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The systems psychodynamic leadership coaching experiences of nursing managers

The mostly linear and mechanistic nature of the nursing manager role is rapidly becoming more dynamic and systemic. The change involves task and people management within a constantly changing ... the systems psychodynamic learning experiences of nursing managers during leadership coaching. The coaching task was to provide learning opportunities to the individual leader, towards gaining insight

Revisão integrativa: etapa inicial do processo de validação de diagnóstico de enfermagem

Making nursing diagnoses is the second step of the nursing process. It is a source of nursing knowledge and essential for the planning and implementing of effective nursing interventions that promote ... para aperfeiçoar e legitimar os diagnósticos de enfermagem descritos pela Taxonomia II da North American Nursing Diagnosis Association (NANDA), contribuindo para sua capacidade de generalização e de

Avaliação dos registros de enfermeiros em prontuários de pacientes internados em unidade de clínica médica

OBJECTIVE: To analyze the nursing records (RE) completed by nurses in patients' records of an internal medicine (CM) unit of a public hospital. METHODS: The study sample consisted of 240 (100 ... North American Nursing Diagnoses and Association (NANDA)(12) e a documentação obedeceu às orientações da Joint Comission International (Jci)(2) e Organização Nacional de Acreditação (Ona)(4

Using appreciative inquiry to transform student nurses

INTRODUCTION: Literature provides adequate evidence of a poor perception of nursing within the profession, resulting in high rates of attrition of student nurses and newly qualified nurses. The

Relacionamento interpessoal em enfermagem: considerações sobre formação/atuação no nível médio de enfermagem

This is a reflection concerning interpersonal relationships in nursing programs and in the professional practice of nursing auxiliaries and nursing aides. It is verified that patients' requests are

Expectativas da equipe de enfermagem em relação à liderança

OBJECTIVES: To identify the expectations of the nursing staff in relation to the leadership of a future manager. METHODS: This was an exploratory, descriptive research study, conducted in a ... manuscrito. Moura GMSS supervisionou o desenvolvimento do artigo.   Referências 1. Kletemberg DF, Siqueira MT, Mantovani MF, Padilha MI, Amante LN, Anders JC. [The nursing process and the law of


Objectives: From the complexity of crack use and its multifactorial genesis, this paper proposes the identification of nursing diagnoses of North American Nursing Diagnosis Association’s (NANDA) on ... complexidade do uso de crack e da sua gênese multifatorial, este artigo propõe a identificação dos diagnósticos de Enfermagem da North American Nursing Diagnosis Association (NANDA) diante do usuário de crack

Percepção de trabalhadores de enfermagem sobre sexualidade de portadores de transtornos mentais

OBJECTIVE: To identify how nursing professionals perceive sexuality in people with mental disorders. METHODS: This is a quality research study based on the social representation theory. Data were ...  ] 2. Pinto JB, Pepe AM. Nursing education: contradictions and challenges of pedagogical practice. Rev Latinoam Enferm. 2007; 15(1):120-6.         [ Links ] 3. Brêtas JR, Ohara CV, Querino ID

Trajetória de Edith Magalhães Fraenkel

This article is about Edith Magalhães Fraenckel's life in the scenario of Brazilian Nursing in the XX Century. It describes the professional life in the context of her daily life, focusing her ... trajectory in the Brazilian Nursing Association (ABEn). The research method used interviews from the ABEn's collection of History of Nursing and also the author's personal collection, as well as books and

An exploration of personal, relational and collective well-being in nursing students during their training at a tertiary education institution

The well-being of nursing students has become crucial because of the multidimensional challenges that nursing professionals have to deal with. A community psychology framework was adopted in this ... . WatkinsI; Vera RoosI; Engela Van der WaltII ISchool for Psychosocial Behavioural Sciences, North-West University, South Africa IISchool of Nursing Sciences, North-West University, South Africa

Expectativas e percepções dos estudantes do curso técnico em enfermagem com relação ao mercado de trabalho

The objective of this study with its qualitative and descriptive approach was to identify the perceptions and expectations nursing technician school students with respect to the labor market. The ... . The data was submitted to content analysis, which demonstrated that the interviews revealed important issues related to nursing employability among the categories, the areas of professional activity

Cuidados aos idosos institucionalizados: opiniões do sujeito coletivo enfermeiro para 2026

OBJECTIVE: To identify the perceptions of nurses regarding the nursing care residents in Long-Stay Institution for the Elderly(LSIE). METHODS: Is a prospective study with development of future ... originated 5 categories: 1) role of the LSIE in the lives of elderly and their families; 2) challenges for Brazil, regarding nursing care to elderly residents in LSIE; 3) nursing care needed for the


The book Notes on Nursing, What it is and what it is not written by Florence Nightingale, celebrated 150 years since its first edition, and is undoubtedly the book, which drew the first outlines of

Cuidados de enfermagem na prevenção da insuficiência renal provocada por contraste após cateterismo

The purpose of this study was to identify the nursing scientific production on acute renal failure caused by post-catheterism iodized cardiac contrast, from 2002 to 2007, by analyzing its practical ... outubro de 2007, utilizando as palavras-chave: enfermagem; insuficiência renal aguda; cateterismo cardíaco / nursing; acute renal insufficiency; cardiac catheterization, tendo sido realizados todos os

Überpflege – gibt es das auch?

BackgroundIn recent years “overtreatment” and “overdiagnosis” have become well discussed problems in medicine.ObjectivesSimilar to medicine, could some nursing interventions be classified as ... and the different kinds of “overtreatment in nursing” are described. Ritualised nursing interventions are critically reflected upon. A definition for the term “overtreatment in nursing” is suggested and

Satisfação de clientes sobre cuidados de enfermagem no contexto hospitalar

OBJECTIVE: To describe the methodology used to measure outpatient satisfaction with nursing care and to report their actual satisfaction scores. METHODS: This was a descriptive retrospective cross ... ; 1996.         [ Links ] 5. American Nurses Association (ANA). Nursing-sensitive quality indicators for acute care settings and ANA's safety & quality initiative [ Internet]. [cited 31 Out 2005

Avaliação da qualidade das anotações de enfermagem em um Hospital Universitário

OBJECTIVES: To assess the quality of nursing documentation in a university hospital. METHODS: We conducted a descriptive, quantitative research study with data collection supported by the available ... Online. 2010;2(Supl):182-5.         [ Links ] 2. Rocha ESB, Trevizan MA. Quality management at a hospital's nursing service. Rev Latinoam Enferm. 2009;17(2):240-5.         [ Links ] 3. Kurcgant P

Formal education and nurses

, descriptive survey at Universidade Federal de São Paulo - Escola Paulista de Medicina and Hospital São Paulo. METHODS: The sample included nurses, students and nursing teachers. The survey included questions ... formal nursing education on the use of alcohol and its consequences. RESULTS: 59.7% out of 319 volunteers were nurses, 22.7% were nursing teachers and 17.6% were nursing students. 70% of the participants

Estado nutricional e qualidade da dieta de nutrizes em amamentação exclusiva

OBJECTIVE: Identifying the nutritional status, dietary intake and diet quality of nursing mothers on exclusive breastfeeding. METHODS: Cross-sectional study carried out with nursing mothers on

Ensino de administração de serviços de saúde: perfil de enfermeiras que exerceram a docência

sources produced between 1975 and 2009. The content contained in these sources was analyzed against the nursing work process, and studied in light of the theory of bureaucracy. RESULTS: We described the ... described the professional profile of four nurses: the first faculty director of The School of Nursing, University of Sao Paulo; the second was an American professor in a master of science course at Incarnate