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Scientism as an obstacle for an ethical-political understanding of Psychology

comprehension of some human activities which include values, chiefly ethical and political. In this context, “scientism” is the dogmatic and non-thematized acceptance of natural-scientific methods. From this ... this paper is to demonstrate how “scientism” can function as an epistemological and methodological obstacle to an ethical and political understanding of psychology. Thus, at first, through reflections

On people and variables: the ethnography of a political belief

explore how these vicissitudes on both sides balance out on the basis of a political belief which is at once shared and unstable. ... surrounding Brasília abound in a series of terms that also pervade many of the sociological studies on political and/or electoral phenomena. Thousands of people are very often considered apolitical on the basis

Human Rights and Psychological Assessment: Inseparability of the Professional Ethical-Political Commitment

Professional Ethical-Political Commitment Derechos Humanos y Evaluación Psicológica: Inseparabilidad del Compromiso Ético-Político Profesional Pedro Paulo Gastalho de Bicalho Pedro Paulo Gastalho de ... to the necessity of its contextualization and the understanding of this concept as a process. We find it important to affirm that the inseparability between the political and epistemological dimensions

Einstein e a Filosofia

Albert Einstein had a lifelong involvement with philosophy and philosophers of science, in a way as to profoundly influence the way he did physics. In this article we discuss some fundamental aspects ... philosophy and his text "Physik und Realität". Keywords: general physics, history of science, philosophy of science.     1. Física ou Filosofia? Não poucas vezes o físico ouviu em conversas entre

O dualismo de Descartes como princípio de sua Filosofia Natural

The authors will seek to show that the Western imaginary on the Cartesian philosophy as a "dualism" that has not been overcome and that is responsible for the rupture, between cultured mankind and ... rupture, between cultured mankind and nature is at odds with Descartes's true concerns. At the dawn of modern Philosophy, with Descartes, a still metaphysical dualism between "two modes of the same

An Institutional Perspective on Brazil’s Political Economy

: Princeton University Press, 2016. Pp. xi + 262. $39.50 hardcover. ISBN: 9780691162911. The Political Construction of Brazil: Society, Economy, and State since Independence. By Luiz Carlos Bresser-Pereira

Unpacking firm effects: modeling political alliances in variance decomposition of firm performance in turbulent environments

mainstream scholars, but by a more political view of firm differences, namely, the ability to manage valuable political alliances. To account for these differences, a multivariate performance measure was ... importance of the cost of capital. Key words: firm heterogeneity; variance decomposition; firm performance; turbulent environments; political strategies. RESUMO Estudos anteriores sobre a

The politics of the Universal Church and its consequences on religion and politics in Brazil

The paper analyses the insertion of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (UCKG) in the national politics scenario and its effects in the religious and political fields. Due to the efficacy of ... loyalty in voting and the growing political success verified in every new election. Furthermore, the political practice of the UCKG is producing a mimetic effect on other evangelic churches, which tend to

Trans bodies: an essay on norms, singularities and political happening

established normative framework, seeking to locate its political dimensions from some elements extracted from the elaborations of the psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan and the philosophers Judith Butler and Giorgio ... , when revealing something that escapes any attempt of normalization, will subsidize proposals of forms of the political, focusing on the singularities to provoke reflections that can (re)orient our

Electoral success and political institutionalization in the Federal Deputy elections in Brazil (1998, 2002 and 2006)

Paraná (UFPR), Brazil IIFederal University of São Carlos (UFSCar), Brazil Replicated from Brazilian Political Science Review (Online), Rio de Janeiro, v.4, n.1, 2010.     ABSTRACT This article ... candidate in Brazil, in the elections that were analyzed. Keywords: Electoral success; Political institutionalization; Political recruitment; Elections; Political parties.     Introduction In his

El conflictivo nacimiento de la Universidad de São Paulo en la década de 1930

core of the future institution. However, the option adopted in 1934 allocated this position to the newly created Faculty of Philosophy, Science and Letters. This caused a strong reaction by both former ... Polytechnic School and the Faculty of Philosophy, Science and Letters during the tumultuous beginnings of the University of São Paulo. Key words: University, faculty and schools, history of higher education

Developing Political Strategies across a New Democratic and State Architecture

Under new democratic regimes, civil society organizations (CSOs) alter their political strategies to better engage public officials and citizens as well as to influence broader political debates. In ... . Brian Wampler is a Professor of Global Studies and Political Science at Boise State University. He is the author of Activating Democracy in Brazil: Popular Participation, Social Justice and Interlocking

Julgar sem preceptivas, julgar pelo universal: glosas modernistas a Kant

Kantians judgments and the artistic modernity, its development and its contemporary criticism. We do not propose, however, a detailed analysis of Kant's philosophy, but expose the various interpretations

Intelligence as a construct and as a process: a summary of researches along the time

The aim of this article is to draw up a sketch of the scientific researches about intelligence, starting from the cultural concept, and the recent mind's theory and on the ethic and political ... mind's theory and on the ethic and political consequences. Firstly the endeavor of evaluating the mental age and IQ in Europe and the Unites States is detached. Following the attempt of the factorialists

Brasil, balanço econômico, sucessos e limites

It appears that successive governments under Lula's presidency followed two opposite economic philosophies. The first one, the monetarist philosophy, aims to curb increases in prices: very high real ... real wages and to ensure wider social security cover. It explains high growth rates and domestic market renewed dynamics. Because of the international crisis, this second philosophy influences economic

A dependence on politics: Fernando Henrique Cardoso and sociology in Brazil

social sciences were very different from those required in the political domain, the ones allowing his fast rise to be the president of the Republic. After having examined his family origins, it focuses ... suddenly blocked by the 1964 military coup. The exile encouraged new initiatives and brought him international appraisal, this moment being crowned with his access to the chair of political science at the

Business and Socio-Political Interaction in International Service Projects: The Case of Brazil

, the study manifests how service MNEs manage three types of actors (business, political and social) having their legitimacy in different systems. The cases illustrate cross-border activities where MNEs ... political actors and cooperate to strengthen their competitive market position. The study concludes that successful cooperation is partially explained by the management’s ability to incorporate business

Seqüências de uma sociologia política brasileira

discusses the formation, from the 1920s to the 1970s, of a watershed in Brazilian political sociology oriented towards the investigation of conflict between the private and public orders in the specific ... ; public and private; political domination RÉSUMÉ Reprenant analytiquement l'accueil des idées de l'auteur Oliveira Vianna dans des travaux de recherche de Victor Nunes Leal, Maria Isaura Pereira de

O protesto negro no Brasil contemporâneo (1978-2010)

The street protest is, in this article, the privileged analytical unit to study the political history of Brazilian black movement. The analysis includes the political process since its inaugural act ... mobilized against dictatorship - to the institucionalization of its demands and its political leaders, who are now agents of the racial equality at the instituted public power. Keywords: Black movement

Midia and politics in Brazil: texts and research agenda

A specialist in communication studies and a political scientist present together a panorama of research on the relations between communication midia and political processes in Brazil A research ... caso de conversão rápida à nova ordem" (Vieira, 1986). Seguem-se a ele neste percurso para as novas questões os artigos presentes no nono número da revista: "The State, television and political power in