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Location-Based Mobile Marketing Innovations 2018

complexity of the industry means that marketers must now be experts not only in marketing, but also in people, data, delivery platforms, and mobile location-based marketing. The objective of location-based ... marketing via mobile devices is to encourage those activities, as well as to drive foot traffic, share discounts, and build customer loyalty. The mobile devices are used to gather information about nearby

Marketing Merit Aid: The Response of Flagship Campuses to State Merit Aid Programs

of Viridian College Consulting. This study examines the differences in the portfolio of institutional scholarships and the marketing of these awards between flagship campuses with and without state ... through the reach of the institutional scholarships, the transparency of the university merit aid programs, and the marketing aims of the scholarship efforts. Tthe most striking trends in state-level

Defining personnel marketing strategies

The purpose of the study is to develop methodological basis as to the justification and selection of personnel marketing strategy based on logical analysis and systematic approach. The strategy is ... personnel marketing strategy and internal one. The former is based on the capacity of an employer to meet expectations of potential personnel and is aimed at forming enterprise's external attractiveness as an

The value of leading customers in a crowdfunding-based marketing pattern

Crowdfunding is gradually becoming a modern marketing pattern. By noting that the success of crowdfunding depends on network externalities, our research aims to utilize these network externalities to ... referral mechanism in a crowdfunding-based marketing pattern. In the context of network externalities, measuring the value of leading customers is chosen as the key to coping with the research problem, as

Revisiting interactions of entrepreneurial, marketing, and other orientations with internationalization strategies

of a firm’s early entrepreneurial heritage, including the firm’s entrepreneurial, marketing, and strategic orientations with carryover effects through the early stages, if not throughout, the life ... orientation (Carlos and Pinho 2011; Covin and Slevin 1991; Etemad 2015; Lumpkin and Dess 1996; Miller 1983; DeClercq et al. 2005; Deligianni et al. 2015; Javalgi and Todd 2011), marketing orientation (Kohli and

Gambling Marketing from 2014 to 2018: a Literature Review

Purpose of ReviewLegislation and technology have led to unprecedented changes in the frequency and content of gambling marketing in many countries. We build upon previous reviews by exploring ... previous reviews by exploring research on gambling marketing from between 2014 and 2018. Recent Findings Most literature reviewed was from the UK or Australia, with three key findings identified. First

Designing a Digital Marketing Model Innovation to increase the Competitiveness. First insights in Mexico

Mexico (NCM) and a proposal for a digital marketing innovation model (DMIM). This is of special value for SME experts and academics, both related to the practice of digital marketing, in order to obtain ... a tool capable to identify different variables involved in the design and driving of a digital marketing campaign, in order to increase their levels of competitiveness. Method: The

Banerjee, Dholakia and Dholakia, M-Powering Marketing in a Mobile World (2017)

-Powering Marketing in a Mobile World (2017) Zoila C. Zambrano Keywords mobile revolution, mobile marketing strategies, data privacy, data security Zoila C Zambrano is a doctoral candidate at the University ... cognizant of impacts this growth has on the business, marketing, consumer and societal levels. With pervasive ubiquity, worldwide spread of mobile devices and technology has created areas of opportunity for

Social marketing targeting Indigenous peoples: a systematic review

article. The publisher apologizes for this error. Table 2. Assessment of the use of Andreasen’s social marketing benchmark criteria (SMBC) in social marketing interventions Intervention ...  References Target audience No. of SMBC Behavioural objective Segmen -tation Formative research Exchange Marketing mix Compe -tition National Cervical Screening Programme Bethune and Lewis (2009) Sexually

Quality in European Trade Mark Law

marked products. The force behind a trade mark’s quality assurance is economic in nature and depends on its owner’s interest in maximizing the trade mark’s value as a marketing resource. There are various ... marketing resources and does not simply rely on protecting the integrity of the underlying legal guarantee. INFORMATION ASYMMETRY AND THE NEED FOR QUALITY ASSURANCE

A utilização de métodos qualitativos na Ciência Política e no Marketing Político

This paper discusses the use of qualitative research technie to the study Political Science and to the Political Marketing. The issues discussed here drawn from the research on Political Ideology ... utilização da abordagem qualitativa na Ciência Política e no Marketing Político. As discussões apresentadas derivam-se, principalmente, da experiência acadêmica com a pesquisa Ideologia Política, Propaganda

Constitutional Law—Intra-State Produced and Consumed Wheat under the Commerce Clause

The defendant, who operates a farm in Oklahoma, was notified by the County Committee authorized to administer marketing quotas for wheat under the provisions of the Agricultural Adjustment Act of ... Agricultural Adjustment Act of 19381 that his farm wheat acreage allotment for 1956 was 0 acres, that his excess acreage of wheat was 43 acres, and that his farm marketing excess-upon which a civil penalty

The Attractive Territory: Contribution of the Territorial Positioning and the Innovative Theoretical and Historical Models

organizational concept to be adapted to the marketing issue especially to the territorial thing. This is for the purpose of constituting an attraction for the targets including economic activities. This attraction ... , positioning refers to an antecedent notion of attractiveness which is seen as a marketing process. It is aimed at adapting the territorial offer to the aspirations and motivations of investors and the impact

A dynamic discount pricing strategy for viral marketing

Viral marketing has been one of the main marketing modes. However, theoretical study of viral marketing is still lacking. This paper focuses on the problem of developing a cost-effective dynamic ... pricing strategy for a viral marketing campaign. First, based on a novel word-of-mouth propagation model, we model the original problem as an optimal control problem. Second, we show that the optimal

Territorio, paisaje y marketing global: Imaginarios en la construcción de la Patagonia como marca

in a global marketing strategy, rendering its attributes as a brand. This brand contains a twofold logic: a spatial and territorial offer mediated by an imaginary that sustains this brand associated to ... marketing global, valorizándose sus atributos como una marca. En esta marca hay un doble juego: una oferta encadenada al espacio y al territorio mediada por un imaginario que porta la marca asociado a una

Collecting to the Core-Social Media in Education, Healthcare and Marketing

and apps has been embraced by many sectors, including education, healthcare, and marketing. In the education sector, social media plays an important role in providing a collaborative platform for ... media can be used for mass communication and allow health service providers to stay abreast of current innovations, practices, and information. The marketing industry has adopted social media to promote

The Actions of e-Branding and Content Marketing to Improve Consumer Relationships

The way of doing marketing has substantially changed in the digital age. This change represented the direct consequence of a technological revolution that has led to a radical change in the way in ... goods. The above-mentioned conditions have highlighted the inadequacy of traditional marketing methodologies, focused on the company rather than the consumer and voted for a generally unilateral

Marketing Privacy

their marketing because they do not compensate recipients for the hassle of say, being interrupted during dinner. Current regulatory responses that give consumers the all-or-nothing option of registering

Cross-functional alignment: an exploratory study on the points of contact among marketing, logistics, and production

The cross-functional integration among Marketing, Logistics, and Production activities is essential for the coordination of demand and supply, and the interfunctional alignment represents an ... among marketing, logistics, and production     Andrea Lago da SilvaI; Guilherme Hernandes Vasconcellos LombardiI; Márcio Lopes PimentaII IDepartamento de Engenharia de Produção, Universidade

Advancing marketing strategy research

Marketing Science (JAMS) over the past three years. In turn, my three objectives for this editorial are to (1) recognize the key people who have and continue to support JAMS, (2) provide a snapshot of the ... state of the journal, and (3) highlight some potential insights gained in the journey, to help advance marketing strategy research. In pursuing these objectives, I also seek to emphasize JAMS’s raison