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Strangers in our midst: The political philosophy of immigration

well-being and identities of masses of people. David Miller's political philosophy of immigration provides an accessible, informed, and thoroughgoing defence of immigration control by liberal democratic ... identities. Absent from Miller’s otherwise highly informed political philosophy of immigration is a critical focus on these dynamics of the international order that appear generative of so many contentious

The Leibholz-Schmitt connection's formative influence on Bonhoeffer's 1932-33 entry into public theology

academic work. Their original political leanings towards authoritarianism, Volk, and Vitalism were revised by Bonhoeffer and Leibholz in November 1932 through stepping out into a coordinated public ... and Political Philosophy. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.         [ Links ] Moltmann, Jürgen2013. "Political theology in ecumenical contexts". In Political theology: contemporary challenges and

Employment prospects of international students in the U.S. and Canada: Socio-political implications for colleges and universities

countries and the competitiveness and relevance of the graduates produced in today?s increasingly globally diversified and competitive world. The Socio-Political Nature of International Education: U.S. and ... 250 colleges and universities nationwide showed that there has been a decline in international student applications, which is attributed to the current political climate in the U.S. (AACRAO, 2017). In

La ciencia política en Colombia: de vocación a disciplina

Abstract During the last two decades, political science in Colombia has not only cleared its way, but has also gained in autonomy and academic reputation. This has entailed a greater distance from ... and intellectual polarizations, as well as the use of strategies to resist the wave of violence in the country. There are over a dozen political science departments, with a diversity of undergraduate

Reformulando a violência política e efeitos na saúde mental: esboçando uma agenda de pesquisa e ação para a América Latina e região do Caribe

In recent decades, the number of people exposed to traumatic events has significantly increased as various forms of violence, including war and political upheaval, engulf civilian populations ... worldwide. In spite of widespread armed conflict, guerrilla warfare and political violence in the Latin American and Caribbean region, insufficient attention had been paid in assessing the medium and long

Land of cemetery: funereal images in the poetry of Musa Idris Okpanachi

fulfills its political objective. I conclude that although Okpanachi articulates a cynical commentary on postcolonial Nigeria, he marshals his creative energies to illuminate the political moment of his time. ... tend to employ poetry as a cultural medium to document historic political moments. Nigeria's current democracy is over seventeen years old, and it presents a theme definite enough to provide stimulus for

The New Democratic Party and Labor Political Action in Canada

[Excerpt] Political humorist Barry Crimmins recently remarked that the Perot phenomenon in the last Presidential election showed the depressing state of U.S. politics. "Who would have thought/ ... Labor Political Action in Canada s $> •%0k--~* i ^' '^©fc : ^ L A B O R R E S E A R C H Democratic Parly and Labor Political Action in Canada • Elaine Bernard Political humorist Barry Crimmins

Political theory and film: From Adorno to Žižek

Matthew Flisfeder University of Winnipeg , Winnipeg, MB R3B 2E9 , Canada Film scholarship, from early on, has been caught in the matrix of the political theory of its time. From the early writings of ... up to the political debates about the role of theory, Marxism, and psychoanalysis in filmic critiques of ideology and subjectivity in the post-Soviet period, political theory has always seemed to edge

Court Jurisdiction and Recognition in Multi-National Political Structures: Canada and the European Union

systems have been designed to function in the context of political structures, the European Union (plus Norway and Switzerland), on the one hand, and Canada, on the other, which have subunits-states or ... to tell plaintiffs where they must bring their actions for judgments that will be recognized by other political units bound by the system, and to tell defendants where they can be expected to defend

"All the Flowers May Die, But the Thistles Will Live": Sex Trafficking Through the Eyes of a Police Officer-Researcher

This article is a description of the research I conducted on the sex industry in Manitoba, Canada, from 2016-2017. I interviewed 61 people, of which six were political leaders, 23 were social workers ... , and influential community leaders. I sought to broaden the scope to gain a fuller picture and understanding, and hopefully, some new solutions. Of the 61 participants I interviewed, six were political

Information elaboration and epistemic effects of diversity

, namely, a recent article by Muldoon examining diversity in the context of political philosophy (Muldoon 2018). Like some proponents of DBIE explanations (cf. Phillips et al. 2009), Muldoon highlights the ... ., Berger, W. J., Singer, D. J., Grim, P., & Bramson, A. (2018). Diversity and democracy: Agent-based modeling in political philosophy. Historical Social Research, 43(1), 259–284.Google Scholar Holtz, R

The role of human rights in implementing socially responsible seafood

instruments. We observe that human rights laws are generally framed in favour of addressing violations of civil and political rights, but there remains considerable scope for applying economic, social and ... publish, or preparation of the manuscript. sufficient national capacity and political will. Introduction The sustainability movement in the seafood sector has grown significantly over the past twenty

Canada’s Legal Traditions: Sources of Unification, Diversification, or Inspiration?

. Inter-estingly, the pendulum has swung widely. Quebec has seen moments when the philosophy of the Supreme Court of Canada was one of unification and harmonization of Quebec law with the common law ... expression of ?the philosophy of Quebec as a distinct society,? and a declaration of Quebec?s legal sovereignty over itself.66 This legal nationalism complements the political nationalism present in the

Introduction to Ecologizing Philosophy of Education

Philosophy and Education . doi: 10 .1007/s11217-016-9555-y. Bennett , Jane. 2009 . Vibrant matter: A political ecology of things . Durham, NC: Duke University Press. Blenkinsop , Sean, Ramsey Affifi, Laura ... University of Edinburgh , Edinburgh , UK - Theory, Philosophy of Education Society) referenced the environment in a substantive way, and only a handful sought to re-examine fundamental assumptions about the

Empowerment Beyond Numbers: Substantiating Women’s Political Participation

for equitable and empowering life conditions. Of particular emphasis in this paper, facilitating women’s entry into political bodies across the world is also compromised by persistent obstacles in ... norms are formed and power relations are negotiated. Gender--the social norms, perceptions and meanings associated with being a woman or a man--likewise operate as a salient dimension in one's political

The political reference point: How geography shapes political identity

It is commonly assumed that how individuals identify on the political spectrum–whether liberal, conservative, or moderate–has a universal meaning when it comes to policy stances and voting behavior

Security Provision and Political Formation in Hybrid Orders

The security sector reform literature is increasingly turning towards the inclusion of non-state security providers, but the long-term patterns of political development to which such engagement might ... lenses with which to understand the relationship between non-state security provision and political development. It first presents three perspectives (functionalism, political economy, and communitarianism

Religious Perspectives Being Marginalized in Canada

Assistant Professor of Public Ethics at Waterloo Lutheran Seminary as well as the inaugural Practitioner in Residence in the Department of Political Science at Wilfrid Laurier University. ... , in my own small way, through my future work here? Coming from the world of politics, I find there is of course no shortage of challenges. Our political system appears to be in free-fall. Voter turnout

Biblical Philosophy: an Introduction

philosophical (parts of the prophets, the Proverbs, 6 One can cite, for instance, Spinoza’s Theologico-Political Treatise, Hegel’s discussions of biblical stories in the Lectures on the Philosophy of Religion and ... , Political Philosophy and the God of the Bible (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2004); Giorgio Agamben, The Time that Remains: A Commentary on the Letter to the Romans, trans. Patricia Dailey

Is pleasure all that is good about experience?

responses to the main argument against a monistic view on the value of experience: the philosophy of swine objection. I argue that such responses deviate from the central hedonistic view that only pleasure ... 1 Faculty of Philosophy, Erasmus University Rotterdam , Rotterdam , The Netherlands 2 Philosophy of swine Experientialist accounts of wellbeing are those accounts of wellbeing that subscribe to the