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Het vaststellen van de mate van religieuze tolerantie bij leraren in opleiding

student teachers. It is not this article's purpose to enter into a discussion about how to actually resolve religious, cultural and political conflict, but merely to embark on the process of developing an ... ', Philosophy and Social Criticism 41(2), 93-110. viewed 23 November 2014, from        [ Links ] Goodin, R.E., 2006, What's wrong with terrorism

Politici zonder partij. Sociale zekerheid en de geboorte van het neoliberalisme in Nederland (1945-1958)

Although most political historians presumably acknowledge the vital importance of ideas in politics, the relation between political ideas and power relations remains a remarkably neglected topic in ... article assesses the role of political ideas in times of deep political crisis, focusing on the Dutch neoliberals, who fiercely opposed the emerging welfare state in the aftermath of the Second World War

HBS: van modern instituut tot fossiel in 100 jaar

, and the disappearance of the HBS are among them. This history has been described from a political, socio-economical and from a pedagogical point of view. This paper discusses the same shift as a

De prijs van de vrede. De Nederlandse inbreng in het Europees Concert, 1815-1818

1815, smaller powers such as the Netherlands were allowed to weigh in on the Four Powers’ deliberations in Paris. The political conundrums regarding these financial securities and reparationshave not ... could exert provided they deployed smart financial experts. Under that condition large political and financial gains could be made. * The research leading to these results has received funding from the

Calvyn se etiek van die sosiaal-ekonomiese lewe

Antwerp, Belgium. Another decade (1981-1991) saw him as Chairperson of the Dutch Christian Inter Church Aid (ICCO). He was nominated as professor in Cultural Philosophy in the Faculty of Philosophy of the

Kritisch kijken naar de accountantsprofessie, ook de academische, is noodzakelijk

assessment of what it might contribute within organizational and societal contexts); • recognizing that disciplines other than Economics (including: Philosophy, History, Psychology and Sociology) have ... basis van het werk van Laughlin (1999) – de volgende karakteristiek van ‘critical accounting’ gegeven: 1. It is always contextual. That is, it recognises that accounting has social, political and economic

What is Christian Philosophy?

This essay is a translation, by John H. Kok, of Gerrit Glas’s inaugural lecture—“Wat is Christelijke filosofie?”—as Professor of Christian Philosophy at the Vrije University, Amsterdam.

What is Christian Philosophy?

This essay is a translation, by John H. Kok, of Gerrit Glas’s inaugural lecture—“Wat is Christelijke filosofie?”—as Professor of Christian Philosophy at the Vrije University, Amsterdam.

Interrogating resilience in health systems development

alternative imaginations of just and equitable health systems including the socio-political struggles required to attain those; and (3) an empirical case study from Gaza makes the case that resilience and ... resilience provides a smokescreen for the acceptance of a policy discourse that has ideological bearings and political implications. This commentary is the outcome of a panel discussion at HSR (2016) in which

van den Bercken & Sutton, eds. "Aesthetics as a Religious Factor in Eastern and Western Christianity. Selected Papers of the International Conference Held at the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands, in June 2004" - Book Review

reader interested in Orthodox Christianity and Russian religious philosophy will find papers not only on such famous 19thand 20thcentury thinkers and artists as Vladimir Soloviev, Lev Shestov, Dmitry ... Gadamer's Hermeneutics of Art"), as well as one paper on music (Konstantin Zenkin, "St. Gregory Palamas' Doctrine on Essence and Energy and A. F. Losev's Philosophy of Music") Overall, the papers that are

Die Christelike filosofie van D.H.Th. Vollenhoven (1892-1978): Hoe dit ontstaan en verder ontwikkel het

This article is the first in a series of three dealing with the emergence of a reformational-Christian philosophy in the work of D.H.Th. Vollenhoven (1892-1978), H. Dooyeweerd (1894-1977) of the ... ): How it originated and was developed     Barend J. van der Walt School for Philosophy, North-West University, Potchefstroom Campus, South Africa Correspondence     OPSOMMING Hierdie

'Uitgebreid naar gelang het onderwijs zulks vereischt' Het instrumentenkabinet van de Rijks Hogere Burgerschool te Groningen

the second half of the 19th century (Master Thesis History and Philosophy of Science Universiteit Utrecht 2017) 87–88.  3De eerste directeuren van de Groningse Rijks HBS waren van 1864 tot 1869 ... Philosophy in the Netherlands’, in: Jim Bennett & Sofia Talas, Cabinets of Experimental Philosophy in Eighteenth-Century Europe (Leiden/Boston 2013) 1–26.  7Verslag van den staat der hooge-, middelbare en

Ruzie over de antichrist. Cornelis Uythage (ca. 1640–1686) als geleerde querulant

. He appears to have been moved by a spirit of contradiction rather than by any real concerns. Since he did not have any philosophical or political program, in the end his protests could be easily ... insequente collatus est publice et solenniter’.  9Zie onder andere Theo Verbeek, Descartes and the Dutch. Early reactions to Cartesian philosophy 1637–1650 (Carbondale & Edwardsville 1992); Wiep van Bunge

Het college van hoofdingelanden. De vertegenwoordiging van de ingelanden in Rijnland en Schieland in de vroegmoderne tijd

Principal Landowners. By linking representative institutions in rural contexts to cities, this article contributes to the debate whether or not intensive political participation was an urban phenomenon. ... . 1400–1650’, in: Oscar Gelderblom (ed.), The Political Economy of the Dutch Republic (Farnham, Burlington 2009) 167–196, aldaar 182.  19Arie van der Schoor, Stad in aanwas. Geschiedenis van Rotterdam

‘Benelux moet in de harten en de geesten worden gebracht’. De cultureelpolitieke kijk op de Benelux in het naoorlogse België (1944-1955)

‘Benelux must be brought into the Heart and Mind’: The Cultural-Political View of the Benelux in Post-War Belgium (1944-1955)Benelux was a construction that came into being only with considerable ... political promotors of Benelux found it useful to publicise it on the cultural-political level, using their own networks and their publications. They also obtained help from the staff of the Belgian-Dutch

Joris Gijsenbergh, Democratie en gezag. Extremismebestrijding in Nederland, 1917-1940

bewijs. Notes 1K. Loewenstein, ‘Militant democracy and fundamental rights II’, American Political Science Review, 31 (1937) 638–658, aldaar 656-657; S. Tyulkana, Militant Democracy: Undemocratic ... Political Parties and Beyond (Londen en New York 2015) aldaar 13-14, 28.  2Bijvoorbeeld: J.J. Linz, J.J. en A. Stepan. (eds.) The Breakdown of Democratic Regimes (Baltimore 1978).  3G. Capoccia

Historische excuses. Inleiding

het forum 'Historische excuses' IntroductionNowadays offering historical apologies seems to be the rule. Such  moral admissions of guilt are complicated by the acknowledgement of political, legal and

Inzicht door onderdompeling. Een reactie op Bart Van de Putte, Henk de Smaele en Dirk Jan Wolffram

on the ways in which shifting patterns in women’s freedom of movement in urban spaces were related to their political and economic emancipation. In response to Dirk Jan Wolffram, Furnée repeats some ... practices in places of leisure impacted upon local and national politics, even though this did not directly contribute to a linear process of increasing political participation and representation. Aan de hand

Gesprekken in Genua. Giovanni Costa over het Twaalfjarig Bestand

In early-modern Europe, historiography was often deployed as a political means for addressing internal issues. An example of such a history text written with a local agenda in mind is the tract ... and political contexts, Castiglione to Galileo, Cambridge 1992; P. Burke, ‘The Renaissance dialogue’, in: Renaissance Studies 3.1 (1989), p. 1–12.  13Met name in de rijke collecties van het Archivio