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Ethics, science and technology

The article aims at thinking the relation between ethics, science and technology, emphasising the problem of their re-linking, after the split into judgements of fact and judgements of value, which ... humanising of technique and the generation of a new man, literate at science, technology and the humanities. Key words: ethics, science, technology, nihilism. RESUMO O artigo visa pensar a relação

Technology and Mathematics

In spite of their practical importance, the connections between technology and mathematics have not received much scholarly attention. This article begins by outlining how the technology–mathematics ... technology Computability Usefulness of mathematics  1 Introduction There is a considerable literature on the relationship between technology and science, but as yet not much has been written on that

Across borders: science and technology during the Cold War: an introduction

. The availability of archival and other historical resources, and the recognition that the social history of this period cannot be written without acknowledging the contribution of science and technology ... been fairly acknowledged as a key factor igniting science and technology exchange programs around the world. The IAEA was a crucial intermediary between owners and producers of atomic technoscience, and

SSPHE special session on environmental science, pollution, and sustainability

 Peng Editorial First Online: 20 May 2019 Responsible editor: Philippe Garrigues The 2017 International Conference on Social Science, Public Health and Education (SSPHE 2017) has been ... .Department of Environmental Engineering and ScienceNational Pingtung University of Science and TechnologyPingtung CityTaiwan2.Economics and Management SchoolWuhan UniversityWuhanChina

Lessons without limit: how free-choice learning is transforming science and technology education

interests. Science learning is an important part of this revolution. Traditional boundaries and roles distinguishing groups of science educators and institutions are disappearing. To not understand and ... production). Science and technology learning is an important part of this educational shift. People engage in science and technology learning every day, across their life spans – at home, at work, and out in

Exploring science-and-technology-led innovation: a cross-country study

Countries can enhance endogenous innovation using multifaceted incentives for science and technology indicators. We explore country-level innovation using OECD data for research and development (R&D ... integrate disparate policies in an effort to drive economic growth through innovation. KeywordsInnovation Patents Science and technology Research and development Exports Panel analysis  Abbreviations IP

Concepts of science and education: contributions from the history of science to the formation of teachers

educadores; Pedagogia Abstract In the field of science teaching, over the last decades, theoretical reflections and practical activities have been developed in order to incorporate the approach of ... highlight the construction of more complex and dynamic conceptions of science and education that developed throughout the classes, resulting from the choice of reading certain authors. Educators themselves

Nanoscale Vertical Arrays of Gold Nanorods by Self-Assembly: Physical Mechanism and Application

evaporation method and found that the morphology of the substrate can be effectively regulated by changing the immersion time in the target molecules solution to obtain different Raman enhancement effects. We ... InnovationUniversity of Science and Technology BeijingBeijingChina

Lights, art, science - action!

The article offers some reflections on the main interactions between theater, science, and technology down through the history of theater. Based on our experience at "Science in the Spotlight", part ... 'science' in its broad sense, encompassing not only the natural but human sciences as well; likewise, we use the word 'technology' as it relates to applied science. Art and science are understood here as

Editorial for the special issue on Nanofinishing science and technology

) Nanofinishing: an introduction, in the book entitled, Nanofinishing Science and Technology (Editor: V. K. Jain), published by CRC press, USAGoogle Scholar 2. Goel S, Martinez FD, Chavoshi SZ, Khatri N, Giusca C ... technology AuthorsAuthors and affiliations V. K. Jain Editorial First Online: 06 January 2019 50 Downloads Download to read the full article text References 1. V. K. Jain (2017

ITEMAS ontology for healthcare technology innovation

creation and adoption of innovative medical technology in the Spanish healthcare system. The methodology applied is based on the methontology process, including peer-review identification and selection of ... . Accessed 19 Apr 2019.OECD. Measurement of Scientific and Technological Activities: Manual on the Measurement of Human

Taking the next step: supporting postdocs to develop an independent path in academia

BackgroundIn the USA, 28.5% of the population is considered underrepresented minority (URM) population; however, fewer than 8 % of US’ research faculty in science, technology, engineering, and ... underrepresented minority participation: America’s science and technology talent at the crossroads, 2011). In order to diversify the faculty, Big Ten Academic Alliance’s Professorial Advancement Initiative (PAI

Synthesis and Characterization of Nanoscale Tungsten Particles with Hollow Superstructure Using Spray Drying Combined with Calcination Process

-synthesized nanoscale W particles with hollow superstructure was from 40 to 200 nm, and the average size was about 100 nm. The as-synthesized W powder shows good sintering properties. It should be noted that ... development of science and technology. Normally, W powders as raw material are selected to prepare products by powder metallurgical techniques, such as hot pressing (HP), hot isostatic pressing (HIP), and spark

Designing and evaluating mobile self-reporting techniques: crowdsourcing for citizen science

In recent years, mobile phone technology has taken tremendous leaps and bounds to enable all types of sensing applications and interaction methods, including mobile journaling and self-reporting to ... to be involved in scientific research and provide crowdsourced data. Despite an increasing interest in citizen science, some projects are reporting decreasing participation levels [42]; for example

Support the JASON science-advisory group

advice. The Environmental Protection Agency, in particular, has disbanded, overhauled and stacked the decks on several science advisory panels since Trump took office, and the appointment of a national ... The Jasons have provided the US government with independent advice on classified military developments and nuclear weapons.Credit: Ringo Chiu/AFP/GettyIf there is one thing that President Donald

Information Technology Firms: Creating Value through Digital Disruption

Information technology (IT) firms compose the majority of the most highly valued corporations in the world based on market capitalization. To date, only Apple and Amazon—both IT companies—have ... technology: Rethinking the concept of technology in organizations . Organization Science , 3 ( 3 ), 398 - 427 . Porter , M. E. ( 1985 ). Competitive advantage: Creating and sustaining superior performance

The continuity of learning in a translanguaging science classroom

This article aims to explore and clarify how students’ use of first and second languages in a translanguaging science classroom (TSC) may affect the continuity of learning in science. In a TSC ... functional manner (Halliday and Martin 1993) and is important “for accurately conveying the specialized knowledge of science” (Fang 2006, p. 494). Grammatical functional technology (such as subject-specific

Comparative study of sacroiliac screw placement guided by 3D-printed template technology and X-ray fluoroscopy

possesses advantage such as shortened operation time and reduced X-ray exposure times. This technology improves the safety profile of this operation and should be further studied in future clinical ... approved by the ethics committee of Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, the register number was 2015-S368. There were 16 patients, males 11 and females 5, who underwent

Retraction Note: Prediction of economic growth by extreme learning approach based on science and technology transfer

based on science and technology transfer (2016). Published 29 March 2016. ... .: Estimation of the most influential science and technology factors for economic growth forecasting by soft computing technique (2016). Published 20 February 2016.

Underreported and unknown student harassment at the Faculty of Science

Reports of sexual harassment at medical faculties throughout the world, including the Radboud University, raised the question how prevalent this is at the Faculty of Science. We performed a survey ... that, based on literature, students in the Faculty of Medicine will report the greatest amount of harassment, more commonly also than those in the Faculties of Science and Technology [ 7