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Foucault and the Recommencement of Philosophy

Javier de la Higuera discusses in his “Foucault and the Recommencement of Philosophy” the idea of a recommencement of philosophy that Michel Foucault has posited on several occasions, although with ... Literature Commons, Continental Philosophy Commons , Ethics and Political Philosophy Commons, and the Metaphysics Commons Dedicated to the dissemination of scholarly and professional information, Purdue

Philosophy of CRISPR-Cas: Introduction to Eugene Koonin’s target paper and commentaries

Article First Online: 13 February 2019 473 Downloads We are most grateful to Eugene Koonin for having accepted to write for Biology & Philosophy a target paper on such a major topic in current ... publications in philosophy of science journals [e.g., (Koonin and Starokadomskyy 2016)] or in collaboration with philosophers (O’Malley and Koonin 2011). Furthermore, and most crucially for the present issue of

The Burka Ban: Divergent Approaches to Freedom of Religion in France and in the U.S.A.

presuppositions of republicanism in the two legal and political orders, which also define their conception of secularism. The law enacted in France can be understood in a general frame of a paternalistic state ... rights will be considered as “trump[ing] . . . collective goals,”31 or if collective decisions will outweigh the protection of rights, depends entirely on the political philosophy on the role of the state

Democracia e regionalismo chez Jean-Louis Quermonne

Aiming at the development of the study of non-anglophone authors in the Political Science literature in Brazil, this text seeks to approach the issues of both Democracy and Regionalism in Jean-Louis ... Quermonne's bibliography. It has three parts. The first situates the author in the French political science scenario through a brief biography. The second part promotes a critical and comparative analysis of

Albert Camus

In his article “Albert Camus’ social, cultural and political migrations,” Benaouda LEBDAI analyses Albert Camus’ posthumous autofiction The First man, a fascinating self-representation and self ... Benaouda Lebdai, ?Albert Camus' Social, Cultural and Political Migrations? CLCWeb: Comparative Literature and Culture CLCWeb: Comparative Literature and Culture ISSN 1481-4374 Purdue University Press

Globally important islands where eradicating invasive mammals will benefit highly threatened vertebrates

approach to consider socio-political feasibility. We applied this framework using a comprehensive dataset describing the distribution of 1,184 highly threatened native vertebrate species (i.e. those listed ... eradicating invasive mammals would benefit highly threatened vertebrates. When socio-political feasibility was considered, we identified 169 of these islands where eradication planning or operation could be

Subjetividade e verdade no último Foucault

between philosophy and spirituality, from the articulations between care of the self and knowledge of the self, useful knowledge and useless knowledge, care of the self and conversion to the self


. It also builds on work on the development of political economy from its earliest texts to the work of Marx. The discussion of earlier political economy emphasises its place in a philosophy of history ... based on Austrian School economics while Nozick came from a normative tradition of political theory, also associated with John Rawls. Normative theory has roots in Kantian ethics and political philosophy

Europe debates its destiny

In this article, I propose to examine the issue that at present most mobilizes the European states and public opinion within them: the modification of the institutional-political model, in the form ... states to twenty-five, and the transformation of the EU's political-institutional model, which in securing itself to a constitutional anchor modifies both symbolically and substantively the degrees of

Social Disorder and the Trauma of the Earth Community: Reading Hosea 4:1-3 in Light of Today's Crises

The world currently faces terrible issues of corruption, conflicts, political instabilities, violence and injustices causing traumatic experiences for humans and nature. Likewise, Hos 4:1-3 offers a ... .     When elephants fight, the grass (reeds) gets hurt2   A INTRODUCTION The world is confronted with critical issues of violence, conflicts, corruption, political instabilities and injustices resulting

Ética y responsabilidad social de la empresa: su concepción del hombre

the human being that can function as ideology in Marx and Engel's (1982; 1846) sense. The human vocation in business ethics, corporate social responsibility and its philosophy is confronted with the ... its philosophy is confronted with the useful sense of management under the businessman way of life. This contradiction is seen in practice when the businessmen are trying to be honest, fair and

The Cost of Political Connections

Using plant-level data from France, we document a potential cost of political connections for firms that is not offset by other benefits. Politically connected CEOs alter corporate employment ... ); Sapienza (2004); and Faccio, Masulis, and McConnell (2005) suggest that political leaders often use their power to grant economic favors to the firms that are connected to them, which can lead to economic

Huacas olvidadas y cerros santos: Apuntes metodológicos sobre la cartografía sagrada en los Andes del sur de Bolivia

-Columbian huacas and sacred mountains in the region of Potosí and Chuquisaca (Bolivia). Their study and analysis explores the religious and political dimensions of mountain cults in the South Central Andes.

Programas de erradicação, reassentamento e urbanização das favelas: Delhi e Mumbai

This comparative article focuses on public policies regarding slums in the two largest Indian metropolises, Delhi, the political capital, and Mumbai, the foremost economic hub, which face different ... .         [ Links ] DUPONT, V. Slum demolition in Delhi since the 1990. An appraisal. Economic and Political Weekly, Mumbai, v.43, n.28, p.79-87, 12 Jul. 2008.         [ Links ] DUPONT, V.; RAMANATHAN, U. Du

Herança romântica e ecologismo contemporâneo: existe um vínculo histórico?

complex genealogy that combines elements of different intellectual and political traditions. The influence of the Enlightenment vision on modern ecologism, for example, is becoming each time more evident ... SPAPENS, P., Sharing the World: Sustainable Living & Global Equity in the 21st Century, London, Earthscan, 1998.         [ Links ] DOBSON, A., Green Political Thought, London, Routledge, 1995

State support for nuclear new build

State support in one form or another has been necessary throughout the history of nuclear power station construction, both for political reasons and as a matter of economic necessity. This article ... risk. Therefore, if a state desires a strong civil nuclear capability, whether for economic, political or energy security reasons, it will have to provide inducements for the development of new nuclear


In this essay, I examine fragments chosen from the Ecclesiastical and Political Affairs by A. Komninós Ipsilántis, a work written in the XVIIIth century in archaizing and ancient greek in the Ottoman ... CONSTANTINOPLA EN EL SIGLO XVIII   THE MODERN ORIENTAL ROMANITY A TESTIMONY ABOUT THE RELIGIOUS AND POLITICAL ROLE OF THE CHRISTIAN GREEK-SPEAKING ELITE OF CONTANTINOPLE DURING THE XVIIITH CENTURY

Reconstruction of the socio-semantic dynamics of political activist Twitter networks—Method and application to the 2017 French presidential election

methodology for the data collection, the reconstruction, the analysis and the visualization of the development of a country’s political landscape from Twitter data. Method The proposed method relies solely on ... development of a country's political landscape from Twitter data. Background Method The proposed method relies solely on the interactions between Twitter accounts and is independent of the characteristics of

A mass sacrifice of children and camelids at the Huanchaquito-Las Llamas site, Moche Valley, Peru

the economic, political and ideological stability of one of the most powerful states in the New World during the fifteenth century A.D. ... warfare and massacres as emergent polities fought for political, economic and religious control of the region. Archaeological evidence of conflict and subjugation includes a massacre at Punta Lobos in the

A Revolução Russa em perspectiva histórica e comparada

puritanism, enlightenment and socialism througout old regime's English, French and Russian societies, were both the sign and the effect of that spiritual malaise and that political conflict within their ... revoluções. São Paulo: Ática.         [ Links ] DUNN, J. 1972. Modern revolutions: an introduction to the analysis of a political phenomenon. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.         [ Links ] FERRO