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High content analysis enables high-throughput nematicide discovery screening for measurement of viability and movement behavior in response to natural product samples

instrumentation enables rapid and high-throughput collection of experimental data points on large numbers of individual worms simultaneously. The high-throughput platform outlined here should accelerate discovery ... measurement of viable dye influx into affected worms, allowing for the collection of simultaneous movement and viability measurement data on an individual worm basis. This phenotyping assay method, which is

SSPHE special session on environmental science, pollution, and sustainability

 Peng Editorial First Online: 20 May 2019 Responsible editor: Philippe Garrigues The 2017 International Conference on Social Science, Public Health and Education (SSPHE 2017) has been ... .Department of Environmental Engineering and ScienceNational Pingtung University of Science and TechnologyPingtung CityTaiwan2.Economics and Management SchoolWuhan UniversityWuhanChina

Dense Quantum Measurement Theory

a global optimal measurement output and the low success probability of finding a global optimal measurement output. Each measurement round requires preparing the quantum system and applying quantum ... measurements by achieving a significant reduction in the number of necessary measurement rounds and by radically improving the success probabilities of finding global optimal outputs. We provide application

Concepts of science and education: contributions from the history of science to the formation of teachers

educadores; Pedagogia Abstract In the field of science teaching, over the last decades, theoretical reflections and practical activities have been developed in order to incorporate the approach of ... highlight the construction of more complex and dynamic conceptions of science and education that developed throughout the classes, resulting from the choice of reading certain authors. Educators themselves

Apical extrusion of debris by manual and mechanical instrumentation

- Manual instrumentation with Mor-flex files; Group 2 - Mechanical instrumentation with Cursor and Mor-flex files; Group 3 - Manual instrumentation with Flexi-cut files; Group 4 - Mechanical instrumentation

Measurement of attitudes towards homosexuality: testing measurement invariance across European countries

evaluate the validity of the approval measure. The 8th wave included an additional statement regarding the support for LGBT adoption rights, which allows me to test the relevance and the measurement ... the measure of the support for LGBT adoption rights and I test for the measurement invariance of the approval measure. The remainder of the article is structured as follows. In the next section, I

Development of instrumentation for amperometric and coulometric detection using ultramicroelectrodes

In this work it is presented the development of a simple, portable and inexpensive instrumentation for amperometric and coulometric detection in different analytical instrumentation systems utilizing ... instrumentation was successfully evaluated using the following systems: cyclic voltammograms of metallic electrodes in alkaline solutions, flow electrochemical detection of glucose and glycine and direct

CFD Modelling of a Centrifugal Compressor with Experimental Validation through Radial Diffuser Static Pressure Measurement

This paper compares experimental static pressure measurement with CFD simulation in a centrifugal compressor at 12 points through the diffuser. Three mass flow rates are selected, each for three ... ratios at the twelve measurement points, variations in the spanwise direction, the position of the frozen rotor interface, and the pressure and velocity fields in the inlet, impeller, and diffuser regions

Support the JASON science-advisory group

advice. The Environmental Protection Agency, in particular, has disbanded, overhauled and stacked the decks on several science advisory panels since Trump took office, and the appointment of a national ... The Jasons have provided the US government with independent advice on classified military developments and nuclear weapons.Credit: Ringo Chiu/AFP/GettyIf there is one thing that President Donald

Optical backaction-evading measurement of a mechanical oscillator

Quantum mechanics imposes a limit on the precision of a continuous position measurement of a harmonic oscillator, due to backaction arising from quantum fluctuations in the measurement field. This ... cryogenically and optomechanically cooled close to the ground state. Employing quantum-limited optical heterodyne detection, we explicitly show the transition from conventional to backaction-evading measurement

The continuity of learning in a translanguaging science classroom

This article aims to explore and clarify how students’ use of first and second languages in a translanguaging science classroom (TSC) may affect the continuity of learning in science. In a TSC ... collection and research design is used to capture the authentic language use in this practice. The study followed monthly science lessons at a primary school for 3 years (2012–2015) and was documented by four

Spotlight Session Review: The Science of Implicit Bias

The following passages are student reviews and experiences of select Spotlight Sessions during the 2018 Race & Pedagogy National Conference (RPNC). Students from the African American Studies 399 ... Spotlight Session: The Science of Implicit Bias Summary of Spotlight Session: Despite more than a century of scientific research documenting the myriad ways that racism is both an enduring fact and

Underreported and unknown student harassment at the Faculty of Science

Reports of sexual harassment at medical faculties throughout the world, including the Radboud University, raised the question how prevalent this is at the Faculty of Science. We performed a survey ... University, UNITED STATES 0 Gender and Diversity Committee of the Faculty of Science of the Radboud University , Nijmegen , The Netherlands , 2 Dept. of Primary and Community Care, Radboud University Medical

Crayola Science of Color

and cool and can affect our mood. We are learning more about color all the time. This book shows us the science of colors: how we understand and can use color. Brilliant, vibrant photographs help

Efficacy of five rotary systems versus manual instrumentation during endodontic retreatment

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the efficiency of ProFile, GT, ProTaper, Race and K3 rotary instruments compared with hand K-files for removal of gutta-percha during retreatment. Sixty ... - compared with hand instrumentation with K-files for removal of gutta-percha from root canals.   MATERIAL AND METHODS Preparation of Specimens Sixty single and straight human mandibular premolars were

Development of an image-based gloss measurement instrument

This paper reports on the development of a measurement instrument to perform gloss measurements using an image-based detector. The image-based gloss meter was built according to the specifications of ... introduction, new standards and measurement instruments have emerged, each of them paying attention to a particular attribute of gloss. Today, a combination of different instruments (specular gloss meter, haze

European Federation of Animal Science

EAAP is the International Federation of Animal Science for Europe and the Mediterranean area. Join EAAP and become member of the most exciting international animal science network and then ... most European scientists and the membership fee for scientists from non EAAP member countries is very modest. Copyright © 2019 American Society of Animal Science This article is published and

Biospecimen Science of Blood for cfDNA Genetic Analyses

Purpose of ReviewcfDNA is increasingly used for biomonitoring oncological diseases or pregnancy status by different genetic analyses. Uncontrolled pre-analytical variability impacts the quality and ... Science and Evidence-Based Standards for Precision Medicine (F Betsou, Section Editor) First Online: 16 April 2019 48 Downloads Part of the following topical collections:Topical Collection on

Evolution and Creation Science in Your School: "The Monkey Business Continues . . ."

Creationism or Creation Science as Interference with the Academic Freedom Rights of Teachers and Students … 2. The Theory of Evolution as a Religious Belief System, Causing Its Teaching to Be a Violation of the

Time and Frequency Domain Simulation, Measurement and Optimization of Log-Periodic Antennas

are extensively used in electromagnetic compatibility measurements, spectrum monitoring and TV reception. In this study, a log-periodic dipole array is measured, simulated, and then optimized in the 470 ... ]. 3 LPDA Measurments and Simulations This study presents the measurement results of a ten-element LPDA conducted in open field conditions in 470–860 MHz frequency band (former analogue UHF TV band