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Paleobiology and philosophy

I offer four ways of distinguishing paleobiology from neontology, and from this develop a sketch of the philosophy of paleobiology. I then situate and describe the papers in the special issue

Polanyi: Classical Moral Economist or Pioneer Cultural Political Economist?

This article evaluates Polanyi’s work from two complementary theoretical perspectives: moral economy and cultural political economy. Polanyi’s comparative historical analyses of substantive economies ... approach of cultural political economy, which combines critical semiotic analysis and the critique of political economy. More importantly, cultural political economy provides new theoretical and

Contingency in Political Philosophy

The paper examines John Horton’s realist political theory, in particular his critique of John Rawls’s “high” or “liberal moralism”, and seeks to determine the extent to which, together with Horton ... ) Introduction to the first series of Philosophy, Politics and Society, Peter Laslett delivered the funeral oration for political philosophy. 'For the moment, anyway' he declared 'political philosophy is dead

Volcanoes on borders: a scientific and (geo)political challenge

complex or when political agendas become involved. Given that over 700 volcanoes lie within 100 km of an international border, and over 1300 are within 250 km, the potential for cross-border eruption ... approaches to the management of associated risks. This paper uses a complex vision of scale: scale is not purely geographical or spatial but political and constructed (Brenner 2001; Marston 2000). Thus, while

The moral and political philosophy of immigration: Liberty, security, and equality

this context, the publication of Jose´ Jorge Mendoza's The Moral and Political Philosophy of Immigration offers a timely and important contribution to politico-philosophical debates concerning the issue ... author traces this conflict from early modern Western political philosophy to contemporary debates around immigration to arrive at a position he terms the 'minimalist defence of immigrant rights' (p. xiii

Education and Non-domination: Reflections from the Radical Tradition

the practical educational experiments associated with this tradition, I suggest that it can add a valuable dimension to recent critical work in philosophy of education that draws on the republican idea ... agree with Michael Sandel that doing philosophy means “reflecting critically on the way things are. That includes reflecting critically on social and political and economic arrangements. It always

After the crisis: global capitalism and the critique of political economy

Since the global financial crisis of 2008-9, neoliberalism has proved to be remarkably resilient. Alternatives in economic policy and political philosophy alike have found little resonance, despite ... critiques of the political and social order, notably over the question of class. Marxist analyses of class have thus far failed to reconcile the traditional view of a two-class society with the complex social

Underlying socio-political processes behind the 2016 US election

Recently we have witnessed a number of rapid shifts toward populism in the rhetoric and policies of major political parties, as exemplified in the 2016 Brexit Referendum, 2016 US Election, and 2017 ... Kingdom , 2 The London College of Political Technologists , Newspeak House, London , United Kingdom , 3 MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit, University of Glasgow , Glasgow , United Kingdom 1

The emergence of philosophy in Scottish secondary school Religious Education

result of the close epistemological relationship between philosophy and religious education. This article adopts an interpretative research paradigm and considers quantitative and qualitative data drawn ... , 'Philosophical intelligence: Why philosophical dialogue is important in educating the mind', in M. Hand & C. Winstanley (eds.), Philosophy in schools, Continuum, London.         [ Links ] Fitzgerald, T., 2007

Leaving Productivism behind: Towards a Holistic and Processual Philosophy of Ecological Management

This article examines parallels between the increasing mental burnout and environmental overshoot in the organisational context. The article argues that there is a particular philosophy of management ... philosophy not only leads to mental ill-health in organisations but also to overshoot in the environment. The article concludes that productivism, which denies the limits in utilisation of humans and other

Organising Concepts of ‘Women’s Empowerment’ for Measurement: A Typology

political philosophy to develop a unified typology of empowerment concepts to guide measurement and evaluation. In this typology, empowerment (1) may be a property of individuals or collectives (2) may ... . KeywordsWomen’s empowerment Critical review Low- and middle-income countries International development Feminism Political philosophy  1 Introduction Women’s empowerment is widely recognized as a global policy

Inclusion Through Political Participation, Trust from Shared Political Engagement: Children of Migrants and School Activism in Italy

xenophobic political parties and a continuing debate around migration and inclusion in different social contexts. Data consists of young migrants’ narratives, promoted and collected in 62 focus group and 118 ... introduce ‘school activism’ as the context of participation in political movements and campaigning of young migrants. School activism is an example and the context of the development of trusting relationships

Staged: Show trials, political theater, and the aesthetics of judgment

of several points of contact between Arendt and Brecht, proposing that ‘each of them responded to Fascism by linking philosophy with theatre’ (p. 27). In Arendt’s case, the chief purpose of theatre ... exemplary action. Arjomand’s argument here is that Arendt’s view of theatre as a political institution is so powerful because it remains thoroughly anti-didactic: ‘Theatre is essential not because it is a

Experimental ordinary language philosophy: a cross-linguistic study of defeasible default inferences

This paper provides new tools for philosophical argument analysis and fresh empirical foundations for ‘critical’ ordinary language philosophy. Language comprehension routinely involves stereotypical ... perspectives for ‘evidential’ experimental philosophy. KeywordsExperimental philosophy Ordinary language philosophy Salience effects Crosscultural psycholinguistics Naturalised argument analysis Argument from

For Foucault: Against normative political theory

Kelly, M.G.E. (2009) The Political Philosophy of Michel Foucault. London: Routledge.Google Scholar Kelly, M.G.E. (2013) Foucault’s History of Sexuality Volume I, the Will to Knowledge. Edinburgh ... alternative to normative political theory, in every sense of that term: he is anti-normative, atheoretical and non-political (meaning that he refuses to offer political programmes or policies). After a short

The Prevent paradox: destroying liberalism in order to protect it

questions of state institutionality, state power, and state-society relations. It argues that counter-extremism aims to avert the possibility of a political future by repressing the formation of non-liberal ... historical agency. Therefore, Prevent is a political paradox: an anti-liberal project aiming to secure and perpetuate liberalism. Introduction: From community to society (and from society to the state

Exploring transitional justice as a vehicle for social and political transformation in Kenya

The eventful defeat of the Kenya African National Union political party in the 2002 general elections ushered in a new era for Kenya. With the change of regime an opportunity for transitional justice ... political differences among the political elite, this path of transitional justice proved not to be as easy as contemplated. The report and recommendations by the task force were shelved and the sentiments

Liberals lecture, conservatives communicate: Analyzing complexity and ideology in 381,609 political speeches

, Ireland , 2 Amsterdam School of Communication Research, University of Amsterdam , Amsterdam, Noord-Holland , the Netherlands 1 Department of Political Science, University of Amsterdam , Amsterdam, Noord ... specific American and British examples to other speakers, political systems and time periods. In this paper, we find results in support of such a general trend between political ideology and linguistic

The political is political: Conformity and the illusion of dissent in contemporary political philosophy

political philosophers in these real-world failures is uncharitable. Such adages defi ne the accepted parameters of debate within contemporary political philosophy. Yet, according to Finlayson, they deserve ... things that people with different political views are going to disagree on. So far, so obvious. As Finlayson shows, however, when the value of realism is invoked in political philosophy it tends to be

Completely Theorized Agreements. A Different Reading of the Consensus Paradox Hypotheses

democracy . Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. Bohman , J. ( 1998 ). Survey article: The coming of age of deliberative democracy . Journal of Political Philosophy , 6 , 400 - 425 . doi: 10 .1111/ 1467 - 9760 . 00061 ... Bohman , J. , & Richardson , H. S. ( 2009 ). Liberalism, deliberative democracy, and ?reasons that all can accept . ? Journal of Political Philosophy , 17 , 253 - 274 . doi: 10 .1111/j.1467- 9760 . 2008