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Optimization models of a two-component nuclear energy system with thermal and fast reactors in a closed nuclear fuel cycle

The article presents a description and some illustrative results of the application of two optimization models for a two-component nuclear energy system consisting of thermal and fast reactors in a ... fast reactors in a closed nuclear fuel cycle. These models correspond to two possible options of developing Russian nuclear energy system, which are discussed in the expert community: (1) thermal and

Nuclear Fusion as a Primary Energy Production Method

In this paper, the possibility of using nuclear fusion as a primary energy producer will be analyzed. A brief overview of nuclear fusion is given as well as the drawbacks of nuclear fusion today. The ... Citation - Eiswirth 1 Joshua Eiswirth Nuclear Engineering at Missouri University of Science and Technology NUCLEAR FUSION AS A PRIMARY ENERGY PRODUCTION METHOD Abstract Eiswirth 2 In this paper, the

Systemic competitiveness of nuclear energy sources

cost in such systems and their construction. It has been shown that the calculated unit cost of the electricity generated in a financially integrated nuclear energy system with the number of units being ... competitiveness by nuclear power technologies. Models based on comparing the cost of energy generation by single power plants are used to estimate the competitiveness of energy sources (Belyaev 2009, The Future

Introduction to the special issue on the changing global nuclear energy industry: commercial and legal challenges

The global nuclear energy industry is undergoing profound changes. The optimistic projection of a ‘nuclear renaissance’ in existing nuclear power countries has been discredited, or at best remains ... building new plants at home, but have also been making significant moves overseas, notably in Pakistan, Argentina and the UK. Meanwhile, Korea’s KEPCO, in partnership with the Emirates Nuclear Energy

Nuclear safety and nuclear security regulatory challenges facing a country embarking on a nuclear power programme

The use of nuclear energy for electricity production is an emotive subject and hence society expects its use to be safe and secure. However, no industrial activity is immune from accidents but in the ... ’. The special characteristics of nuclear energy such as the high energy density locked in the atom, nuclear fission, the controllability of the chain reaction and the decay heat resulting from radioactive

Singular perturbation for nonlinear boundary-value problems

Asymptotic solutions of a class of nonlinear boundary-value problems are studied. The problem is a model arising in nuclear energy distribution. For large values of the parameter, the differential ... integer > 2, a > 0 and b > 0, by the method of matched asymptotic expansions. The problem arises in connection with the distribution of the energy released in a nuclear power reactor as a result of a power

Nuclear law revisited as an academic discipline

The existence of a specific legal framework for peaceful uses of nuclear energy has attracted the attention of legal academia since the 1960s. During this period, some academics have argued that ... nuclear law. When defining energy law, the authors mentioned above usually refer to ‘energy resources’ that also include uranium and its associated use in nuclear energy. Consequently, they argue for

Future Demand For Nuclear Energy In Turkey

day. Particularly, countries those have limited conventional energy sources have started using nuclear energy to prevent future energy problems. Turkey is a foreign dependent country because of ... renewable energy sources has been increasing day by day. In this respect, the importance of nuclear energy and the establishment of nuclear power plants for its production will greatly reduce the foreign

Evaluation of Nuclear Energy in Energy Supply Security for Turkey

, problems on energy supply security were discussed that having during the uninterrupted electricity supply. An important solution of the problem is installing of the nuclear power plants that evaluate with ... the strategic criteria of energy policy. Different alternatives described and assessed with in terms of the energy expansion of Turkey. The nuclear power program assessed in detailed by the 2023 energy

The Role of Advanced Cost Recovery in Nuclear Energy Policy

to achieve cleaner and more cost-effective energy.3 Nuclear power offers the means to achieve that goal, but nuclear power has a maligned reputation. High-profile disasters and extreme construction ... rerecognized as the energy source of the future.4 L aw m a k e r s a r e encouraging new nuclear development. At the federal level, tax credits and loan guarantees provide incentives for nuclear c sot r

Elaboration of approach to nuclear energy systems assessment by criterion of sustainable development

The paper describes the approach to the assessment of nuclear energy systems based on the integral indicator characterizing the level of their sustainability and results of comparative assessment of ... incorporating different combinations of nuclear reactors and nuclear fuel cycle facilities. The nuclear energy systems are characterized by achievement of certain key events pertaining to the following six

Lessons from Fukushima: Strengthening the International Regulation of Nuclear Energy

, 37 Wm. & Mary Envtl. L. & Pol'y Rev. 845, 2013 - LESSONS FROM FUKUSHIMA: STRENGTHENING THE INTERNATIONAL REGULATION OF NUCLEAR ENERGY EMILY BENZ* INTRODUCTION On the eleventh of March, 2011, Japan ... Reactors, IEEE SPECTRUM (Mar. 16, 2011), -nuclear-reactors. 7 Japan Quake: Radiation Rises at Fukushima Nuclear Plant

Emerging nuclear vendors in the newcomer export market: strategic considerations

Western counterparts. The article ends by highlighting several strategic considerations for newcomers as concerns emerging vendors in the key areas of nuclear energy governance, nuclear technology ... nuclear energy governance, nuclear technology development, industrial capacity and national security. 2. BACKGROUND This section provides a background on key developments in the nuclear power industry

Nuclear Energy and Environmental Protection: Responses of International Law

environmental protection from nuclear radiation. The discussion takes an environmentalist approach to the problem of the regulation of nuclear energy. A distinction is drawn between the regulation to protect ... environmental consequences of the peaceful uses of nuclear energy. However, at the dawn of the nu1994] clear age in the 1950's there was great enthusiasm about the use of nuclear energy throughout the world.1

Civil liability for nuclear damage in countries developing nuclear new build programmes

Damage of 1963 (as amended); the Paris Convention on Third Party Liability in the Field of Nuclear Energy of 1960 (as amended); the Brussels Convention 1963 and IAEA’s Convention on Supplementary ... Liability in the Field of Nuclear Energy of 1960 RPC: Revised Paris Convention: 2004 Protocol (not yet in force) BSC: Brussels Supplementary Convention of 1963 RBSC: Revised Brussels

Advantages and Disadvantages of Nuclear Energy in Turkey: Public Perception

Turkey intends to build three nuclear power stations in the Akkuyu, Sinop and Igneada regions to meet its increasing energy demands. This policy, however, is still a highly controversial topic in ... Turkey as nuclear energy has both advantages and disadvantages. The related literature on this topic is divided into two groups; supporters claim that nuclear energy may decrease Turkey's energy dependency

Diminishing State Power in Regulating Nuclear Energy: Post-Entergy Nuclear Vermont Yankee v. Shumlin

. ANN. tit. 10, § 6522 (2013); VT. STAT. ANN. tit. 30, §§ 248, 254 (2013); Entergy Nuclear, 733 F.3d at 434. For a thorough analysis of preemption in the context of the Atomic Energy Act, see TODD GARVEY

NUCLEAR ENERGY AND HEALTH And the Benefits of Low-Dose Radiation Hormesis

Energy needs worldwide are expected to increase for the foreseeable future, but fuel supplies are limited. Nuclear reactors could supply much of the energy demand in a safe, sustainable manner were ... experience: more than a century with radiation and six decades with reactors. If nuclear energy is to play a significant role in meeting future needs, regulatory authorities must examine the scientific

Let democracy rule nuclear energy

decisions involving highly technical issues.Some two dozen reactors provide about one-third of South Korea’s electricity. In 2016, the nation became the world’s fifth-largest generator of nuclear energy ... poorest in the world. Then came some of the fastest economic growth observed anywhere. Nuclear energy provided a stable energy source that both enabled this ‘compressed development’ and became a symbol of

Co-translational assembly of mammalian nuclear multisubunit complexes

Cells dedicate significant energy to build proteins often organized in multiprotein assemblies with tightly regulated stoichiometries. As genes encoding subunits assembling in a multisubunit complex ... protein complexes assemble. Here, we show that mammalian nuclear transcription complexes (TFIID, TREX-2 and SAGA) composed of a large number of subunits, but lacking precise architectural details are built