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The Mathematics of Gossip

classroom, allowing students who may not relate with purely technical examples to connect with the material. Including diverse perspectives in the discussion and development of mathematics and engineering ... Footnote (optional) All authors would like to thank the Colorado School of Mines Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics for providing an encouraging environment for this research. Thi s article is

Spherical regression models with general covariates and anisotropic errors

models in which the covariates can have quite general structure (for example, they may be on the unit sphere, in Euclidean space, categorical or some combination of these) and in which the errors are ...  al. (2014), see also Di Marzio et al. (2014) in a nonparametric context. Recent work in regression modelling on general Riemannian manifolds, for which the unit sphere is a special case, includes the

cARTegory Theory: Framing Aesthetics of Mathematics

Mathematics can help investigate hidden patterns and structures in music and visual arts. Also, math in and of itself possesses an intrinsic beauty. We can explore such a specific beauty through the ... notion of equality is weakened in favor of a more exible, and general, concept. 10 See the musical rendition of the pangolin, Figure 1. In mathematics, a geometrical transformation might be seen as the

Teaching History of Mathematics: A Dialogue

Many colleges and universities offer a course in the history of mathematics. While the potential benefits for students taking such a course might be apparent, it is often less clear how teaching a ... central aspect of doing mathematics in general. Many of my students are equally fascinated to hear about people whose stories are not told as part of our mythology of mathematics. For example, I like to

Comforting with Mathematics: A Case Study

jumping from height, that answer can easily be determined using basic kinematics. Despite the perception that mathematics is a cold, calculating field, it can provide a clear, definitive answer and comfort ... Commons , Mathematics Commons, Other Physics Commons and the Psychiatric and Mental Health Commons Recommended Citation Follow this and additional works at; https; //scholarship; claremont; edu/jhm

Why to publish on mathematics education so as to be useful? Educational Studies in Mathematics and its founder Hans Freudenthal

In 1968, Hans Freudenthal launched the journal Educational Studies in Mathematics. This paper describes the events leading to the foundation of this journal. It turns out that his wife, Suus ... ; also note the example of L. N. H. Bunt below). This difficulty made the IMU very cautious in developing its policy regarding mathematics education. 2 Mathematics education In general, mathematicians

The role of context and context familiarity on mathematics problems

mathematics in a general context, schematising, formulating and visualising the problem, discovering relations and regularities, recognising similarities in different problems (De Lange, 1999; Treffers, 1987 ... Salgado1  1 Universidad de Melbourne, Australia. Abstract: The mathematics education literature advocates the use of mathematics problems embedded in different contexts and therefore

Jan Tinbergen, from Mathematics to Poverty and Environment

econometrics and macroeconomic modelling, but the fact that he moved from theoretical physics to economics was already a sign that his main interest was the society and mankind. He loved mathematics, but he ... change, is even more imminent. Poverty has been alleviated in parts of the world, but it still exists and the inequality is increasing. In general, Jan Tinbergen’s answer to these questions is

Special Issue Call for Papers: Creativity in Mathematics

The Journal of Humanistic Mathematics is pleased to announce a call for papers for a special issue on Creativity in Mathematics. Please send your abstract submissions via email to the guest editors ... : Creativity in Mathematics Gulden Karakok Houssein El Turkey Houssein El Turkey Follow this and additional works at: Part of the Arts and Humanities Commons, and the

Online supplementary mathematics tuition in a first-year childhood teacher education programme

into preservice teachers' perceptions of an online programme for the development of mathematics common content knowledge for teachers of mathematics in the intermediate grades. The effectiveness of the ... general is informed by various knowledge domains (Shulman, 1986, 1987). Many factors impact the development of preservice mathematics teachers' professional knowledge or mathematical knowledge for teaching

Sociodemographic characteristics of 96 Indian surrogates: Are they disadvantaged compared with the general population?

interviewed in social studies with those of Indian women in the general population in order to provide preliminary data on whether surrogates have a specific profile and are indeed disadvantaged compared with ... agents. Data were collected during face-to-face interviews. The resulting convenience sample included 96 Indian surrogates. Their sociodemographic characteristics were compared with those of the general

General cognitive but not mathematic abilities predict very preterm and healthy term born adults’ wealth

frequent mathematic problems significantly add to the burden of negative life-course consequences over and above effects of more general cognitive deficits. Our aim was to determine whether negative ... ) had lower mathematic and general cognitive abilities than healthy term comparison children (n = 217, 47.0% male). At 26 years, VP/ VLBW had accumulated significantly lower overall wealth than term born

Finding Teaching Inspiration from Gorgias: Mathematics Lessons from a Sophist

broaden the study of historical texts in the history of mathematics and mathematics education, and pursue their significance in a heritage sense, this article suggests that this ancient non-mathematics text ... from a Sophist Bowling Green State University 0 1 0 Elementary Education Commons, International and Comparative Education Commons , Liberal 1 Studies Commons, Mathematics Commons, and the Social and

Refusing mathematics: a discourse theory approach on the politics of identity work

Although many scholars in the field of mathematics education are aware that identity discourses are highly political, research in the field usually lacks a framework theoretically and ... unable to turn this fantasy into a reality. From a more general perspective, togetherness and solitude are closely connected to the hegemonic discourse of mathematics being an objective subject

The Language of Mathematics: A Quantitative Course for a General Audience

. Singer Departme nt of Mathematics Haverford College Haverford, Pennsylvania 1904/ The purpose of this article is to convince anyone with the inclination to design a mathematics course for a general audie

Introducing Information Literacy to Mathematics Classrooms: A Cross-Case Analysis

This study employs a cross-case analysis to explore the demands and opportunities that arise when information problem-solving tasks are introduced into college mathematics classes. Mathematics ... a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 4.0 License Cover Page Footnote Ander Erickson, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education at University of Washington Tacoma. He is

Application focused on structural comprehension of mathematics contextual problems for kindergarten students

Introduction Contextual problems play a major role in mathematical education. Contextual problems are defined as problems with experientially real contexts in the Realistic Mathematics Education approach ... (Gravemeijer and Doorman 1999). These problems can function as the basis for connecting informal and formal knowledge of mathematics. Because of this, they can help students better grasp formal mathematics

The Relationship between Visuospatial Working Memory and Mathematical Performance in School-Aged Children: a Systematic Review

The body of research surrounding the relationship between visuospatial working memory (VSWM) and mathematics performance remains in its infancy. However, it is an area generating increasing interest ... specific to components of mathematics, or whether the explanation satisfies mathematics in general. Notes Acknowledgements This research was funded via a PhD studentship from the North East and Northern

Quality of group interaction, ethnic group composition, and individual mathematical learning gains

mathematics performance. Video-observations of 92 fifth-grade students working in groups balanced on mathematics performance level were analyzed. We expected a difference in the quality of interaction and test ... process regulation and giving answers as positive predictors of mathematics performance, whereas giving or applying explanations contributed negatively. Non-native students generally had lower achievement

A general framework for frequentist model averaging

' one, a model averaging approach suggests to fit a set of candidate models and average over the estimators using data adaptive weights. In this paper we establish a general frequentist model averaging