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Bosquejo de Dworkin: la imbricación entre el derecho y la moralidad

This article analyzes Ronald Dworkin’s main contributions to jurisprudence and political philosophy, and shows that they result from a broad vision that integrates law and morality. The exposition is ... : "The Transcendent Lawyer". The Law School, pp. 13-23.         [ Links ] Nussbaum, Martha, 2011: "Perfectionist Liberalism and Political Liberalism". Philosophy & Public Affairs, 39, pp. 3-45

Review of "Contemporary Debates in Political Philosophy"

on contemporary (non-historical) political philosophy have been published, each one attempting to do the same thing, provide a comprehensive, and non-biased survey of the current state of play ... , outlining where the field of political philosophy is currently at. With the rise of new technologies, global problems, and new forms of conflict occurring, the field of political philosophy is constantly

Hegel’s political philosophy: On the normative significance of method and system

, Hegel’s Political Philosophy, is motivated by an apparent debate between those who base their interpretation of Hegel’s political thought on his broader system and method and those who do not. In the ... logical system and his political thought, they largely agree on the necessity of that relationship for an understanding of Hegel’s practical philosophy. Several essays explicate a central logical concept in

The Social and Political Philosophy of Ludwig Stein.

THE SOCIAL AND POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY OF LUDWIG STEIN^ BY HARRY ELMER BARNES General Nature of His Sociological Theory His Leading IVorks. ONE of the most important sociologists who uses the German ... Institutions. THE SOCIAL AND POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY OF LUDWIG STF:iN While this stage brought a system of regulation of social relations which was, on the whole, adequate to the demands of the time, gentile

Review of “Lectures on the History of Political Philosophy

Political Philosophy, John Rawls. Edited by Samuel Freeman. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2007. Pp. xix+476 (includes index). ISBN (cloth): 0-674-02492-3; $35.00. According to the editor’s notes ... , the late John Rawls only reluctantly agreed to let his lecture notes on moral and political philosophy be published. Rawls was quite concerned that his written lectures didn’t really do justice to the

Del bazar a la familia: una aproximación crítica a las "idealizaciones

political philosophy "justifies" the institutions of liberal democracy it does not appeal to metaphysical or transcendent fundamentals firmly established; however, it does appeal to idealizations, to ... united, in a unique narrative, the social hopes of liberal egalitariasm with the philosophical anti-essentialism of postmodernism. As a consequence, when Rorty’s political philosophy “justifies” the

The Farabi conceptualisation of 'social health

is analysed within the framework of health approach, in the broader sense of the term. This analysis is based on the political philosophy of Abā Naṣr Farabi (873-950 AD), the founder of Islamic ... based on the political philosophy of Abā Naṣr Muḥammad ibn Muḥammad Al Fārābī (872-950), the founder of Islamic philosophy (Hammond 1947). He regards extremism as a deviation from the society's health and

The boundaries of transitional justice Jean Améry and Johan Degenaar on the tension between survival and justice

What can political philosophy, interested in the field of 'transitional justice' learn from dissident voices in states who try to define their future while dealing with a past where human rights were ... authors. I wonder what political philosophy, interested in 'transitional justice' - a fast growing field of research - can learn from dissident voices in states who try to define their future while dealing

Relativism and Normative Choice in the Legitimation of Transnational Coercion

theory" for its ability to reveal the subtle interrelationships among political philosophy and may well lead to foreign policy that is more coherent and stable. ... statutory obstacles cannot simply be assumed away, than it does in the realm of first-best political philosophy. Take the example of functional segregation in adjudication. When a judge selects the rule of

Absence perception and the philosophy of zero

account of numbers as properties of collections, (2) work on the philosophy of absences, and (3) recent work in numerical cognition and ontogenetic studies. ... , both epistemologically and ontologically. One response would be to be an extreme kind of formalist or fictionalist about mathematics, and then let our philosophy of notation and proof-theory or fictions

Legal and political philosophy scholar speaks on the concept and the Rule of Law p. 17

and political philosophy scholar who lectures frequently around the globe, said the Rule of Law is a normative ideal that arises directly out of the morallyladen description that we give of what law is ... homelessness are well known, as are his works in historical political theory. Waldron graduated with degrees in philosophy and law from the University of Otago in 1978 and then earned his doctorate in legal

Paleobiology and philosophy

I offer four ways of distinguishing paleobiology from neontology, and from this develop a sketch of the philosophy of paleobiology. I then situate and describe the papers in the special issue

Synthetic philosophy

(hereafter Other Minds) from a methodological perspective. I show that these both instantiate what I call ‘synthetic philosophy.’ They are both Darwinian philosophers of science who draw on each other’s work ... , anthropology, economics, political science, history, philosophy, and literary theory to explain how and why cultural features (good and bad) work the way they do…Pre-Darwinian natural history at its best was

Creating a Statesman: The Early Life of Prince Clemens von Metternich and its Effect on his Political Philosophy

As one of the most prolific and influential statesmen of the nineteenth century, Prince Clemens von Metternich is a man whose politics, policies, and political philosophy has received a good amount

The Future of Confucian Political Philosophy

On February 14, 2017, Joseph Chan and Stephen Angle convened a Roundtable on the Future of Confucian Political Philosophy at the University of Hong Kong. Eight invited speakers each offered thoughts ... Comparative Philosophy Volume 2151-6014 THE FUTURE OF CONFUCIAN POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY Edited by STEPHEN C. ANGLE 0 1 0 INVITED SPEAKERS (alphabetical order): A 1 OTHER DISCUSSANTS (alphabetical order

Power, Piety, and Rebellion in Al-Andalus: The Reception and Influence of Al-Ghazali's Political Philosophy in Islamic Iberia

environment of injustice and iniquity. Thus, the need for a pious rulership has been at the heart of Islamic political sensibility, if not from its very foundation, then at least from its first division. Rebels

Exploring the Nature of Anti-Federalist Thought: Republicanism and Liberalism in the Political Thought of Cato

Scholarship of the American founding remains divided as to the nature of Anti-Federalist political philosophy. One school of thought contends that the Anti-Federalists were the heirs of the ... , while cholarship of the American founding remains divided as to the nature of Anti-Federalist political philosophy. One school of thought contends the other maintains that the Anti-Federalists operated

Christian philosophy

philosophy Book Cover: Author: B.J. van der Walt ISBN: 978-86822-652-8 Publisher: Institute for Contemporary Christianity in Africa, Potchefstroom, 2014, ZAR* *Book price unknown at time of review ... I understand and truly appreciate B.J. van der Walt's stated desire in this book to help keep reformational philosophy alive and relevant by acquainting the younger generation(s) with a tradition that