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Building transformative capacity for adaptation planning and implementation that works for the urban poor: Insights from South Africa

The intersecting challenges of urbanization, growing inequality, climate and environmental risk and economic sustainability require new modes of urban governance. Although the urban poor are ... . Coping with the wicked problem of climate adaptation across scales: The Five R Governance Capabilities. Landscape and Urban Planning 154: 11–19.Google Scholar van Buuren, A., M. van Vliet, and C. Termeer

Marine debris: global and regional impacts

, sources, amount, interactions and socio-economic aspects of this global and regional problem. It would be necessary to develop basic marine indices with the purpose to share a wide knowledge and information ... data and information about quantities and trends in marine debris become a transparent and widely shared knowledge. State of the Environment Reports, on a global and regional basis, should include marine

Unique botanical values in a metropolitan area and the landscape history reasons of their occurrence on the Széchenyi Hill, Budapest

Urban areas host several threatened species in small reserves that face habitat loss and fragmentation due to land-use change. Despite historical and current disturbances, these areas sometimes still ... ) Some examples of different landscape systems and their biodiversity potential . Landscape and Urban Planning 41 ( 3-4 ): 249 - 261 . S0169-2046( 98 ) 00063 - 2 Farinha-Marques P

A spatial framework for Planning station-based bike sharing systems

of the sharing economy as well as healthy and sustainable urban lifestyles. While BSSs are already well established in large metropolises, such as Paris, London or New York City, large and midsized ... of web-based participation in planning a BSS from the perspective of the equitable transport paradigm. They find a correlation between the degree of depravity of urban areas and demanded BSS locations

Fórmula para la valoración monetaria del árbol urbano en Chile central

There is currently a lack of tree valuation methods to better appraise the effects, benefits and legal actions related to urban forests in South American countries; and those which have one, present ... of Arboriculture 31(4): 157-162.         [ Links ] Dobbs C, FJ Escobedo, WC Zipperer. 2011. A framework for developing urban forest ecosystem services and goods indicators. Landscape and Urban

From close up and within: notes for an urban ethnography

study of urban dynamics.Discussion of analytical charts for study of contemporary urban phenomena allows for a characterization of what may be termed as an "outsider and long-distanced view". A ... events, etc. This view is based on a new type of urban planning, known as "strategic planning", which, among other measures, plans for partnerships between the government and the private sector for the

Nature and society: conflicts concerning landscape cultivation at Itambacuri

how it was created at Itambacuri what here we see as a contest between different programs of cultivate of the landscape. (T. Ingold, 2000). The creation of the Indigene settlement and the assemblages ... relation to the landscape. Marlière witnessed a period of cohabitation with Jê groups and warriors who circulated between provincial borders and took refuge in the still largely untouched Atlantic rainforest

Uncovering Links Between Urban Studies and Network Science

-known holes in the literature on urban and regional change (e.g. analysis of the making and dissolution of research and development collaboration in a region, see Broekel and Bednarz 2018). In addition ... Australia in a hybrid global maritime and road network. And finally, meso-level studies focus on regional settlement systems, and are especially germane in so-called ‘polycentric urban regions’ (Liu et al

Planning and Arun's (not so straight and narrow) roads

, both of which can be categorised as deprivations of property in terms of the constitutional property clause. On 1 July 2015 LUPO was effectively superseded by the new Spatial Planning and Land Use ... -order "important town planning and urban development tools".16 A structure plan has as its purpose: ... to lay down guidelines for the future spatial development of the area to which it relates

Balancing diversity and connectivity in multi-level governance settings for urban transformative capacity

Transformation towards sustainable development is about findings new ways of thinking, organising and doing to navigate wicked challenges such as climate change and urbanisation. Such challenges call ... Scholar Meadowcroft, J. 2002. Politics and scale: Some implications for environmental governance. Landscape and Urban Planning 61: 169–179.CrossRefGoogle Scholar Metzger, J., and A. Rader Olsson. 2013


This paper analyzes the importance of the relations that the rural and urban community members undergo in three Chilean indigenous peoples as a result of migrations and the spatial mobility provoked ... migrations and the spatial mobility provoked by a more active participation in the regional work force and economic markets. The validity and importance of these social networks permits their definition as

(Sub)Urban Poverty and Regional Interest Convergence

Poverty has expanded from America’s urban cores to its inner and outer suburban rings. In the midst of spreading hardship, new opportunities for confronting questions of regional equity are emerging ... populations, it does not follow that urban central cities dominate regional spaces as they used to in the 1950s and 1960s.17 Instead, the character of a metropolitan region is determined by the various

Incidencia del clima local en los procesos de planificación territorial: Análisis bioclimático de la Costa del Sol Occidental de Málaga (España)

classification is generated based on the perspective of bioclimatic suitability for human comfort. This tool has been used for the evaluation of territorial planning processes, concluding that 80,6% of urban and ... microclimates through design. Landscape and Urban Planning, 10, 372-374. doi: 10.1016/j.landurbplan.2011.01.010         [ Links ] Consejería de Agricultura, Pesca y Desarrollo Rural, Junta de Andalucía. (2013

Hormonal adjustments to urban conditions: stress hormone levels in urban and rural populations of Apodemus agrarius

various examples of such adjustments in urban birds, but the stress response of non-avian species has rarely been investigated. We studied an urban and a rural population of a small mammal, the striped ... For Urban Gree 14:508–518CrossRefGoogle Scholar Łopucki R, Kitowski I (2017) How small cities affect the biodiversity of ground-dwelling mammals and the relevance of this knowledge in planning urban

Heterogeneity of logistics facilities: an issue for a better understanding and planning of the location of logistics facilities

as logistics sprawl. These issues of spatial dynamics question urban policies, because they underline the lack of interest in freight in the planning process. Indeed, one of the major issues in ... the location of logistics activities. These spatial issues question urban policies and underline a partial knowledge of the logistics sectors. Indeed, one of the major issues for the planning of

Future scenarios for socio-ecological production landscape and seascape

 SaitoShizuka HashimotoShunsuke ManagiMasahiro AibaTakehisa YamakitaRajarshi DasGuptaKazuhiko Takeuchi Special Feature: Editorial Future Scenarios for Socio-Ecological Production Landscape and Seascape First ... Online: 09 January 2019 6 Shares 442 Downloads Part of the following topical collections:Special Feature: Future Scenarios for Socio-Ecological Production Landscape and Seascape

Human-modified landscape acts as refuge for mammals in Atlantic Forest

urban areas. Information on species that thrives in these HMLs is essential to direct conservation strategies in local and regional scales. Since HMLs are dominant in the Atlantic Forest, we aimed to ... on the medium- and large-sized mammals as an umbrella group, which could benefit all biodiversity in the landscape. We recommend actions that promotes biological restoration, aiming to increase

News - Screven-Jenkins Regional Library

The 2018 Hour of Code was the first codingoriented program ever held at the ScrevenJenkins Regional Library System, and it was a great success! The Screven-Jenkins Regional Library System, which

Landuse and surface water quality in an emerging urban city

The study analyzed the impact of landuse types on surface water quality in an emerging urban city. The objectives were to classify the existing landuse types, examine the variation in water quality ... reflect uncontrolled planning and management. Due to urbanization, there is rapid population growth in Osogbo Osun state. Rapid population growth drives other urban systems such as urbanization, pollution

Homeownership, city integration, and the sense of happiness of migrants in urban China

been fully discussed. This study uses the 2012 National Dynamic Monitoring Database of Migrants created by the National Health and Family Planning Commission of China to explore the cooperative ... interests cover housing economics and urban economics. Chuanlu Hou is a PhD candidate in College of Economics, Jinan University, and his research interests are mainly on the regional economics. Jing Chen, PhD