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On Behind the Physics of the Thermoelectricity of Topological Insulators

Topological Insulators are the best thermoelectric materials involving a sophisticated physics beyond their solid state and electronic structure. We show that exists a topological contribution to the ... on Behind the physics of the thermoelectricity of t opological Insulators Daniel Baldomir Daniel Fa?lde Published: xx xx xxxx t opological Insulators are the best thermoelectric materials involving

General recursive solution for one-dimensional quantum potentials: a simple tool for applied physics

references therein -, they are suitable to address specific problems on distinct fields of applied and theoretical physics. There is still a need for a general treatment that can be summarized into a single ... chemistry, as well as of other oscillatory systems in atomic and nuclear physics are treated as one-dimensional problems when summarized in the radial SE; they consist another class of important examples in

New physics effects in purely leptonic \(B^*_s\) decays

significant deviations from their Standard Model predictions. It has been shown that two different new physics solutions can explain all the anomalies in \(b\rightarrow s l^+l^-\) sector. Both these solutions ... Regular Article - Theoretical Physics First Online: 08 May 2019 2 Shares 130 Downloads Abstract Recently several measurements in the neutral current sector \(b\rightarrow s l^+l^-\) (\(l=e

New physics vs new paradigms: distinguishing CPT violation from NSI

. Tórtola Open Access Regular Article - Theoretical Physics First Online: 06 May 2019 4 Shares 157 Downloads Abstract Our way of describing Nature is based on local relativistic quantum ... crucially depends on that. 1 Introduction The status of the CPT symmetry as one of the cornerstones of particle physics has its origin on the fact that the theorem that protects it, the CPT Theorem [1

Variational autoencoders for new physics mining at the Large Hadron Collider

Abstract Using variational autoencoders trained on known physics processes, we develop a one-sided threshold test to isolate previously unseen processes as outlier events. Since the autoencoder

New physics in double Higgs production at future e+e− colliders

Abstract We study the effects of new physics in double Higgs production at future e+e− colliders. In the Standard Model the chiral limit (me = 0) plays an important role for this process, being ... linear colliders such as CLIC, ILC and FCC-ee and we derive expected 95% CL limits for each benchmark scenario. Keywords Beyond Standard Model Higgs Physics  ArXiv ePrint: 1901.05979 Download to

Introductory students’ attitudes and approaches to Physics problem solving: Major, achievement level and gender differences

Students’ attitudes and approaches to problem solving are claimed to be related to their ways they learn physics and to their success in solving physics problems. In this study, the Attitudes and ... generally have the same national curriculum in all subjects. Physics course is compulsory for all students at the ninth and tenth grades. In these two grades, general easy physics concepts are included in the

Interpreting the electron EDM constraint

-violating new physics: even new physics generating the EDM at two loops is constrained at the multi-TeV scale. We interpret the bound in the context of different scenarios for new physics: a general order-of ...  Reece Open Access Regular Article - Theoretical Physics First Online: 10 May 2019 21 Downloads Abstract The ACME collaboration has recently announced a new constraint on the electron EDM

Guiding new physics searches with unsupervised learning

, for example, a simulated standard-model background, and an observed dataset containing a potential hidden signal of New Physics. We build a statistical test upon a test statistic which measures ... Access Regular Article - Theoretical Physics First Online: 29 March 2019 2 Shares 117 Downloads Abstract We propose a new scientific application of unsupervised learning techniques to boost

Comments on “Evaluating Crown Fire Rate of Spread Predictions from Physics-Based Models”

fire rate of spread predictions of two physics-based models, FIRETEC [2] and the Wildland-urban interface Fire Dynamics Simulator (WFDS) [3, 4], through an indirect comparison with a large data set of ... studies (e.g. [11]), that were based on tree measurements and biomass equations, for the same general geographical region, where possible, in which the wildfire occurred. This provided us with the best

General and specialized Orthopaedics

interest and funding [6, 7]. General Orthopaedics appeared as a specialty in the eighteenth century, divided in a high number of sub-specialties in the twentieth century and keeps expanding. Medical ... ; however we know that the access to science is not even on our planet. We acknowledge in the general orthopaedics section efforts made by developing economies to provide quality orthopaedics in specific

Leonardo DaVinci’s contributions to medical physics and biomedical engineering: celebrating the life of a ‘Polymath’

an opportunity to reflect on his contributions to Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering and consider how individuals and their work are related to the time they live and how they can sometimes ... unconscious. In all these cases—like in Leonardo’s invention—air is controlled so it can be delivered in a desired state. Leonardo and medical physics Several sources refer to Leonardo as the first ‘medical

Momentum space conformal three-point functions of conserved currents and a general spinning operator

Abstract We construct conformal three-point functions in momentum space with a general tensor and conserved currents of spin 1 and 2. While conformal correlators in momentum space have been studied ... affiliations Hiroshi IsonoToshifumi NoumiToshiaki Takeuchi Open Access Regular Article - Theoretical Physics First Online: 10 May 2019 161 Downloads Abstract We construct conformal three-point

Cosmological dynamics of the general non-canonical scalar field models

We extend the investigation of cosmological dynamics of the general non-canonical scalar field models by dynamical system techniques for a broad class of potentials and coupling functions. In other ... coupling functions. This type of investigation helps in understanding the general properties of a class of cosmological models. In order to better understand the phase space of the models, we investigate the

Editorial to the Topical Collection on Clusters of Galaxies: Physics and Cosmology

. KaastraM. BrüggenM. MarkevitchM. FalangaF. B. S. Paerels Article First Online: 04 April 2019 41 Downloads Part of the following topical collections:Clusters of Galaxies: Physics and Cosmology ... Clusters of Galaxies: Physics and Cosmology Edited by Andrei Bykov, Jelle Kaastra, Marcus Brüggen, Maxim Markevitch, Maurizio Falanga and Frederik Bernard Stefan Paerels 1 Clusters of Galaxies in

Teacher training activities in physics using a car

de Investigación e Información Educativa de San Miguel, Dirección de Formación Continua, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2Universidad Nacional de General Sarmiento, Instituto del Desarrollo Humano, Los ... teachers of physics, which were developed from the use of a car as a teaching resource. The course consisted of a proposal of cooperative work in which the activities included actual measurements both with

A strategy for a general search for new phenomena using data-derived signal regions and its application within the ATLAS experiment

This paper describes a strategy for a general search used by the ATLAS Collaboration to find potential indications of new physics. Events are classified according to their final state into many event ...  3. These validation distributions rely on inclusive selections to probe the general agreement between data and simulation and are evaluated in restricted ranges where large new-physics contributions

General practitioners’ attitudes towards early diagnosis of dementia: a cross-sectional survey

Dementia is often underdiagnosed in general practice, which may be based on general practitioners’ (GPs’) knowledge and emotional factors as well as external problems. This study aimed to describe ... -0956-1 ©  The Author(s). 2019 Received: 15 November 2018Accepted: 30 April 2019Published: 20 May 2019 Open Peer Review reports Abstract Background Dementia is often underdiagnosed in general

Correction to: The impact of stochastic physics on the El Niño Southern Oscillation in the EC-Earth coupled model 1 Correction to: Climate Dynamics The article The impact of stochastic physics on the El Niño Southern