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When disasters strike environmental science: a case–control study of changes in scientific collaboration networks

happens to science when disaster strikes and research practice is disrupted? This study examines structural changes in a scientific collaboration network after serial exposure to major disasters. We analyze ... , D. M., & Fan, M. H. (2014). Science in the aftermath: investigations of the DWH hydrocarbon discharge. Environmental Research Letters, 9(12), 125006.

Developing an After-School Program to Increase STEM Interest, Awareness and Knowledge of Minority Females in a Title I Middle School

Educators, politicians and industry professionals note that the number of opportunities for workers in the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields grow exponentially over time ... without the support of the School District of Palm Beach County, The South Florida Science Center and Aquarium and Nova Southeastern University. This article is available in FDLA Journal: https

When “scary” science “just feels wrong”: how the facts in a masculine fact-based debate couldn’t stop science students’ feminine feelings

The purpose of this study is to discuss notions of femininity and masculinity in situations of argumentation among Swedish upper-secondary students who are studying Natural Science. The empirical ... followed a group of students in all of their science teaching throughout a semester. This study includes three classroom situations where the students are given a task to play roles where they either argue

Science by social media: Attitudes towards climate change are mediated by perceived social consensus

in the dissemination of contrarian positions that question mainstream climate science. The effect of this content on people’s attitudes is not fully understood. In particular, it is unknown how the ... science in the same way that dissenting comments after a mainstream post might undermine support for the scientific position? Accordingly, our study fully crossed the type of post (endorsing or rejecting

Indexing: Narrating Interdisciplinary Connections in the Classroom

-Fi: Stories and Science of the Coming Climate Apocalypse,” faculty developed the Climate-Change Stress Index (CCSI) that students used to identify evidence of climate-change impacts in the fictional ... ; and (3) synthesis, the creation of new knowledge by combining insights. Based on Barber?s framework, we used interdisciplinary indexing as a scaffolding strategy to integrate science and literature in

Effects of reproduction and environmental factors on body temperature and activity patterns of wolverines

Mammals in the far north are exposed to extreme seasonal changes in environmental conditions, such as temperature and photoperiod, which have notable effects on animal physiology and behaviour. The ... torpor (Aardvark [Orycteropus afer]) was 8.6 °C, during reduced prey availability [4]. Changing environmental conditions not only impact seasonal and daily patterns of Tb in mammals [5–8] but also the

Meta-science urgently needed across the environmental nexus: a comment on Berger-Tal et al.

and social science not yet realized universally in other disciplines which are newer to evidence synthesis. Clearly, behavioral ecology as a discipline has commonality with both behavioral sciences and ... the latter (Donnelly et al. 2018) continue to be promoted and used just as widely as systematic review and meta-analysis in ecological domains. More encouragingly, the open science movement aimed at

Developing as a College Science Teacher: Using Identity to Examine Transformation

Guided by identity theory, this study investigated how a college biology professor’s early career experiences contributed to the transformation of his identity as a college science teacher. This ... level instruction is to maintain a balance between the need to improve scientific literacy to create better educated citizens and the goal of supporting those who desire careers in science, technology

Advocating for Science: Amici Curiae Brief of Wetland and Water Scientists in Support of the Clean Water Rule

by science. The best available science supports the Clean Water Rule’s categorical treatment of tributaries because compelling scientific evidence demonstrates that tributaries significantly affect the ... pollution, particularly nitrate. Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology 27:285–317. CrossRefGoogle Scholar Fletcher TD, Vietz G, Walsh CJ (2014

Scientific integrity, trust in science, and independence of research

First Online: 05 April 2019 48 Downloads Science in crisis? Celebrating the 10-year anniversary of APIS impact factor with this Special Jubilee Issue is shadowed by the apparent ... marginalization of and lack of trust in science in public life, and in political decision-making. In leading countries that foster scientific excellence, such as the United States, United Kingdom, and my home

Phenotypic variations in persistence and infectivity between and within environmentally transmitted pathogen populations impact population-level epidemic dynamics

Human pathogens transmitted through environmental pathways are subject to stress and pressures outside of the host. These pressures may cause pathogen pathovars to diverge in their environmental ... trade-off [3], have also been examined. Short-term environmental stressors (e.g., related to temperature, salinity, pH, nutrient load), on the other hand, can also lead to different dynamics in different

Correction To: Desertification Risk Assessment of Sand Dunes in Middle Egypt: A Geotechnical Environmental Study

-018-3343-7. 1 Correction to: Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering (2019) 44:357–375 In the original publication the grant number is incorrectly

Indonesian mega-science agency in the balance as election begins

organized and funded. The main opposition candidate has been silent on science so far. Widodo first ran against former military general and nationalist Prabowo Subianto in 2014. In this year’s rematch on 17 ... debate that it was “unnecessary bureaucracy”. If elected, Uno says, the pair’s government will boost applied science through financial or other incentives to companies that invest in research. Widodo and

Dismantlability, Connectedness, and Mixing in Relational Structures

The Constraint Satisfaction Problem (CSP) and its counting counterpart appears under different guises in many areas of mathematics, computer science, statistical physics, and elsewhere. Its ... Constraint Satisfaction Problem (CSP) provides a powerful framework in a wide range of areas of mathematics, computer science, statistical physics, and elsewhere. The goal in a CSP is to find an assignment to

Is thermal stability a factor that influences environmental heterogeneity and phytoplankton distribution in tropical lakes?

Abstract Aim To evaluate the effects of environmental heterogeneity promoted by thermal stratification on the distribution of limnologic variables and phytoplankton functional groups (FGs) in two ... , favoring the coexistence of FGs and, consequently, their increase in richness and biomass. Keywords:  atelomixis; environmental changes; functional groups; thermal stratification Resumo

Two (multi) point nonlinear Lyapunov systems associated with an nth order nonlinear system of differential equations – existence and uniqueness

solution of the nth order Lyapunov system. The results of Barnett (SIAM J. Appl. Anal. 24(1), 1973) are a particular case. ... :/ Combinatorics Hindawi Publishing Corporation ht p:/ Submit your manuscr ipts Mathematics Mathematical Pro blems in gineering Discrete Nature and Society International Journal

Effects of Genetic Background and Environmental Conditions on Texture Properties in a Recombinant Inbred Population of an Inter-Subspecies Cross

BackgroundEating and cooking quality have become ever more important breeding goals due to high levels of economic growth in Asia in recent decades. Cooked rice texture properties such as hardness ... mastication and directly reflect eating and cooking quality, and texture is strongly affected by genetic background and environmental conditions. Results In this study, a series of recombinant inbred lines

Effect of Environmental Parameters on the Performance of Optical Wireless Communications

. These merits are due to its numerous advantages as well as their better performance. This paper studies the effect of environmental parameters like rain, fog, haze, snow, and dust on the performance of ... the max distance obtained=400 m, and while using 4/4 the max distance obtained=414m as shown in Figure 11. 5. Conclusion The influence of environmental parameters such as rain, fog, haze, snow, and dust

Effect of randomly fluctuating environment on autotroph-herbivore model system

second part consists of the stochastic formulation of the model system to incorporate the effect of environmental fluctuation and then analysis of nonequilibrium fluctuation. Stochastic stability criteria ... obtained through the convergence conditions of second-order moments. 1. Introduction. The branch of science which deals with interrelationships among the living organisms in relation with the surrounding

Resource Review: Research on Children's Learning as a Tool to Improve Math and Science Teaching

: Resource Booklets on Research in literatu re, su itabl e for those with limited kn owled ge Math and Science Learning, Tina A. Crotze r. Project in th e areas discussed . Each essay is also accompa­ Zero ... to s u mma rize "the find ings of cu rr en t ove rgeneralization in a d esire to m ake the know ledge resea rch ap plicable to math and science education." avai lab le. The di scussion of ach ievement