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Geography: A Career Without Borders

transportation and job siting, pursue human and environmental sustainability practices, and teach. The article also includes a brief summary of the 2015 Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers. ... location and public transportation have in common? Although it might not seem obvious, these disparate pursuits all involve the work of geographers. Most people outside the discipline think geography

Effects of seniority, gender and geography on the bibliometric output and collaboration networks of European Research Council (ERC) grant recipients

group shown in Table 2. Effect of geography Junior grantees from higher and lower research performing countries did not differ in publication indicators either before or after the grant award (Table 5

Espaços de negros e brancos em livros didáticos de Geografia do estado do Paraná, Brasil

This paper examines discursive forms that operate in the textbooks of Geography of Paraná approved by the Programa Nacional do Livro Didático 2007 (PNLD/2007). The goal is to discuss ways to rank ... these are far from being considered able to be part of the construction of scientific knowledge of which Western geography is a part. Keywords: Race relations. Textbook. Geography teaching. Paraná

In and Out of Place: Geographies of Revolt in Camus's La Peste

less studied spatial representations, bringing recent insights from human geography to bear on depictions of Oran and exile in the novel. From its start, The Plague insistently connects plot, spatial ... de l’espace [The Production of Space]) to preserve the emphasis on subjectivity the former term has long conveyed in human geography (177 n2). 4. See Barthes 540-45. 5. With its focus on individual


THE PROSE POEM: The Prose Poem: An International Journal is produced by for the Providence College Digital Commons. - Geography The author(s) permits users to copy, distribute, display, and ... waive any or all of these conditions. GEOGRAPHY There was a circle where the tower was built. There were three circles where the wife changed into salt. There was a square where the tablets were broken. A

The Geography of Sexuality

(Supp. 1 2010)). 32. HUMAN RIGHTS CAMPAIGN FOUND., EQUALITY FROM STATE TO STATE 2010, at 16 (2011), availableat 33. Matthew Shepard Act §§ 4701 ... , and has no effect, other than to lessen the status and human dignity of gays and lesbians in California, and to officially reclassify their relationships and families as inferior to those of opposite

Semantic Ecology and Lexical Violence: Nature at the Limits of Law

, concerns the comparative underdevelopment of interdisciplinary work involving legal scholarship and (critical) human geography. The second, raised, in part, in response to the first, concerns a more ... least, is conspicuous by its virtual and long-standing absence or underdevelopment. This is the field of human or cultural geography. (The reader at this point might reasonably ask: "what would a legal

Towards the Statistical Analysis and Visualization of Places (Short Paper)

The concept of place recently gains momentum in GIScience. In some fields like human geography, spatial cognition or information theory, this topic already has a longer scholarly tradition. This is ... 16 17 Ben Anderson, Matthew Kearnes, Colin Mcfarlane, and Dan Swanton. On Assemblages and Geography. Dialogues in Human Geography, 2(2):171?189, 2012. doi:10.1177/ 2043820612449261. Matthias Bluemke

Escribir la Geografía: dos diarios de expedición del Siglo XVIII anotados en nueva España

purpose, the offering of a reliable knowledge of a non explored or practically unknown geography. This work aims at analyzing how this knowledge is built and how it is discursively transmitted.

Panel: Law and Geography

. JOHNSON & J.D. SIDAWAY, GEOGRAPHY & GEOGRAPHERS: ANGLO-AMERICAN HUMAN GEOGRAPHY SINCE 1945 (2004); Osofsky, Murphy & Aoki, supranote 1. Developing an elevator definition of geography was one of the first ... understanding, I want to engage in a geographic analysis of law by examining the relationship between geography, space, and human rights. One simple way to conduct a geographical analysis of law is to ask the

Personal Geography, Floating Identities and Inter-Asian Migration in Stories by Migrant Workers in Taiwan

In her article "Personal Geography, floating Identities and Inter-Asian Migration in Stories by Migrant Workers in Taiwan, ... (2018) I-Chun WANG Title: Personal Geography, Floating Identities, Inter-Asian Migration, Stories by Migrant Workers in Taiwan The One Asia Foundation

A influência da cultura na gestão das empresas latino-americanas

The text deals with the influence of history, geography and cultural aspects on economic development dedicating more attention to the way companies are managed. The focus of the paper is Latin ... Values Shape Human Progress. New York: Basic Books, 2000.         [ Links ] HICKSON, D.; PUGH, D. Management Worldwide: The impact of Societal Culture on Organizations around the Globe. London: Penguin

The Geography of Financial Literacy

literacy. Most importantly, we describe the geography of financial literacy, i.e., how financial literacy is distributed across the fifty US states. We describe the correlation of financial literacy and some ... -risk financial instruments. Specifically we focus on financial literacy, by which we mean the knowledge of a few fundamental financial concepts. Most important, we describe the geography of financial

Charting the Legal Geography of Non-International Armed Conflict

issue is operationally critical, since to the extent that IHL applies, practices which are lawful during armed conflicts, such as status-based targeting, may be employed. When IHL does not apply, human ... (Sept. 13, 2013) (by Christopher Heyns); Report of the Special Rapporteur on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms While Countering Terrorism, transmitted by Note of the

Geography is Destiny

GeoGrAPhy is d estiny Y N I T S E D S I Y H P A R G O E G - The potato-faced man listens too hard to a woodpecker somewhere in the yard as it drums some jazz in a big walnut. Empty-handed, he

A New Experimental Geography.

A NEW EXPERIMENTAL GEOGRAPHY. - Something novel in the way of American geography-making has been attempted by Professor Tarr of Cornell University and Professor McMurry of Columbia University, in ... their Home Geography} The book resembles, as to its exterior form, the geographical school-books of Europe, which are divided into text and atlases separately, rather than the large, flat, and unwieldy

A Law and Geography Perspective on the New Haven School

WIGMORE, A PANORAMA OF THE WORLD'S LEGAL SYSTEMS (1928); GILBERT FOWLER WHITE, HUMAN ADJUSTMENT TO FLOODS (1945). Origins of U.S. Academic Geography Geography has ancient historical origins that trace to ... with the social sciences, an interaction that infuses the New Haven School's analysis. The Yale Geology Department "developed an intellectual strength in human geography unmatched in North America at