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Care for a Sample? De Minimis, Fair Use, Blockchain, and an Approach to an Affordable Music Sampling System for Independent Artists

political obstacles that prevent independent artists from sampling. Therefore, while major label-affiliated artists can use their status and financial capital to bypass the obstacles, it is practically ... their objections to their music being played at political rallies345 or during news segments.346 After the resistance against the compulsory license proposal, the legislature has been more focused on the

Decoding the "Sphinx-Like Silence": State Residency, Petition Circulation, and the First Amendment

may assist these individuals by gathering petition signatures. Candidates for political office, initiative proponents, and their supporters have challenged some of these restrictions as unconstitutional ... , eligible to vote in the state. The majority of circuits have declared these restrictions unconstitutional burdens on political speech, while one circuit has found them a reasonable regulation of a state?s

A Tale of Two Trade Powers: Balancing Investor-State Dispute Settlement and Environmental Risk Between the European Union and United States in a Changing Political Climate

Press (bepress). ? A TALE OF TWO TRADE POWERS: BALANCING INVESTOR-STATE DISPUTE SETTLEMENT AND ENVIRONMENTAL RISK BETWEEN THE EU AND US IN A CHANGING POLITICAL CLIMATE ... for the provisions? inclusion, and then examine the risks associated with the evasion of regulation by investors, faults in political insulation, and flaws within the arbitration process. It will also

Towards a Jurisprudence of Fashion

: Susan Scafidi* People nowadays are so absolutely superficial that they don?t understand the philosophy of the superficial . . . . A well-tied tie is the ... individuals in themselves to organizational forms and political structures. Likewise, fashion law as a field of study is not limited to governmental laws and regulations; it also includes both public and

Contextualizing Sanctuary Policy Development in the United States: Conceptual and Constitutional Underpinnings, 1979 to 2018

Colbern is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Arizona State University. Melanie Amoroso-Pohl and Courtney Guti?rrez are Master?s students in the Social Justice and Human Rights program at ... place federal and local policies in seeming opposition to one another. As a result, the term ?sanctuary? is not only highly contested and nuanced in the academic setting1 and political arena,2 but it has


democracy and the rule of law. Legitimacy does not attach, in the public eye, to a single political institution, but rather to the system as a whole. ... Professor of Political Science at Texas Christian University (?TCU?) in Fort Worth, Texas. Prior to coming to TCU, she taught at Florida International University in Miami, Florida and also served as Associate

History and Harvard Law School

* Professor in Philosophy & History of Education Program, Ohio State University. ** J. Donald Monan, S.J., University Professor, Boston College Law School, Charles Warren Visiting Professor of American Legal ... national university professional school. In making this argument, we did not ignore the conflicts and entanglements involving the Law School in the nineteenth century. These included political infighting

Virtue and the Constitution of the United States

Athens, and lives in its traditions, one will be a contented * Biolchini Family Professor of Law, University of Notre Dame; Professor of Law and Legal Philosophy, Oxford University. slave-owner, wise in ... hold, by asking and pressing questions which we formalize as "philosophy," or by hearing and living by a new and true gospel, one gets clear that there is only one genuine kind of virtue. In our language

Beyond the “Nature” of Data: Obstacles to Protecting Sensitive Information in the European Union and the United States

is the level of risk associated with disclosure of the information. For example, as Professor Scott Skinner-Thompson explained, intimate information and political information4 ?tend, by their nature ... employment discrimination resulting from the disclosed intimate information or marginalization caused by the monitoring of political thought) that they are entitled to special protection relative to other

The Manual for Courts-Martial--Its Legal Status and the Effect of Decisions of the United States Court of Military Appeals

, Georgetown University; A., 1939 , Ph.D, 1949 , Fordham University. Professor of Political Philosophy at Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. Author of GRA co-Rors. , PoLarr , 20 Ford. L. Rev. 119 ( 19SI

The Future of Facial Recognition Is Not Fully Known: Developing Privacy and Security Regulatory Mechanisms for Facial Recognition in the Retail Sector

). not only [their] particular movements, but . . . familial, political, professional, religious, and sexual associations.?72 While Justice Roberts opinion does not directly implicate private actors,73 the ... inadequate as a sole mechanism due to political aversion to a shifting definition of 412 See, e.g., Stephanie Kapinos, New York City Considers Facial Recognition Bill ? Will New York Be the Next Forum for

Moral Rights Protection in the United States Under the Berne Convention: A Fictional Work?

political [legal] arena.” 1204 FORDHAM INTELL. PROP., MEDIA & ENT. L.J. replaced acreage as the basis of power in the new regime.5 In contrast, the American Revolution was not a revolution from below, but ... ). 7 “In democratic countries, where money does not lead those who possess it to political power, but often removes them from it, the rich do not know how to spend their leisure. They are driven into

Fair Trade-mark: Proposing an Affirmative Duty on Licensors to Enforce Their Corporate Social Responsibility Codes

transaction?is unworkable because often the line between commercial speech on the one hand and artistic, social, and political expression on the other is at best indistinct and at worst illusory.156 This ... argument is relevant to the murky waters of Nike v. Kasky, in which Nike?s argument was rooted in the characterization of the speech at issue, as political expression, and Kasky?s argument was rooted in the

The Advisory Opinion and the United States Supreme Court

shaping mhch of our present pattern and philosophy.3 Consequently, any proposal relating to the discharge of that responsibility must, of necessity, touch upon the whole mechanism of our system, and is ... Court into the arena of heated political controversies. 114 "Political" thus becomes, like "radical" a conveniently inclusive term of opprobrium, an argumentum ad hominem to be applied extrinsic to the

University Trademarks and “Mixed Speech” on College Campuses: A Case Study of Gerlich v. Leath and Student Free Speech Rights

published, ISU claimed to receive immediate communication from members of the public expressing concern that the design suggested that the university endorsed NORML?s political and legislative agenda.41 More ... university?s logo for the NORML ISU t-shirt.43 ISU?s President and his staff reportedly spent the rest of the day dealing with the ?political public relations implications? of the t-shirt design, and

Argh, No More Pirating America’s Booty: Improving Copyright Protections for American Creators in China

Chinese officials to use the officials? discretionary power to enforce the copyright holder?s rights against infringers.52 Following the fall of dynastic rule and a period of political instability, Chiang ... government, and personal property rights ?did not fit into a socialist system.? Id. Soviets also used copyright laws to promote the development of arts and literature that ?promoted the socialist philosophy

Executive Power, Drone Executions, and the Due Process Rights of American Citizens

analyzes the breadth of the executive?s unilateral military authority and how the political question doctrine defines the scope of this authority. A. Mapping the Landscape of Drone Strikes Upon taking the ... system of checks and balances prevents one political branch from developing tyrannical power.82 Examining traditional and modern notions of the scope of executive war power within the greater framework of

The Trouble with Tinker: An Examination of Student Free Speech Rights in the Digital Age

?professional? school shooting17 is punishable on the same level as a post advocating for peaceful protest and political change. It is unfathomable that a student attempting to peacefully change a world with ... engagement, political and cultural participation, and public conversation.?78 However, despite these necessary lessons in digital citizenship, and given the need to balance the rights of students with the

Sovereign Immunity for Rent: How the Commodification of Tribal Sovereign Immunity Reflects the Failures of the U.S. Patent System

jeopardy? of fielding both federal lawsuits and IPR proceedings.116 Ironically, however, in 2016, at a time when pharmaceutical firms were facing heightened media, political, and regulatory scrutiny (largely ... sovereignty of Indian tribes often referenced as ?indicators? of sovereignty their political organization, independent legislatures, exclusive territorial domain, treaties with the United States, distinct

Unequal Justice: Arabs in America and United States Antiterrorism Legislation

History. 6. See James X. Dempsey & David Cole, Terrorism & the Constitution: Sacrificing Civil Liberties in the Name of National Security 114 (1999) (describing the political pressure for antiterrorism ... violates the principle of "equal justice" by unjustly stigmatizing Arab people in America. "Equal justice," as derived from ancient philosophy and American constitutional principles, demands equal treatment