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Probing popular and political discourse on antimicrobial resistance in China

global power, there is a clear need to understand how this issue is discussed and framed in both Chinese popular discourse, as reflected by news media articles, and political discourse, as reflected in ... excluded any news articles that reported only basic science discoveries; we did include records that discussed AMR in a societal context, such as those that emphasize the political or economic implications

Role of malaria partners in malaria elimination in Armenia

strategy adopted by the member-states at the beginning of the 2000s. A political document “From control to malaria elimination” known as the “Tashkent Declaration” was unanimously endorsed by the member ... elimination required a comprehensive national effort. Full support, both political and financial, from the highest levels of government to smooth coordination between different government ministries, such as

Natalia Tomilina – personality and profession

kidney problems. In the interview on can find not only the story of her professional life, but also standpoint and philosophy of a great personality. Answering the question about emigration she said: “I ... . She loves literature and music and has traveled widely, taking thousands of photographs. Since 1952 she has been deeply involved in political life and has a very firm social stand. To conclude

Pollution effects on fisheries — potential management activities

Management of ocean pollution must be based on the best available scientific information, with adequate consideration of economic, social, and political realities. Unfortunately, the best available

Suicidal ideation, suicidal behaviors, and attitudes towards suicide of adolescents enrolled in the Alternative Learning System in Manila, Philippines—a mixed methods study

) securing learners’ safety, (3) teaching philosophy, (4) teacher and learner beliefs towards suicidal behavior, and (5) availability of school-offered and community-based services.ConclusionSuicidal ideation ... suicide.” (Male Learner, 17 y/o) Teaching philosophy Teachers’ values and beliefs related to teaching and how it related to learners with suicidal behavior form the theme teaching philosophy. Teachers

Improving access to multi-drug resistant tuberculosis diagnostic and health services for refugees and migrants

tuberculosis during refugee migration is a now priority issue in the public health agenda. Political and scientific commitment at the highest national and international levels will be critical to intensifying ... - and refugee-sensitive care and prevention program, with supportive intersectoral policies and systems. Political commitments at the highest national and international levels provide hope for the

Sociology of the professions: what it means for podiatry

The health professions have progressed and evolved considerably over the last few decades in response to demographic, technological, societal and political changes. They continue to do so as the ... highlights that some paradigms are more relevant than others in the current socio-political landscape. It also illustrates that there is a common theme underlying each approach to defining the professions and

GM insect pests under the Brazilian regulatory framework: development and perspectives

the regulatory framework, sometimes necessary to allow a proper risk assessment of products from new technologies, are strongly influenced by political decisions derived from the balance of power and ... established the basis for the use of modern biotechnology in the country. It is concluded that, for the adoption of the new technologies, it is important to carefully navigate the political tensions by seeking

Measles lessons in an anti-vaccination era: public health is a social duty, not a political option

Measles virus, member of the genus Morbillivirus in the family Paramyxoviridae, is a highly contagious human pathogen. An effective live-attenuated vaccine is available and its use has the potential to eradicate the disease from the human population. Although the vaccine was introduced in national vaccination schedules, several measles outbreaks have occurred because of...

An overview of realist evaluation for simulation-based education

questions is realist evaluation.Realist evaluation is an emerging methodology that is suited to evaluating complex interventions such as SBE. The realist philosophy positions itself between positivist and ... not) is realist (realistic) evaluation [19]. Realist evaluation Realism is a philosophy which positions itself between positivism and constructivism. Positivism describes reality as fixed and our

Developing a bioethics curriculum for medical students from divergent geo-political regions

effect, and parallel analysis of faculty provided some degree of verification of data. IPEME’s application process is designed to select students whose views accord with the health-for-peace philosophy

Policy driven changes in animal research practices: mapping researchers’ attitudes towards animal-free innovations using the Netherlands as an example

 Governmental goals Legislation  Abbreviations EU European Union MSc Master of Science (degree) PhD Doctor of Philosophy (degree) SD Standard deviation Electronic supplementary material The online version of ... the country where they were currently working. Similar to our results, Van Noorden presented that an ‘authoritarian political system and restricted freedom’ were seen as barriers for emigration to that

Precision medicine for all? Challenges and opportunities for a precision medicine approach to critical illness

of critical care may be tempted to envision that complex, acute syndromes could bend to a similar reductionist philosophy—where single mutations could identify and target our critically ill patients

Replicability and replication in the humanities

; literature; the study of the performing arts, such as music, theater, and dance; the study of the visual arts, such as drawing, painting, and film; philosophy; theology; and religious studies. This captures ... this objection, I think it is important to note that there is a wide variety of methods used in the humanities. Among them are: more or less formal logic (in philosophy, theology, and law), literary

Developing an approach to assessing the political feasibility of global collective action and an international agreement on antimicrobial resistance

microorganisms. This article describes an approach to assessing whether political and stakeholder interests can align to commit to tackling AMR. Methods: Two dimensions affecting political feasibility were ... , agreements could then be scaled up to achieve global action. AMR; Antibiotic Resistance; Global Health; Political Feasibility; International Affairs - Background Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) occurs when

Audience segmentation to disseminate behavioral health evidence to legislators: an empirical clustering analysis

logistic regression tested associations between legislator characteristics (e.g., political party, gender, ideology) and segment membership. Multi-level logistic regression assessed the predictive validity ... characteristics (e.g., gender, political party affiliation) with the assumption that there is homogeneity within demographic groups. A more sophisticated approach, empirical clustering, uses statistical techniques

Context matters in implementation science: a scoping review of determinant frameworks that describe contextual determinants for implementation outcomes

outcomes. We also excluded theoretical approaches developed and used in fields other than implementation science, e.g. psychology, sociology, organizational theory and political science. Further, we excluded ... articles followed by a Delphi process involving 44 implementation experts 5 categories (4 relate to contextual influences): • Innovation • Socio-political context • Organization • Adopting person/user

Regional approaches for enhancing global health security

world, a local threat can quickly become global in nature, threatening lives as well as economic and political stability. Many nations, however, lack the capacity to prevent, detect and respond to public

Evidence use in decision-making on introducing innovations: a systematic scoping review with stakeholder feedback

shape professional behaviour by requiring particular forms of evidence to inform decision-making. Pan-regional organisations shape innovation decision-making at lower levels. Political processes at all ... perspectives. Further qualitative research on decision-making practices that highlights how and why different types of evidence come to count during decisions, and tracks the political aspects of decisions about