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Causal Realism in the Philosophy of Mind

suggests that certain problems in the philosophy of mind are artefacts of causal realism because they presuppose the existence or possibility of a real causal nexus between the ‘physical’ and the ‘mental ... Philosophy of Mind Ben Gibran —Bertrand Russell This article presents the case that certain problems in the philosophy of mind are conceptual artefacts of causal realism. These dilemmas include (but are not

Review of “Contemporary Debates in Philosophy of Mind

Debates in Philosophy of Mind, ed. Brian P. McLaughlin and Jonathan Cohen, Malden, MA: Blackwell, 2007, 388 pp. Includes a 9-page Introduction and an Index ISBN#978-1-4051-1761-6 $42.95 Contemporary Debates ... in Philosophy of Mind comprises 20 essays by many of the most respected philosophers in the field, prepared and arranged in an interactive style. The book for the most part provides a sense of active

Review of "The Disordered Mind: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Mind and Mental Illness"

the Philosophy of Mind and Mental Illness, 2nd ed.; George Graham. New York: Routledge, 2013. 304 pp., $43.95 pbk. ISBN 978-0415-50124-8 Psychiatry is moving through a period in which its basic subject

O Behaviorismo Radical como filosofia da mente

suggests that the concept of a relational mind can also be defended in Radical Behaviorism. This fact would lead to the possibility that, beyond a philosophy of Behavior Science, Radical Behaviorism may also ... Behavior Science, Radical Behaviorism may also be a philosophy of mind, which would bring consequences to the study and application of Analysis of Behavior. Keywords: Radical Behaviorism; categories of

Reconsidering the Mind/Body Distinction: Towards a Continuist Ontology of Consciousness

In his paper, “The State and Fate of Contemporary Philosophy of Mind,” John Haldane likens the present condition of Philosophy of Mind to that of the philosophically stultifying period of late ... and Fate of Contemporary Philosophy of Mind,” John Haldane likens the present condition of Philosophy of Mind to that took the place of explaining, and philosophy was reduced to taxonomy.2 Haldane

Synthetic philosophy

(hereafter Other Minds) from a methodological perspective. I show that these both instantiate what I call ‘synthetic philosophy.’ They are both Darwinian philosophers of science who draw on each other’s work ... species is “a user-illusion brilliantly designed by evolution to fit the needs of its users.”10 Dennett’s late work, From Bacteria, brings his views in the philosophy of mind and philosophy of biology

Absence perception and the philosophy of zero

account of numbers as properties of collections, (2) work on the philosophy of absences, and (3) recent work in numerical cognition and ontogenetic studies. ... , both epistemologically and ontologically. One response would be to be an extreme kind of formalist or fictionalist about mathematics, and then let our philosophy of notation and proof-theory or fictions


philosophers, especially in connection with the philosophy of mind. In discussing the relation of natural science to philosophy I employ an analysis of the origins of natural science that has been developed by a ... . analytic philosophy; Continental philosophy; natural science; sciences of mind; global philosophy; Dao-De-Jing; Buddhism - and Husserl and holds that Frege took a turn into the philosophy of language but

Paleobiology and philosophy

I offer four ways of distinguishing paleobiology from neontology, and from this develop a sketch of the philosophy of paleobiology. I then situate and describe the papers in the special issue ... ecological time. You therefore become neontologists (fn 2, Gould 2002). The philosophy of biology has been, by and large, the philosophy of neontology. ‘Neontology’ is a term for, well, the non

States of nature and states of mind: a generalized theory of decision-making

determinant of individual behavior. This paper investigates the implications of a vector-valued generalization of the Expected Utility paradigm, which permits agents either to deliberate as per Homo economics ... apply globally, to situations in which they apply conditional upon the decision-maker’s state of mind. Thus, we do not require preferences to be complete, transitive, and consistent through time, but only

The decolonisation of the mind. Black consciousness community projects by the Limpopo Council of Churches

the decolonisation of the black mind. It briefly starts by describing the concept of the colonisation of the mind and then locates the philosophy of Black Consciousness as an appropriate response to the ... which they ought to tenaciously affirm and cherish. The Black Consciousness philosophy was instrumental in the decolonisation of the mind in South Africa. Founded by Steve Biko in the early 1970s it

Mind the Gap: Disentangling Credit and Liquidity in Risk Spreads

model-free measure of market liquidity to precisely identify the relative contribution of credit versus liquidity to spreads in these episodes. In the Financial Crisis, liquidity is paramount, accounting ... paramount, accounting for 36% of trough-to-peak widening, after controlling for credit. However, default risk becomes relatively more important to sovereign spreads in the Debt Crisis. Aggregate bond

The Four-Color Theorem Solved, Again: Extending the Extended Mind to the Philosophy of Mathematics

warrant an a priori means of justification. In order to show this, I refer to advances in philosophy of mind, mainly, the extended mind thesis. ). I will argue that our mind has evolved to enter into ... our mind and methodology of proof-checking into the computer. Thus, the a priori justification is preserved. Lastly, this paper has helped me appreciate the interface that philosophy of min and

Powers and Properties: On Causal Relevance and the Metaphysics of Mind

[From the introduction] Contemporary trends in philosophy of mind have galvanized non-reductive physicalism, the thesis that (1) the world and its components are essentially physical, and (2 ... than one sufficient cause. In this paper I draw on emergentism, a prevalent non-reductionist theory, in order to present the problem of causal overdetermination in philosophy of mind. I attempt to show

Notion of "African

This article argues that the racial essentialism implicit in the geographic criteria of the meaning of "African" in African philosophy (as black, ethnic and sub-Saharan) limits the development of ... ) limits the development of African philosophy as a disciplined methodological inquiry into the question of African - and the African question in philosophy. It articulates instead a strategic ideological

Christian philosophy

philosophy Book Cover: Author: B.J. van der Walt ISBN: 978-86822-652-8 Publisher: Institute for Contemporary Christianity in Africa, Potchefstroom, 2014, ZAR* *Book price unknown at time of review ... anthropology and societal philosophy), but also by sketching in the basics of some sound or scriptural alternatives. In doing so, Van der Walt is also able to illustrate why, however necessary, conversion and

rLung, Mind, and Mental Health: The Notion of “Wind” in Tibetan Conceptions of Mind and Mental Illness

the topic of mental health, illness, and healing conducted within a Tibetan population in Darjeeling, northeast India. The article explores this notion of rlung and its relationship to body and mind, in ... illness”, before analysing some similarities and differences between rlung-related categories and biomedical classifications of mental illness. KeywordsMedicine rLung Mental health Mental illness Mind

Fundamentals of comparative and intercultural philosophy

preconditions of intercultural philosophy, a concern that, though often included under the title of ‘methodology,’ is more fundamental than the particular methods we use to study culturally distinct philosophical ... treatment of the foundations of intercultural (also known as ‘comparative’ or ‘cross-cultural’) philosophy published to date. Criticizing approaches to intercultural dialog that depend on human universals or

Migrate your mind: the role of palliative care in transcultural cancer treatment

SummaryBackgroundIn increasingly multi-ethnic societies fostering cultural awareness and integration of immigrants is not only a political duty but also an obligation for social and healthcare ... healthcare systems. Importantly, cultural beliefs and needs strongly impact on the quality of life of cancer patients and may become even more crucial at the end of life. However, to date, ethnic and cultural

Investigating the Emotional Theory of Mind in Iranian Married Women: A Descriptive Phenomenological Study

approach with the aim of investigating emotional theory of mind in 19 married Iranian women who were selected by purposive sampling in 2017. In order to coding data, MAXQDA 2018 software and the Colaizzi’s ... the Emotional The ory of Mind in Iranian Married Women: A Maryam Poormirzaei Social Contexts Commons Recommended APA Citation Descriptive Phenomenological Study. Th e Qualitative Report, 24(4), 906-917