and our response: Can ethics make a difference?

. How can ethics help to resolve these conflicts when much twentieth century ethical theory understood its role to be "neutral as regards actual conduct"? Alasdair MacIntyre rightly criticised the ethics ... world are often driven by deep seated religious and cultural differences - they seem so overwhelming and run so deep that a seismological metaphor seems appropriate. How can ethics help to resolve these