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fertilization-management strategies in ten progenies of passion fruit from the third recurrent selection cycle and their effects on yield and fruit-quality traits. For this purpose, we adopted the strategy of ... the variable of highest correlation with fruit diameter at fertilization I. Fruit weight and pulp weight were correlated with each other and with other traits like fruit length and fruit diameter at the

Dieta de morcegos filostomídeos (Mammalia, Chiroptera, Phyllostomidae) em fragmento urbano do Instituto São Vicente, Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul

Due to their abundance and diversity, bats (Chiroptera) play an important ecological role in the ecosystem. The objective of this study was to report the diet of fruit bat species captured in ... , T.H. (Eds.). Frugivores and seed dispersal. Dordrecht, W. Junk Puplisher, p. 105-118.         [ Links ] Fleming, T.H. 1988. The short-tailed fruit bat, a study in plantanimal interactions. London

Strawberry fruit resistance to simulated handling

, injúria, classificação     INTRODUCTION Strawberry is a non-climacteric fruit, thus there is no respiratory and ethylene increase during ripening (Knee et al., 1977; Wills et al., 2004). The ... metabolic rate of strawberry is represented by the measured respiration rates (Kader, 2002). As non-climacteric fruit, it has to be harvested in an essentially ripe condition. Strawberries are hand harvested

Fruits as unusual food items of the carnivorous bat Chrotopterus auritus (Mammalia, Phyllostomidae) from southeastern Brazil

rodent (Muridae) and plant remains were found. It was discussed why this carnivorous bat would be consuming plant items. ... , Edilson P. Gouvea (personal communication) captured in three different occasions two specimens of the Peters’s Woolly false vampire bat carrying a fruit of Syagrus coronata (Arecaceae). The bat from this

Developmental analyses of divarications in leaves of an aquatic fern Microsorum pteropus and its varieties

Plant leaves occur in diverse shapes. Divarication patterns that develop during early growths are one of key factors that determine leaf shapes. We utilized leaves of Microsorum pteropus, a semi ... developmental stages, as a consequence of abaxial?adaxial disparities in their growth patterns [ 12 ], which make it difficult to study the developmental processes of fern leaves. Microsorum pteropus [ 13

Rabies virus in a pregnant naturally infected southern yellow bat (Lasiurus ega)

Current knowledge on bat lyssavirus infections in their native hosts is limited and little is known about the virulence, virus dissemination and transmission among free-living insectivorous bats. The

Morphometry, floral resources and efficiency of natural and artificial pollination in fruit quality in cultivars of sour passion fruit

fruit cultivars sourced in Tangará da Serra - MT. Five commercial cultivars and three populations of the genetic improvement program of the sour passion fruit from the Universidade do Estado de Mato ... higher than 79% and 90%, respectively. The characteristics of fruit mass and percentage of pulp were better in artificial pollination, and the fruits obtained from natural and artificial pollination in all


(hexanic fraction) from fruit allowed the isolation and characterization of tetracosan-1-ol (identify by 1H and 13C NMR, FTIR). ... fruit allowed the isolation of a compound, obtained in the form of an amorphous solid, soluble in chloroform, with a melting point of 75.8 - 77.3 °C (literature22: 77-79 °C). The 1H - NMR (500 MHz, CDC13


The influence of climate on the development of lychee fruit is complex, but few studies have discussed the problem. We developed agrometeorological models for simulating the development of fruit fresh ... matter (FM), fruit dry matter (DM), fruit length (LE), fruit diameter (DI), fruit volume (VO), and fruit number per cluster (FN) of the “Bengal” lychee cultivar as functions of climatic conditions. We

Serological survey of anti-Salmonella antibodies in coatis (Nasua narica) and raccoons (Procyon lotor) in southeast Mexico

regarding zoonotic infectious diseases in wild carnivores in tropical areas are scarce. The aim of this work was to perform a serological survey of Salmonella and other zoonotic bacteria in coatis (Nasua ... incidence of Salmonella (Falkenhorst et al 2012). However, it is important to corroborate this finding with other techniques such as molecular or isolation analyses, to verify the accuracy of the

The first isolation of Clostridium difficile RT078/ST11 from pigs in China

anaerobic isolation of C. difficile. Then samples were centrifuged and the supernatant was discarded and the sediment was incubated in C. difficile moxalactam-norfloxacin selective medium (CDMN, Oxoid, Thermo ... (Version 18.0). Results Strain isolation and toxin gene identification We isolated 31 C. difficile strains from 398 pig samples at a rate of 7.8% and these strains possessed four different toxin type

Effects of propolis from Brazil and Bulgaria on Salmonella serovars

Propolis shows biological properties such as antibacterial action. This bee product has a complex chemical composition, which depends on the local flora where it is produced. Salmonella serovars are ... are responsible for human diseases that range from localized gastroenteritis to systemic infections. The aim of the present study was to investigate the susceptibility of Salmonella strains, isolated


. Biochemical analyses were performed with epidermis tissues and fruit pulp. For the quantification of total sugars, reducing sugars and proteins, samples were prepared, which were composed of approximately 1 g ... of each fruit. These samples were macerated in mortar along with 10 mL of 0.2 M phosphate buffer (pH 7.5) and then placed in eppendorf tubes and taken to refrigerated centrifugation at 4°C for 10

First isolation of West Nile virus in Brazil

report the first isolation of WNV in Brazil from a horse with neurologic disease, which was clustered into lineage 1a with others US WNV strains isolated in beginning of 2000’s decade. Key words: West ... the first isolation of WNV in Brazil, obtained from a horse with encephalitis in Espírito Santo state. MATERIALS AND METHODS Clinical information - An adult male horse from Pedra Grande region on

Total phenol concentrations in coffee tree leaves during fruit development

mg g-1 and 138.9 mg g-1 for young and mature leaves, respectively, and for plants without fruit formation 186.5 mg g-1 and 127.6 mg g-1 for young and mature leaves, respectively. The total phenol ... , respectively. The total phenol concentrations in young leaves with and without fruit formation were 25% and 46% greater compared to mature leaves. The secondary phenol synthesis in seed (146.8 mg g-1) was 31

Catálogo de los murciélagos de la región del delta del Río Colorado, México

Delta. In spite of its biological value, the current knowledge of the bat community is scarce. Therefore, this study aims to develop the first catalog of the bats of this region, in order to increase and ... complemented this list with field collections during the summer of 2006 and 2010, using of combined manner mist nets and bat detectors (Anabat II ™ and SD1™ models). We collected 118 specimens and identified

Isolation and identification of aroma producing strain with esterification capacity from yellow water

condition for the news strains to produce aroma compounds especially EA using RSM was evaluated. Materials and methods Isolation and purification of microorganisms Yellow water samples used in this study ... was provided by the private winery in Zhongxing market (Kinmen). Sample was maintained at 4?C until use. Yeast extract peptone glucose (YEPG) agar is a selective medium used for isolation of eukaryotic

Bat richness (Mammalia: Chiroptera) in an area of montane Atlantic Forest in the Serra da Mantiqueira, state of Minas Gerais, southeast Brazil

remains relatively under-studied, and here we present a list of bat species from the "Reserva Particular do Patrimônio Natural (RPPN) Cachoeira do Tombo", a private conservation unit located in an area of ... montane Atlantic Forest in the Serra da Mantiqueira. Bats were captured with mist nets along trails and near a diurnal roost. A total of 498 individuals of 19 bat species belonging to the families

Estimates of genetic parameters for fruit yield and quality in custard apple progenies

five replications. In characteristics evaluated for periods longer than a year (diameter, height and mean weight of fruits, number of fruits ha-1 and fruit yield (kg ha-1), and a split-plot design was ... subplots. The best progenies in terms of fruit yield (A3 and A4) are not necessarily the best for fruit dimensions and fruit mean weight (A2, FE4, JG1, JG2, SM1, SM7, and SM8). These progenies show great

Passion fruit and apple: from residues to antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-Alzheimer’s potential

Gerais (UFMG), Belo Horizonte, MG, Brasil. 3Centro Universitário de Belo Horizonte (UNIBH), 31110-230, Belo Horizonte, MG, Brasil. ABSTRACT: The waste in the fruit production chain ... was to determine the potential of using residues from passion fruit (Passiflora edulis) and apple (Malus domestica) varieties in the production of functional flours. Passion fruit flour showed greater