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SSPHE special session on environmental science, pollution, and sustainability

successfully held from May 5 to 6, 2017, in Guangzhou, China. One of the main themes of the scientific meeting is environmental pollution and energy management. Accordingly, a special issue on these subjects is ... using an optimization approach. In the last part of this special issue, articles are concentrating on environmental pollution investigation designed to assess human and environmental impact of pollutants

When disasters strike environmental science: a case–control study of changes in scientific collaboration networks

happens to science when disaster strikes and research practice is disrupted? This study examines structural changes in a scientific collaboration network after serial exposure to major disasters. We analyze ... , D. M., & Fan, M. H. (2014). Science in the aftermath: investigations of the DWH hydrocarbon discharge. Environmental Research Letters, 9(12), 125006.

Conquering Math Anxiety

disenchantment are direct consequences of math anxiety, and other literature goes further in asserting that students’ futures are put on the line (Boaler, 2012). There are a variety of innovative pedagogical

Callous-Unemotional Traits and Academic Performance in Secondary School Students: Examining the Moderating Effect of Gender

) attending a state secondary school in England. Students reported on CU traits and externalizing problems and their English, Math and Science grades were gathered from school records. Using hierarchical linear ... poorly across academic disciplines than girls high in these traits. This study therefore aimed to investigate i) the relationships between CU traits, student gender and English, Science and Math grades

Family Functioning and Not Family Structure Predicts Adolescents’ Reasoning and Math Skills

Adaptability and Cohesion Evaluation Scales (FACES IV), a computer-administered test of cognitive skills, and a paper-based math performance test.ResultsFamilies with different structures varied in their family ... functioning is more important than family structure in predicting African American adolescents’ reasoning skills and math performance. Recent census bureau reports suggest that African American youth are

The Scholarly Publishing Scene-Annual PROSE Awards Science and Math Books Roundup

popular science and math books. That?s a total of 64 titles, which is typical during my many years as a PROSE judge. In addition, four weighty multi-volume sets, each in its own carton, went into the ... the books in the environmental science pile address seem more narrowly focused, while being treated in the depth offered by hundreds of pages. There?s a book on the ecological future of Martha?s

An Application of Systems Science for the Usage of Web–tools in Environmental Education: The Case of Western Attica, Greece

Attica (Greece), in order to improve pupils’ knowledge and skills on Environmental Education issues. Additionally, a framework of Systems Science is suggested for planning the didactics of this ... ?option=com_content&view=article&id=51& Itemid = 51 Edelson , D.C. ( 2007 ). Environmental Science for All? Considering Environmental Science for Inclusion in the High School Core Curriculum . Science

An exploration of quintic Hermite splines to solve Burgers’ equation

non-linear form without using Hopf–Cole transformation (Hopf in Commun Pure Appl Math 3:201–216, 1950; Cole in Q Appl Math 9:225–236, 1951). The significance of the numerical technique is demonstrated ... –2708, 2010; Mittal and Jain in Appl Math Comput 218:7839–7855, 2012). Five problems with different initial conditions have been examined to validate the efficiency and accuracy of the scheme. Euclidean

Fun with Math on Valentine's Day

during Valentine's Day 2018. Inspired by Susan D'Agustino's article "To Fall in Love with Math, Do This" [1], Bryant mathematicians came up with many creative and engaging activities that brought ... Valentine?s Day, and we created a fun event called ?The Arts and Science of Love.? On the afternoon of Valentine?s Day, we took over a space in the student center, and each department was charged to come up

The continuity of learning in a translanguaging science classroom

This article aims to explore and clarify how students’ use of first and second languages in a translanguaging science classroom (TSC) may affect the continuity of learning in science. In a TSC ... collection and research design is used to capture the authentic language use in this practice. The study followed monthly science lessons at a primary school for 3 years (2012–2015) and was documented by four

Support the JASON science-advisory group

The elite panel that guides the US government is undermined by wavering financial support. More-secure backing is in the national interest. ... advice. The Environmental Protection Agency, in particular, has disbanded, overhauled and stacked the decks on several science advisory panels since Trump took office, and the appointment of a national

Analogic Thinking in Science and Math

thinking. The science wars wage on in the background, and I do find plenty of evidence of rifts between the “two cultures” that C. P. Snow described a half century ago. Nonetheless, there are on our campus

Modelling Preservice Science Teachers’ Environment-Friendly Behaviours

science teachers’ proenvironmental behaviours. The findings revealed that environmental identity plays a crucial role in predicting proenvironmental behaviours. ... ; Ozturk & Teksoz, 2016) . Consequently, since few studies touched on that environmental identity may be an important factor in predicting proenvironmental behaviours of preservice science teachers

Taking stock of fisheries science through oral history: voices from NOAA’s Fishery Science Centers

history, and their meaning to participants. In this article, we seek to demonstrate the relevance of oral histories for understanding the changing institutional setting and research focus of marine science ... conducted by senior oral history practitioners working in each region and familiar with fisheries science and management. Their backgrounds included environmental history and cultural anthropology. In some

An Epidemiological Math Model Approach to a Political System with Three Parties

The United States has proven to be and remains a dual political party system. Each party is associated to its own ideologies, yet work by Baldassarri and Goldberg in Neither Ideologues Nor Agnostics ... , Center for Undergraduate Research in Mathematics (CURM) funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) grant #DMS-0636648 / #DMS-1148695, Preparing Undergraduates Through Mentoring Towards PhD?s (PUMP

STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

Science is on our minds at Linfield. Students and faculty spent the summer collaborating on research in the sciences, mathematics and technology, both here and abroad. ... imperative not just for biology, but for the STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). In the broadest of terms, we need science education for every student. We must prepare future

Opial inequality in q -calculus

In this article we give q-analogs of the Opial inequality for q-decreasing functions. Using a closed form of the restricted q-integral (see Gauchman in Comput. Math. Appl. 47:281–300, 2004), we ... Caputo, M., Fabrizio, M.: A new definition of fractional derivative without singular kernel. Prog. Fract. Differ. Appl. 1, 73–85 (2015) Google Scholar Gauchman, H.: Integral inequalities in q-calculus

Getting Information Systems Programs Classified as STEM: A U.S.-based Perspective from an AIS Task Force Study and Panel Discussion

Science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) is a designation for educational degree programs that have certain benefits that non-STEM programs do not. To achieve a STEM classification, a ... country: the United States. The U.S. Government established the Committee on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Education in 2001 to oversee and facilitate federal programs to support STEM education

Concepts of science and education: contributions from the history of science to the formation of teachers

educadores; Pedagogia Abstract In the field of science teaching, over the last decades, theoretical reflections and practical activities have been developed in order to incorporate the approach of ... the optional course of History of Science, offered in 2017 by the School of Education at the University of São Paulo for pedagogy students, also open to other undergraduates. This research aims to

Math puzzles, powerful ideas, algorithms and computers in teaching problem-solving

With the current interest in teaching problem-solving, it is important that the example problems that are presented to students have important educational value. Many mathematical puzzles, while ... the opportunity of teaching powerful ideas that can be applied in a multitude of similar problems. Moreover the teacher will also be able to teach the corresponding solution algorithms and the way