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quantitative model, in a systematic fashion. No empirical work employing political philosophy approaches can be found among the current quantitative literature on civil war. Therefore, this paper fills the gap ... quantitative literature on civil war should be backed by the concepts of other fields of knowledge such as political philosophy and political science, among others. III. GOVERNMENTAL REPRESSION AND ITS EFFECTS

Hegel’s political philosophy: On the normative significance of method and system

, Hegel’s Political Philosophy, is motivated by an apparent debate between those who base their interpretation of Hegel’s political thought on his broader system and method and those who do not. In the ... logical system and his political thought, they largely agree on the necessity of that relationship for an understanding of Hegel’s practical philosophy. Several essays explicate a central logical concept in

The Future of Confucian Political Philosophy

On February 14, 2017, Joseph Chan and Stephen Angle convened a Roundtable on the Future of Confucian Political Philosophy at the University of Hong Kong. Eight invited speakers each offered thoughts ... Comparative Philosophy Volume 2151-6014 THE FUTURE OF CONFUCIAN POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY Edited by STEPHEN C. ANGLE 0 1 0 INVITED SPEAKERS (alphabetical order): A 1 OTHER DISCUSSANTS (alphabetical order

Pax Gandhiana: The political philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi

York, 2016, xii , USA 1 220 pp. , ISBN: 978-0190491451 2 John Randolph LeBlanc University of Texas at Tyler , Tyler, TX 75799 , USA If Gandhi's political philosophy were realized, argues noted Gandhi ... . Gandhi's political philosophy integrates the ethical, the moral, the aesthetic, and the spiritual into a political way of being that is not only best suited for India's transition from colony to independent

Notion of "African

This article argues that the racial essentialism implicit in the geographic criteria of the meaning of "African" in African philosophy (as black, ethnic and sub-Saharan) limits the development of ... ) limits the development of African philosophy as a disciplined methodological inquiry into the question of African - and the African question in philosophy. It articulates instead a strategic ideological

Polanyi: Classical Moral Economist or Pioneer Cultural Political Economist?

This article evaluates Polanyi’s work from two complementary theoretical perspectives: moral economy and cultural political economy. Polanyi’s comparative historical analyses of substantive economies ... approach of cultural political economy, which combines critical semiotic analysis and the critique of political economy. More importantly, cultural political economy provides new theoretical and

Contingency in Political Philosophy

The paper examines John Horton’s realist political theory, in particular his critique of John Rawls’s “high” or “liberal moralism”, and seeks to determine the extent to which, together with Horton ... ) Introduction to the first series of Philosophy, Politics and Society, Peter Laslett delivered the funeral oration for political philosophy. 'For the moment, anyway' he declared 'political philosophy is dead

The moral and political philosophy of immigration: Liberty, security, and equality

this context, the publication of Jose´ Jorge Mendoza's The Moral and Political Philosophy of Immigration offers a timely and important contribution to politico-philosophical debates concerning the issue ... author traces this conflict from early modern Western political philosophy to contemporary debates around immigration to arrive at a position he terms the 'minimalist defence of immigrant rights' (p. xiii

Strangers in our midst: The political philosophy of immigration

well-being and identities of masses of people. David Miller's political philosophy of immigration provides an accessible, informed, and thoroughgoing defence of immigration control by liberal democratic ... identities. Absent from Miller’s otherwise highly informed political philosophy of immigration is a critical focus on these dynamics of the international order that appear generative of so many contentious

Reinventing the third mission of higher education in Germany: political frameworks and universities’ reactions

. 2015; Hachmeister et al. 2016). In the political realm, different new funding schemes with a focus on third mission have been launched, the largest one called “Innovative HE”, sometimes described as the ... . In what follows we will therefore address two research questions conceptually as well as empirically: 1. What political concepts shape the framework for the third mission of universities in Germany

International migration as a driver of political and social change: evidence from Morocco

DIAL, LEDa, IRD-Universite ? Paris-Dauphine , Paris , France This paper focuses on the impact of international migration on the transfer of political and social norms. Exploiting recent and unique data ... on Morocco, this paper explores whether households with return and current migrants bear different political preferences and behaviours than non-migrant families. Once controlling for the double

Sophistry and political philosophy: Protagoras’ challenge to Socrates

merciless, if not cruel'' (p. 24). In Bartlett's brief introductory chapter (only four pages), we encounter a related contrast. Generalized in terms of the difference between philosophy and sophistry ... , Bartlett sets out to identify the distinct consistency of both Protagoras' theoretical and his moral-political teachings by contrasting them to Socrates' (p. 3). This he does through a detailed and attentive

Introduction: Complicity and Dissent, or Why We Need Solidarity between Struggles

Growing pressure from politicians and corporations has thrown into question the very legitimacy of opposition and critique. A language of political affirmation has confused and misled the public ... . --- . Lectures on Kant's Political Philosophy . Edited by Ronald Beiner , U of Chicago P, 1982 . --- . The Origins of Totalitarianism. Harcourt Brace , 1979 . --- . ?Stefan Zweig: Jews in the World of Yesterday

AI recognition of differences among book-length texts

some differences between political philosophy and history, and between conventional fiction and fantasy/science fiction. It is conjectured that this capability is a step in the direction of “M ... significant works of political philosophy, history, and fiction. A modest number of texts were analyzed?a corpus of 100 major works drawn from the list of frequently downloaded books compiled by Project

Technology and the Evolution of the Human: From Bergson to the Philosophy of Technology

place of technology within ontology, epistemology, and social/political philosophy. I argue technology inhabits an essential place in these fields. The philosophy of Henri Bergson plays a central role in

Criminals behind the Veil: Political Philosophy and Punishment

Digital Commons. For more information , please contact Part of the Criminal Law Commons; Criminology and Criminal Justice Commons; and the Law - Criminals Behind the Veil: Political Philosophy and ... wrong, and how to fix it. And the way to begin a comprehensive diagnosis is to turn to political philosophy and its relative neglect of problems of criminal law and criminal punishment. Political theory

The Composition of History: a Critical Point of View of Michel Foucault's Archaeology

apparatuses: how is it possible that the practical-political nature of the philosophy of history discourses has remained effectively silenced in political practice? After elucidating a barely bounded concept of ... turn it also counters the very discourses of political philosophy. The central slogan of all counter-history (Foucault focuses on the cases of England and France) is an inversion of Clausewitz?s famous

Martin Luther King, Jr.: Jeffersonian; Champion of Natural Law Philosophy

radicalism prior to his assassination in 1968. Neither view of the man, however, generally acknowledges his deep-rooted political philosophy of Natural Law. This aspect of King, which informed his civic ... Philosophy Commons, Intellectual History Commons, Political History Commons, Political The ory Commons, and the United States History Commons - Article 5 Cover Page Footnote James M. Masnov Thi s article is

Shaping and Sharing in Democratic Theory: Towards a Political Philosophy of Interstate Equality

: TOWARDS A POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY OF INTERSTATE EQUALITY LEA BRILMAYER* Interstatecases pose most dramatically the question of the legitimacy of a state's exercise of coercive power. Professor Brilmayer ... Limits of Political Theories (unpublished manuscript on file, FloridaState University Law Review). 9. Rawls, Legal Obligation and the Duty of Fair Play, in LAW AND PHILOSOPHY 3 (S. Hook ed. 1964) ("I

The Eventualization of Political Thinking: From the Arab Revolutions to the Trump Era

In his article, "The Eventualization of Political Thinking: From the Arab Revolutions to the Trump Era", Óscar Barroso maps out some of the most important contemporary philosophies of the Event ... available through Purdue e-Pubs, a service of the Purdue University Libraries. Please contact 2 Part of the Comparative Literature Commons, Continental Philosophy Commons, Ethics and Political Philosophy