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Absence perception and the philosophy of zero

account of numbers as properties of collections, (2) work on the philosophy of absences, and (3) recent work in numerical cognition and ontogenetic studies. ... , or to a property/concept extension (and we do not commit to “collections” in this broad sense being extensional). The point of this non-committal stance is simply to make our discussion as general as

Paleobiology and philosophy

I offer four ways of distinguishing paleobiology from neontology, and from this develop a sketch of the philosophy of paleobiology. I then situate and describe the papers in the special issue

Synthetic philosophy

(hereafter Other Minds) from a methodological perspective. I show that these both instantiate what I call ‘synthetic philosophy.’ They are both Darwinian philosophers of science who draw on each other’s work ... addition to providing a general kind of understanding, creating cognitive tools for the special sciences (and philosophy or public policy, etc.) is a distinctive feature of synthetic philosophy. Synthetic

Christian philosophy

philosophy Book Cover: Author: B.J. van der Walt ISBN: 978-86822-652-8 Publisher: Institute for Contemporary Christianity in Africa, Potchefstroom, 2014, ZAR* *Book price unknown at time of review ... I understand and truly appreciate B.J. van der Walt's stated desire in this book to help keep reformational philosophy alive and relevant by acquainting the younger generation(s) with a tradition that

Fundamentals of comparative and intercultural philosophy

traditions (such as English ‘color’ and Chinese yanse), including general ethical and philosophical categories (philosophy and Chinese zhexue); and also concepts like ‘language’ and ‘family resemblance’ itself ... AuthorsAuthors and affiliations Tim Connolly Review First Online: 08 March 2019 133 Downloads Comparative philosophy is philosophy, as Wilhelm Halbfass once wrote, to the extent that it aims at

Pub Philosophy

Journal of Bioethical Inquiry pp 1–6 | Cite as Pub Philosophy AuthorsAuthors and affiliations D. Shaw Editorial First Online: 24 January 2019 1 Shares 384 Downloads ... KeywordsPubs Philosophy Ethics Public health Risk Alcohol  Introduction Last night I had planned to go into town with my friends for a drink. Yesterday morning one of them warned that he had a cold so

General and specialized Orthopaedics

interest and funding [6, 7]. General Orthopaedics appeared as a specialty in the eighteenth century, divided in a high number of sub-specialties in the twentieth century and keeps expanding. Medical ... ; however we know that the access to science is not even on our planet. We acknowledge in the general orthopaedics section efforts made by developing economies to provide quality orthopaedics in specific

Sino-African Philosophy: A Re-“Constructive Engagement”

“Constructive-Engagement” is a meta-philosophical and meta-methodological “strategy” suggested by Chinese and comparative philosophy scholar Bo Mou for analyzing and enriching philosophical exchange ... strategy for comparative philosophy? (which I abbreviate also as ?CES?) thusly: The constructive engagement strategy as one general strategic methodology in doing philosophy comparatively, briefly speaking

On the affinities between Bacon's philosophy and skepticism

many references to that philosophy. Even though these references seem at first sight somewhat vague and imprecise, we came to the conclusion that not only a close exam can reveal the relevance of the ... reappear. Especially in the passage quoted above, they are projected in the form of a more general opposition between his philosophy and that of the Ancients. In fact, Bacon frequently stresses how the forms

The literary arts in Hume's science of the fancy

Philosophers have long disagreed about whether poetry, drama, and other literary arts are important to philosophy; and among those who believe that they are important, explanations of that importance ... finds several important roles for philosophy to play in the understanding of literary phenomena. Philosophy explains many aspects, both general and specific, of the production and appreciation of

Cosmological dynamics of the general non-canonical scalar field models

We extend the investigation of cosmological dynamics of the general non-canonical scalar field models by dynamical system techniques for a broad class of potentials and coupling functions. In other ... coupling functions. This type of investigation helps in understanding the general properties of a class of cosmological models. In order to better understand the phase space of the models, we investigate the

Spherical regression models with general covariates and anisotropic errors

models in which the covariates can have quite general structure (for example, they may be on the unit sphere, in Euclidean space, categorical or some combination of these) and in which the errors are ...  al. (2014), see also Di Marzio et al. (2014) in a nonparametric context. Recent work in regression modelling on general Riemannian manifolds, for which the unit sphere is a special case, includes the

The race for an artificial general intelligence: implications for public policy

An arms race for an artificial general intelligence (AGI) would be detrimental for and even pose an existential threat to humanity if it results in an unfriendly AGI. In this paper, an all-pay ... decision in uncertain circumstances; it can be said to be intelligent’ (New Scientist 2017, p.  3). A distinction needs to be made between ‘narrow’ (or ‘weak’) AI and Artificial General Intelligence (AGI

The emergence of philosophy in Scottish secondary school Religious Education

result of the close epistemological relationship between philosophy and religious education. This article adopts an interpretative research paradigm and considers quantitative and qualitative data drawn ... , 'Philosophical intelligence: Why philosophical dialogue is important in educating the mind', in M. Hand & C. Winstanley (eds.), Philosophy in schools, Continuum, London.         [ Links ] Fitzgerald, T., 2007

General review of titanium toxicity

and potential hazards of titanium should also be evaluated and discussed. The purpose of this article is to provide a general overview of the stability and risk associated with titanium materials and ... implants, and diseases related to titanium. Methods Focus question “What is the general overview of the risks and stability associated with titanium materials?” Literature search This review was prepared

The Ontology of Uncertainty in Finance: The Normative Legacy of General Equilibrium

répartition la meilleure des risques. Econométrie, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Paris, 1953) in his model of general equilibrium under uncertainty, which became a milestone in the theory of ... familiar narrative of the performativity of economics. KeywordsPerformativity General equilibrium State pricing approach Arrow securities Market socialism Normativity  Finance—as a sector of the economy

A Tale of Seven Scientists and a New Philosophy of Science

the work of several researchers linked to the development of the periodic table, tries to build a new philosophy of science. Most of these characters, identified by himself as "intermediaries", are from

God and Cogito: Semen Frank on the ontological argument

development of philosophy based on religious premises, which might be called “theological philosophy”. ... rationally, typical for the West, proposed a program of “theological philosophy”, which was about interpreting the world in the light of Christian revelation (Rojek 2016). This general attitude is also visible

How to Understand the Identity of an Object of Study in Comparative Philosophy

principle (one that governs scholarship in general, and not only in philosophy) if he has some hidden agenda and tries to make one tradition look better than the other under the guise of neutrality and ... Comparative Philosophy Volume 2151-6014 CONSTRUCTIVE-ENGAGEMENT DIALOGUE (1.1) HOW TO UNDERSTAND THE IDENTITY OF AN OBJECT OF STUDEY IN COMPRATIVE PHILOSOPHY SORAJ HONGLADAROM 0 HONGLADAROM, SORAJ

Anton Lavey's Satanic Philosophy: An Analysis

life of Anton Lavey and explore how he drew on philosophy and literature to create a religious movement that challenged Christian morality and sytematic power. ... Philosophy: An Analysis." Intermountain West Journal of Religious Studies 9, no. 1 (): 28-42. - 2019 GABRIEL ANDRADE received his B.A., Master's and PhD