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Mathematical Theories and Applications for Nonlinear Control Systems

control has more applications in practice, and the related problems of nonlinear control exhibit more complexity. Although nonlinear control theory and application have made great progress in recent years ... , there are still a lot of new and challenging problems existing in the areas of theory analysis and applications, which cover the fields of multiobjective control, design of regulating and tracking systems

Social sciences and the English language

The article analyses the predominance of the English language in the globalization context, particularly the implications related to the social sciences. It first makes a critical analysis of the ... , focusing on the evolution of English from an international to a global language. It then discusses the supremacy of English both in natural and social sciences. The central argument is that such scientific

Congress seat allocation using mathematical optimization

After the 2015 Spanish general election a row erupted over the allocation of physical seats in the Congress of Deputies, with certain parties left feeling they possessed an inferior selection of ... integer programming 90C27 Combinatorial optimization 90C90 Applications of mathematical programming  1 Introduction In recent years there have been arguments regarding the seating plans in the Spanish

A Mathematical Model of a Micrometastasis

Experimental evidence indicates that tumour metastases can exist for long periods in a dormant state, with cell proliferation balancing cell death. However, this balance can be upset, by removing the ... simple mathematical model for the development of a micrometastasis. We assume a cylindrically symmetric geometry as a convenient model for a perivascular cuff. A local imbalance in the rates of apoptosis

Applications of Recombinant DNA Technology in Gastrointestinal Medicine and Hepatology: Basic Paradigms of Molecular Cell Biology. Part A: Eukaryotic Gene Structure and DNA Replication

Progress in the basic sciences of cell and molecular biology has provided an exciting dimension that has translated into clinically relevant information in every medical subspecialty. Importantly ... Can J Gastroenterol Applications of recombinant DNA technology in gastrointestinal medicine and hepatology: Basic paradigms of molecular cell biology. Part A: Eukaryotic gene structure and DNA

Tracking of objective physical activity and physical fitness in Japanese children

ObjectiveThe purpose of this study was to examine the tracking of objective physical activity and physical fitness from childhood to adolescence in Japanese children. The longitudinal study comprised ... activity guidelines in the UK [4], USA [5] and Canada [6] also recommend this level of activity for similar age groups. A review by Telema et al. [7] reported that physical activity tracks from childhood to

Mathematical Analysis of Optimal Operating Conditions in Heating Systems

With changes in the outdoor air temperature, the heat consumption of buildings also changes. Timely adjustment of the heating systems to ensure optimal operating conditions is extremely significant

Correction: Estimation accuracy in the psychological sciences

LaTex compile error, some equation numbers incorrectly appear as question marks. Please view the correct S1 File below. Supporting information OPEN ACCESS

Promotion of Nuclear Medicine-Related Sciences in Developing Countries

too. Yes, that is correct, but it is the reason why we need to incubate and raise the nuclear medicine and nuclear medicine sciences in developing countries. Almost six-sevenths of world’s people are ... Dealt with by Sciences in Nuclear Medicine This section was contributed by Dong Soo Lee. Interestingly, nuclear medicine was in charge of the interpretation of clinical problems which should have been

Mathematical analysis to optimize crystal growth

size, as well as to validate the mathematical model that best predicts the amount of crystals precipitated as a function of temperature. The adjustment by least squares, cubic splines, pitzer equations ... Subject Classification (2010)34-04 97-04 41-04 65-04 97-06  Download to read the full article text Notes Publisher’s note Springer Nature remains neutral with regard to jurisdictional claims in

Physical methods for topical skin drug delivery: concepts and applications

. In this context, different physical methods have been studied to overcome the stratum corneum barrier and facilitate penetration of drugs into or through the skin. Among them, iontophoresis, low ... high molecular weight and hydrophilicity of proteins is a serious impediment to their penetration through the SC. In this way, physical methods began to be studied. Physical methods may be considered

A special issue to mark the 90th Anniversary of College of Life Sciences, Zhejiang University

potential in cancer treatment. J Zhejiang Univ-Sci B (Biomed & Biotechnol), 20(6):488–495. Google Scholar Nie H, Yi W, 2019. O-GlcNAcylation, a sweet link to the ... AuthorsAuthors and affiliations Jin-rong PengKun-liang GuanDe-yuan HongXin-hua LinHuan-ming YangYu-xian Zhu Editorial First Online: 16 May 2019 23 Downloads Download to read the full article text

Non-coplanar Model States in Quantum Magnetism Applications of the High-Order Coupled Cluster Method

Coplanar model states for applications of the coupled cluster method (CCM) to problems in quantum magnetism are those in which all spins lie in a plane, whereas three-dimensional (3D) model states ... become complex-valued, but ground-state expectation values of all physical observables are manifestly real numbers, as required, and as we explicitly demonstrate in all three applications. Indeed

Critical Mathematical Inquiry

Welcome to Issue 41 of Bank Street’s Occasional Paper Series. The issue features a collection of papers by authors with a shared affinity for the work of critical mathematical inquiry (CMI). In what ... mathematics supervisor in the Pascack Valley Regional High School District, also in northern New Jersey. Our shared passion for critical mathematical inquiry has developed over the course of our professional

The 24th International Symposium on Separation Sciences (ISSS2018)

Health Published in the topical collection 24th International Symposium on Separation Sciences combined with 21st International Conference Analytical Methods and Human Health with guest editors Milan ... ) was held in Jasna, Slovakia on June 17–20, 2018. The main organizer of the event was the Department of Analytical Chemistry, Faculty of Natural Sciences of Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia

On Teaching in the Mathematical Sciences

:// Part of the Mathematics Commons, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Commons, and the - ON TEACHING IN THE MATHEMATICAL SCIENCES James M. Cargal Mathematics Department Troy State Univers ... department in the count ry (Ofany size) has one or more teachers of this quality. Teachers who commu­ nicate with no one at all are largely a phenomena of the mathematical sciences, and are a primary reason

Researchers collaborate with same-gendered colleagues more often than expected across the life sciences

ensuring fairness and helping to redress gender imbalance in the academic workforce, increasing women’s access to collaboration could help scientific progress by drawing on more of the available human ... ; 448 : NJ101 - NJ102 . 101a 7. Reuben E , Sapienza P , Zingales L . How stereotypes impair women's careers in science . Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

University genres in disciplinary domains: social sciences and humanities and basic sciences and engineering

The issue of disciplinarity is becoming increasingly salient in discourse studies. Questions of how differences in the structures of intellectual fields and curricula help shape educational ... -comparative study of linguistic-textual features, beginning with the texts that were read in the academic areas of Basic Sciences and Engineering, as well as the Social Sciences and Humanities. This was

An overview of GeoAI applications in health and healthcare

several disciplines within public health, precision medicine, and Internet of Things-powered smart healthy cities. The potential challenges currently facing GeoAI research and applications in health and ... . Population-level applications include those aimed at promoting public health such as through the disciplines of environmental health, epidemiology, genetics, social and behavioural sciences, and infectious

The romantic drive and human sciences in western culture

romantic genius dealt actively with it, criticizing and transforming it in many different ways.  The emergence of modern 'human sciences' (originally conceived of as the Geisteswissenschaften, or 'moral ... ', 'flow', 'drive', 'experience', and 'understanding' inspired or challenged the great founding fathers of the human sciences – eventually in contradictory directions.  They remain nowadays as powerful as