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Exposure to outdoor air pollution and its human health outcomes: A scoping review

. Among the eight categorized health outcomes, asthma (category: respiratory diseases) and mortality (category: health records) were the most common ones. Adverse health outcomes involving respiratory

Community participation in health services development, implementation, and evaluation: A systematic review of empowerment, health, community, and process outcomes

the inclusion criteria for this review. A narrative synthesis of the findings was conducted. Outcomes were categorised as process outcomes, community outcomes, health outcomes, empowerment and ... that participatory approaches and positive outcomes including community empowerment and health improvements do not - Data Availability Statement: All relevant data are within the paper and its

Danish and Dutch linguistic validation and cultural adaptation of the WOUND-Q, a PROM for chronic wounds

guidelines set forth by the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR) and the World Health Organization (WHO). These guidelines involved two forward translations, one back ...   10 Final report   ISPOR: International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research; WHO: World Health Organization The field-test version of the WOUND-Q included 230 items across 16

Parent Preferences for Health Outcomes Associated with Autism Spectrum Disorders

BackgroundFew studies have used preference-based quality-of-life outcomes to assess how autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) affect children and parents, and none have examined variation by ASD ... ? Pharmacoeconomics. 2011;29(8):641–52.CrossRefGoogle Scholar 17. Petrou S, et al. Economic costs and preference-based health-related quality of life outcomes associated with childhood psychiatric disorders. Br J

Characteristics and contraceptive outcomes of women seeking medical or surgical abortion in reproductive health clinics in Cambodia

Since the approval of medical abortion in Cambodia in 2010, the proportion of women reporting an abortion has increased. We describe the characteristics and contraceptive outcomes of women seeking ... provided by medical doctors, medical practitioners or midwives authorized by the Ministry of Health and only carried out in a hospital, health center, health clinic or maternity ward. [3] The medical

Injectable Antihyperglycemics: A Systematic Review and Critical Analysis of the Literature on Adherence, Persistence, and Health Outcomes

adherence and persistence with health outcomes in adult T2DM patients using injectable antihyperglycemics.MethodsSystematic searches were conducted using electronic databases to identify publications over the ... adherence to injectable medications remains a clinical challenge. We performed a systematic review of the medical literature regarding real-world injectable medication adherence and health outcomes in adults

Correction: Health and sustainability outcomes of vegetarian dietary patterns: a revisit of the EPIC-Oxford and the Adventist Health Study-2 cohorts

arranged correctly in both the HTML and PDF versions of this article. Furthermore, a few textual changes were made in the Health outcomes of vegetarians section to align with the corrected values of Table 4 ... Health Study-2 cohorts Gina Segovia-Siapco 0 ? Joan Sabat? 0 0 Center for Nutrition, Healthy Lifestyle, and Disease Prevention, School of Public Health, Loma Linda University , Loma Linda, CA , USA

Clinical ascertainment of health outcomes in Asian survivors of childhood cancer: a systematic review

organ-specific toxicities or/and secondary malignancy. Studies were excluded if health outcomes were assessed during the acute treatment.ResultsFifty-nine studies, enrolling a total of 13,442 subjects ... collaborative initiatives to build a regional repository of systematically assessed health outcomes and biospecimens to investigate treatment, social-environmental and genetic predictors, and interventions for

Public Health Spending and Health Outcomes in Kenya

Health is important for sustainable economic performance of a country. This study seeks to investigate the effectiveness of public health spending on health outcomes. This is obtained by estimating a ... Africa and Nigeria are 59 years, 58 years, 60 years and 55 years, respectively (The Dutch Republic, 2016) . The Kenyan government has made substantial efforts to improve health outcomes as well as use

Striving for a Societal Perspective: A Framework for Economic Evaluations When Costs and Effects Fall on Multiple Sectors and Decision Makers

should include and its practical implementation. This paper presents a framework for economic evaluation of policies with costs and outcomes falling on different sectors (e.g. health, criminal justice ... -Effectiveness in Health and Medicine [10] to capture the impact of an intervention on individuals from a set of outcomes or dimensions of interest determined by value judgements and institutional arrangements of

Section 718 (Telemedicine): Virtual Health Outcomes From Regional Health Command Europe

Section 718 of the Fiscal Year 2017 (FY17) National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) outlines many reportable telemedicine outcomes. While the Military Health System Data Repository (MDR) and the ... outcomes of covered beneficiaries with chronic disease and conditions Yes. 26 distinct medical, surgical, and behavioral health specialties Improve communication between healthcare providers and patients Yes

Parental and health care professional views on psychosocial and educational outcomes in patients with cleft lip and/or cleft palate

investigate current beliefs and knowledge about psychosocial and educational issues in parents and health care professionals (HCP) of children with cleft lip and/or palate (CL/P).MethodParents were interviewed ... -term outcomes in children with congenital anomalies by implementing an Innovative Health Educational Module for staff in health care and NGO settings [42]. The aim of the study was to inform the

A Systematic Review of the Evidence for Family and Parenting Interventions in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: Child and Youth Mental Health Outcomes

development and evaluation has received relatively little attention in LMIC.MethodsThis review presents evidence for family- and parent-focused interventions on mental health outcomes for children and youth in ... Health Outcomes AuthorsAuthors and affiliations Gloria A. PedersenEva SmallegangeApril CoetzeeKim HartogJasmine TurnerFelicity L. BrownMark J. D. Jordans Open Access Review Paper First Online: 29

Real world usage characteristics of a novel mobile health self-monitoring device: Results from the Scanadu Consumer Health Outcomes (SCOUT) Study

A wide range of personal wireless health-related sensor devices are being developed with hope of improving health management. Factors related to effective user engagement, however, are not well-known ... as changes measured in the 3 follow-up surveys in health-related quality of life; lifestyle outcomes (medications, diet, exercise and health communication); and perceptions of the Scanadu Scout

Responding to sustained poor outcomes in the management of non-communicable diseases (NCDs): an “incident control” approach is needed to improve and protect population health

outcomes at a population level. We argue that local and national public health agencies should mandate a standardised ‘incident’ response to significant changes in outcomes from NCD to mitigate and reduce ... protect and improve the public’s health. We set out a definition of an NCD “incident” and propose a phased approach that could be used to respond to local variation in NCD outcomes. Establishing parity of

Impact of drug burden index on adverse health outcomes in Irish community-dwelling older people: a cohort study

a DBI tool. The aim of this study was to validate this DBI tool by examining the association of DBI score with important health outcomes in Irish community-dwelling older people. This was a cohort ... DBI score and health outcomes in older aged people living in Ireland has not previously been examined. The aim of this study was to validate this DBI tool, by examining the association of DBI score with

Routine incorporation of longer-term patient-reported outcomes into a Dutch trauma registry

PurposeRoutine collection of post-discharge patient-reported outcomes within trauma registries can be used to benchmark quality of trauma care. This process is dependent on geographic and cultural ... longer-term patient-reported health-related quality of life in the Dutch National Trauma Database (DNTD) using process-related outcomes of feasibility (response rate, response methods, workload, and

Private and social time preference for health outcomes: A general population survey in Iran

discounting of health outcomes such as quality adjusted life years (QALYs). Our study aimed to calculate the implied time preference rate for health outcomes in Iran and its key determinants. Data were gathered

Domains for occupational therapy outcomes in mental health practices

outcomes, Giving examples of outcomes, Factors influencing the measurement of outcomes, Benefits from using an outcomes measure and Characteristics of an outcomes measure. The nominal group technique was ... , Affect, Life skills and Role performance. Key words: Outcome measurement, Occupational Therapy outcomes, Mental health, Outcome domains, Instrument development model     “Full text available only

Assessing cumulative neighborhood effects on adult health

A straightforward technique to explore the “total effects” of neighborhoods on health outcomes is to compare the degree of similarity of outcomes of neighbors with those of non-neighbors. Several ... alternative measures of neighbors [ 2 ] and expanded the analysis to adult outcomes [ 3 ]. One issue with these extensions is the use of ?cross-sectional neighbors? in the Add Health data, which is used