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Patients’ Engagement in Medical Education

167 Downloads Patient engagement in medical education for health care professionals is fundamental [1]. Patients are effective and successful in teaching skills to medical and nursing students ... healthcare providers has not been well integrated into the document mission [9]. Engagement of patients and patient-centeredness in medical education has been associated with better patient care, sustained

The Importance of Understanding the Medical Education System in Partner Nations

Many believe the medical profession to have common definitions and standards worldwide. Similarly, the education and training systems that prepare medical professionals are thought to follow a ... location and people. There are two distinct approaches designed to develop medical doctors and the degree awarded at the end of the education process is not standard. In the USA, the education process ends

Medical students and metrics: seven techniques for a win-win situation

metrics.MethodsThis is a descriptive paper based on existing literature and on the authors’ experience.ResultsWinning strategies to improve ED throughput while also supporting the mission of medical education and ... environment for students (Fig. 1). Open image in new window Fig. 1 Winning strategies for improving ED throughput while also supporting the mission of medical education Results Attending first

Simulation Training in Medical Education—an Exploration Through Different Theoretical Lenses

Different theoretical frameworks offer specific, but separate, understandings of the same phenomenon. With the increasing use of simulation for training and assessment in medical education, it is ... component of research in medical education. Choosing an appropriate theoretical framework can serve to articulate the research questions and the choice of methodology, as well acting as a lens to interpret

Tıp Fakültelerinde Tıp Eğitimi Anabilim Dalı İşlevi / The Function of Division of Medical Education

?niversitesi , Bes?yol Mahallesi I?no?nu? Cad. No:38, 34295 Ku?c?u?kc?ekmece/I?stanbul, Tel: 444 1 428, e-posta: Divisions of Medical Education in Medical Schools have been established recently in our country ... and abroad. So their functions and academic subjects have not been known clearly and widely. In this review, brief history and developments of Divisions of Medical Education has been given and their

Problems of problem-based learning: Towards transformative critical pedagogy in medical education

Problem-based medical education is based in a biomedical worldview that works to entrench deterministic ways of thinking about socioculturally-influenced health disparities in the minds of medical ... health equity, and educating health professionals who are responsive to marginalized and vulnerable communities, this paper considers how a problem-posing medical education could redefine physicians

Reflection in Medical Education

This paper offers a medical-education perspective that I will hope complement other disciplinary perspectives in examining the value of reflection for learning in tertiary education. The paper ... patient care above self interest, and undertake to maintain and develop their expertise over the course of a lifelong career. Swanwick and Buckley (2010, p.xv) This paper offers a medical-education

Eye-tracking for assessing medical image interpretation: A pilot feasibility study comparing novice vs expert cardiologists

IntroductionAs specialized medical professionals such as radiologists, pathologists, and cardiologists gain education and experience, their diagnostic efficiency and accuracy change, and they show ... during video-based coronary angiogram interpretation and suggest that eye tracking may be valuable for informing assessments of competency progression during medical education and training

Compassion and Integrity in Medical Education

Ward Ethics: Dilemmas for Medical Students and Doctors in Training. Edited by Thomasine K. Kushner and David C. Thomasma. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2001. Pp. 284. The process of medical ... commentaries, many of the essays are interesting, and the cases themselves can serve nicely as foci for discussion in medical student curricula. We hope that medical education will continue to evolve such that

Some Thoughts on Medical Education

The medical education that be­ cal education. Nearly all are spe­ gan in Otago in the 1860's was cialists and each feels obliged to founded on the Edinburgh tradi­ teach the facts that he thinks medi­ ... anti Christian and humanistic in its approach. The average New Zealand stu­ dent, coming to medical school af­ ter a strictly secular education, is unlikely to have strong religious or moral feelings

Improving Health by Investing in Medical Education

Medical education in South Asia is reinventing itself, to create doctors who can meet the needs of the local community. ... Pacific covered Gavin Yamey's accommodation , meals, and airport transfers, but PLoS paid for his flight - Oof medical education is that ne of the common criticisms there is often a mismatch between what

Medical Education and Malpractice: What's the Connection ?

(2001); Joseph K. Campbell & Cindy Johnson, Trend Spotting: Fashions in Medical Education , 318 BRIT. MED. J. 1272, 1274-75 (1999); Rose Hatala & Gordon Guyatt, Evaluating the Teaching of Evidence ... -BasedMedicine , 288 JAMA 1110 (2002); Stephen J. Lurie, Editorial , Raising the Passing Gradefor Studies of Medical Education , 290 JAMA 1210, 1210 (2003); Elizabeth Murray, Challenges in EducationalResearch, 36

Contribution of Medical Education to Rural Health

factors, and systemic factors. Medical education makes significant contribution to rural health by proactively and positively modifying the educational factors. The experience of the Faculty of Medicine at ... recommendations. Geneva, Switzerland; 2010. Thi s editorial is available in Marshall Journal of Medicine: Contribution of medical education to rural health Roger Y. Wong

Identifying the narrative used by educators in articulating judgement of performance

IntroductionModern assessment in medical education is increasingly reliant on human judgement, as it is clear that quantitative scales have limitations in fully assessing registrars’ development of ... an expert vocabulary is essential. Aim This study aims to explore how medical education experts voice their subjective judgements about learners and to what extent they are using clear, information

Problem Base and Case Study Methodology in Medical Education

Objectives: EBM (Evidence-Based Medicine) and Case Study is a relatively new concept in medicine, and medical education, but one that is rapidly gaining acceptance as an important approach in ... assisting medical students, residents, and practicing physicians in their clinical decisionmaking. Problem Base and Case Study learning in Medical Education has become a widespread and effective method of

The reflective zombie: Problematizing the conceptual framework of reflection in medical education

has been operationalized: medical education has translated the age-old concept into a teachable and measureable construct. We fear that in this process of operationalization, the philosophical ... developments by critically elaborating on three flaws in current thinking about reflection in medical education (research) specifically. We join critical calls for a new conceptual approach [2, 7, 8, 9], and

New Audiovisual Methods in Veterinary Medical Education

; dr; iastate; edu/iowastate_veterinarian - N e w Audiovisual Methods tn Vetel"inary Medical Education R. Getty, D.V.M., M.S., Ph.D.* In the years 1953-5 4 and 1954 -55, the veterinary students

Current perspectives on the role of body painting in medical education

Current perspectives on the role of body painting in medical education Gabrielle M Finn Health Professions Education Unit, Hull York Medical School, University of York, York, UK Abstract: Body ... appeal and is often cited as the mechanism through which students effectively learn. Keywords: anatomy, medical education, art, surface anatomy, body painting, medical student Review Curricula

The Robes of the Medical Royal Colleges and Other Societies: Medical Education ouside the Universities

In his book English University Life in the Middle Ages Alan Cobban remarked on the theoretical nature of medical education in the Middle Ages. Many men who graduated were more interested in teaching

Progressive research collaborations and the limits of soft power

Collaboration in diverse teams is a central topic area in medical education, health research, and healthcare. As medical education researchers we implemented an internal grant policy to develop a