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Operations research meets need related planning: Approaches for locating general practitioners’ practices

studied solutions for locating GP practices in a defined administrative district under different objectives. Methods Using operations research (OR), a research discipline that originated from logistics ... of 15 minutes, locations in four different cities in the district would be sufficient. Conclusion Operations research methods can be used to determine locations for (new) GP practices. Depending on

Editorial: Passing the torch of Operations Management Research

bringing practice and theory together, OMR has managed to position itself well among the operations management journals, promoting research that is relevant to both practitioners and researchers. The ... ) Editorial: introducing operations management research: advancing practice through theory. Oper Manag Res 1:1–5.Google Scholar Olhager J, Shafer S (2012) Editorial: the next leg for Operations Management

Emotion theory in education research practice: an interdisciplinary critical literature review

-dimensional models of human emotions which, while useful in educational psychology and therapeutic practice, suffer from psychometric flaws and generate lower power when used as empirical research constructs ... following conclusions may potentially spur experimental research, this paper represents a qualitative critique of existing research and theory as a method of refining our understanding of theoretical concepts

Neurocognitive assessment in obsessive compulsive disorder patients: Adherence to behavioral decision models

In economics, models of decision-making under risk are widely investigated. Since many empirical studies have shown patterns in choice behavior that classical models fail to predict, several ... , 33 , 197 - 215 . 41. Bell D ( 1985 ). Disappointment in decision making under uncertainty . Operations Research , 33 , 1 - 27 .

Dimensions of decision difficulty in women’s decision-making about abortion: A mixed methods longitudinal study

Relatively little is known about the ease or difficulty with which women decide to have an abortion, and most research uses single-item measurements. We used a mixed methods approach to combine data ... relevance, decision difficulty is infrequently used as a concept in abortion research, and the terminology varies. Other related terms are ?ambivalence? [ 8?10 ], ?doubt? [ 11 ], ?mixed feelings? [ 12

Isotope research before Isotopy: George Hevesy's early radioactivity research in the Hungarian context

This paper presents a framework for the study of George Hevesy's research in the 1910s by distinguishing two styles of radioactivity research: the analytical (as practices in Manchester and Vienna in ... Manchester and Vienna in some extent) and the natural historical styles (as practiced in Hungary). Georg Hevesy's approach combined the two types. Indeed, by studying Hevesy's research in context, I show that

Reasons for resubmission of research projects to the research ethics committee of a University Hospital in São Paulo, Brazil

decision was reached was 49.95 days. From the total, 399 projects were reviewed in 2 or more meetings until a final decision was reached. Of these, 392 research projects were included in the study; 35 ... of meetings necessary to analyze the research project, deliberation and issuing of final opinion, and average time it takes for the final decision to be made. To identify the reasons why the research

Race/Ethnicity in biomedical research and clinical practice

disease susceptibility and to treatment outcomes. There is also debate about the benefits of using race/ethnicity as a factor in clinical decision making, and as a variable in biomedical or public health ... biomedical or public health research, because of the emotional sensitivities attached to race/ethnic categorisation. Such categorisation may also divert attention from underlying issues such as socioeconomic

A questão institucional e suas implicações para o pensamento estratégico

The analysis of strategy in organizations and the institutional theory have been developed, until recently, as incompatible approaches to decision and action. However a set of new organizational ... the idea of strategic agency and the influence of institutional patterns to explain how decisions are taken and how organizations connect to their environments. As the field of strategy research has not

Decision-making and management of pre-investment in a programme of projects

. However, very few decision-making techniques or management guidelines on the topic of pre-investment are available. In this paper a framework is proposed to assist a programme or project manager in the

Construction projects planning using network model with the fuzzy decision node

assessment of the considered alternatives with the use of fuzzy set theory. The proposed alternative network model with a fuzzy decision node gives the possibility to conduct a comprehensive analysis with the ... alternatives in the decision nodes applied in the network. For this purpose, elements of the decision-making theory (multi-criteria decision making), the fuzzy sets theory and network planning methods are used

Control theory in biology and medicine

From September–December 2017, the Mathematical Biosciences Institute at Ohio State University hosted a series of workshops on control theory in biology and medicine, including workshops on control ... systems, control of disease / personalized medicine across heterogeneous populations, and sensorimotor control of animals and robots. This special issue presents tutorials and research articles by several

How people living with diabetes in Indonesia learn about their disease: A grounded theory study

of this study was to generate a theory explaining the process by which people with diabetes learn about their disease in Indonesia. Methods This study employed a grounded theory methodology influenced ... established by two scholars Barney Glaser and Anselm Strauss, grounded theory is a qualitative research methodology aiming to generate a theory grounded from the data [ 27 ]. The generated theory then

Translation and adaptation of Theory of Mind tasks into Brazilian portuguese

BACKGROUND: Theory of mind (ToM) is a field of social cognition that deals with the individual’s cognitive ability to interpret or infer the mental states of others based on previous knowledge ... previous knowledge. Recently, research has shown that this ability is compromised in patients with some psychopathologies, e.g., schizophrenia and autistic disorder. Investigators have also shown that

Fixed-point solutions to the regress problem in normative uncertainty

normative claims about how we should respond to this uncertainty. If we are unsure which decision theory is correct, however, we may remain unsure of what we ought to do. Given this decision-theoretic ... decision-theoretic uncertainty, meta-theories attempt to resolve the conflicts between our decision theories...but we may be unsure which meta-theory is correct as well. This reasoning can launch a regress

Coping with Drought: Perceptions, Intentions and Decision-Stages of South West England Households

response at the household level. The importance of applying these psychological paradigms holds value for application in water company market research and policy decision-making in the context of targeted ... decision-making to enhance household drought resilience. Hence, a resilience focus is a priority to the current research agenda as opposed to sustainable water use. Currently, there is limited research

Sustentabilidade socioambiental: um estudo bibliométrico da evolução do conceito na área de gestão de operações

practices. In the field of Operations Management (OM), researchers and organizations have been trying to develop and incorporate new concepts, models and tools in an effort to adjust their management ... proposes to investigate the frequency of the sustainability theme in academic research, within the scope of OM, analyzing articles published in the International Journal of Operations & Production Management

Pesquisa para a tomada de decisão: um estudo de caso no Brasil

This article analyzes the experience of the relationship between researchers and decision-makers in a study based on the hypothesis that this relationship would favor the incorporation of research ... attempt was made to identify elements that affect the relationship according to different policy and research phases, with an emphasis on the appropriation of the results by the decision-makers. It was

The role of the controller in strategic capital investment projects: bridging the gap of multiple topoi

capital investment projects. There is, however, a lack of research on the process of managing and coordinating strategic capital investment projects where investment proposals and decisions are seen as ... accounting information, they stress that more research is needed to understand how actors form a functioning construct causality in organizational planning and decision-making. Accordingly, this paper examines

Responsible Leadership Research: A Bibliometric Review

research have thus far responded to the relationship between corporate involvement in wider social life. 15 McWilliams, A., & Siegel, D. (2001). Corporate social responsibility: A theory of the firm ... . Based on the factor analysis, six different factors emerged, thus indicating six main research fields on Responsible Leadership and its relationship with Stakeholder Theory (factor 3), and with the