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Synthetic philosophy

(hereafter Other Minds) from a methodological perspective. I show that these both instantiate what I call ‘synthetic philosophy.’ They are both Darwinian philosophers of science who draw on each other’s work ... , anthropology, economics, political science, history, philosophy, and literary theory to explain how and why cultural features (good and bad) work the way they do…Pre-Darwinian natural history at its best was

Paleobiology and philosophy

I offer four ways of distinguishing paleobiology from neontology, and from this develop a sketch of the philosophy of paleobiology. I then situate and describe the papers in the special issue

Absence perception and the philosophy of zero

account of numbers as properties of collections, (2) work on the philosophy of absences, and (3) recent work in numerical cognition and ontogenetic studies. ... , both epistemologically and ontologically. One response would be to be an extreme kind of formalist or fictionalist about mathematics, and then let our philosophy of notation and proof-theory or fictions

Constitution Notwithstanding: The Political Illegitimacy of the Death Penalty in American Democracy

This Comment argues that the death penalty is inconsistent with underlying principles of American democracy and is thus illegitimate as a matter of political philosophy, despite its conceded ... concludes that the death penalty ought to be rejected as a matter of political philosophy and that permanent abolition cannot be achieved through the traditional courtroom attacks. Lasting repeal of the death

Contingency in Political Philosophy

The paper examines John Horton’s realist political theory, in particular his critique of John Rawls’s “high” or “liberal moralism”, and seeks to determine the extent to which, together with Horton ... ) Introduction to the first series of Philosophy, Politics and Society, Peter Laslett delivered the funeral oration for political philosophy. 'For the moment, anyway' he declared 'political philosophy is dead

Pub Philosophy

Journal of Bioethical Inquiry pp 1–6 | Cite as Pub Philosophy AuthorsAuthors and affiliations D. Shaw Editorial First Online: 24 January 2019 1 Shares 384 Downloads ... KeywordsPubs Philosophy Ethics Public health Risk Alcohol  Introduction Last night I had planned to go into town with my friends for a drink. Yesterday morning one of them warned that he had a cold so

Education and Non-domination: Reflections from the Radical Tradition

the practical educational experiments associated with this tradition, I suggest that it can add a valuable dimension to recent critical work in philosophy of education that draws on the republican idea ... agree with Michael Sandel that doing philosophy means “reflecting critically on the way things are. That includes reflecting critically on social and political and economic arrangements. It always

Judicial Independence and Accountability: Withstanding Political Stress in Poland

PiS came back to power in 2015, their leaders understood that bringing the judicial system under political control was crucial to the success of their other policy aims.22 PiS?s philosophy and policy ... philosophy and both, to some degree, included a broad spectrum of political interests from right, left, labor, and so on.60 In 2005, the PiS party candidates received a quarter of the vote, sufficient for a

A World of Possibilities: The Place of Feasibility in Political Theory

Although the discussion about feasibility in political theory is still in its infancy, some important progress has been made in the last years to advance our understanding. In this paper, we intend ... recent years we have witnessed an intensified discussion in political philosophy about the usefulness of normative political theories. Doubt has been thrown against traditional or mainstream political

The Political Economy of Meat

This paper discusses variegated scholarly approaches to what is here typified as a political economy of meat. Identified as a multifaceted, transdisciplinary and most dynamic field of research

Organising Concepts of ‘Women’s Empowerment’ for Measurement: A Typology

political philosophy to develop a unified typology of empowerment concepts to guide measurement and evaluation. In this typology, empowerment (1) may be a property of individuals or collectives (2) may ... . KeywordsWomen’s empowerment Critical review Low- and middle-income countries International development Feminism Political philosophy  1 Introduction Women’s empowerment is widely recognized as a global policy

Philosophy of CRISPR-Cas: Introduction to Eugene Koonin’s target paper and commentaries

Article First Online: 13 February 2019 473 Downloads We are most grateful to Eugene Koonin for having accepted to write for Biology & Philosophy a target paper on such a major topic in current ... publications in philosophy of science journals [e.g., (Koonin and Starokadomskyy 2016)] or in collaboration with philosophers (O’Malley and Koonin 2011). Furthermore, and most crucially for the present issue of

Inclusion Through Political Participation, Trust from Shared Political Engagement: Children of Migrants and School Activism in Italy

xenophobic political parties and a continuing debate around migration and inclusion in different social contexts. Data consists of young migrants’ narratives, promoted and collected in 62 focus group and 118 ... introduce ‘school activism’ as the context of participation in political movements and campaigning of young migrants. School activism is an example and the context of the development of trusting relationships

Fabricated Truths and the Pathos of Proximity: What Would be a Nietzschean Philosophy of Contemporary Technoscience?

methodological and conceptual ingredients of Nietzsche’s philosophy of science, focussing on core issues such as “genealogy”, “interpretation”, “enhancement” and “truth”. Next, I will elucidate Nietzsche’s ... . KeywordsFriedrich Nietzsche Philosophy of science Nietzsche and science Continental philosophy Nietzsche studies  1 Introduction Nietzsche’s views on science (more precisely: on natural science) attracted a

Democratic Education for Hope: Contesting the Neoliberal Common Sense

This paper provides a reinterpretation of Paulo Freire’s philosophy of hope and suggests that this interpretation may function as a fruitful ground for democratic education that aims to contest the ... Freirean notion of humanization, which is the ontological foundation of Freire’s political pedagogy and his philosophy of hope. For Freire, humanization is the ontological vocation of human beings as being

Fundamentals of Holmes Juristic Philosophy

Supreme Court 13. Id. at 214. 14. Pound, loc. cit. supra note 2, at 452. 15. Wu, loc. cit. supra note 10, at 531. 16. C.L.P. 310; Laski, The Political Philosophy of Mr. Justice Holmes (1931) 40 YALE L. J ... . 683. The following excerpt from Laski is a good summary of Holmes' attitude toward absolutist ideas, and of his general philosophy of law: "The keynote of Mr. Justice Holmes' political outlook is a

Technology and Mathematics

, and it is shown that in order to analyze them, we need to combine tools and ideas from both the philosophy of technology and the philosophy of mathematics. In conclusion, it is argued that much more of ... underlying connection which we have not grasped? The purpose of the following three sections is to further introduce these three problems and to show that concepts from the philosophy of technology and the

Experimental ordinary language philosophy: a cross-linguistic study of defeasible default inferences

This paper provides new tools for philosophical argument analysis and fresh empirical foundations for ‘critical’ ordinary language philosophy. Language comprehension routinely involves stereotypical ... perspectives for ‘evidential’ experimental philosophy. KeywordsExperimental philosophy Ordinary language philosophy Salience effects Crosscultural psycholinguistics Naturalised argument analysis Argument from

God and Cogito: Semen Frank on the ontological argument

development of philosophy based on religious premises, which might be called “theological philosophy”. ... conviction, also the main truth of philosophy (Frank 2000, p. 630). In a number of his works, Frank propounded a very original interpretation of the ontological argument. Contrary to what he believed, his