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The Philosophy of Midcentury Corporation Statutes

seen that a more or less unmodified "en­ theologians, from business executives. abling act" philosophy is dominant in most of the recent corporation statutes, as it is in the Delaware statute. It is a ... same philosophy. Owen D. Young wrote that he con­ sidered himself a trustee not merely for stockholders, but for the corporate "institution"-i.e., for stock­ holders, employees, customers, and the

Drawing Religious and Political Boundaries: Constitutional Anti-Sorting Principles

Anti-sorting – the principle that argues against boundaries that define both religious and political borders – currently rests on two cases decided by the Supreme Court. Professor Samaha traces the ... are understandably controversial. Nobody should want an even distribution of every identifiable denomination and secular philosophy across every political jurisdiction. A defensible measure of

Lawyers, Law Schools and Law

flexibility, intellect, and money). Law schools serve to teach those who wish to be lawyers "the ways and means" of solving problems and the fundamental philosophy of supporting rather than cutting down the law.

Collected Papers -- The Dedication Year

, the First Civil Service Commissioner of the United Kingdom; and a conference paper by Peter H. Odegard, a professor of political science from University of California, Berkeley, among many others. ... political responsibility but for the basic values and assumptions of a free society." -from "The Response of the Political Order" by Peter H. Odegard, Professor of Political Science, University of California

The Goals of Economic Policy

edge of political philosophy that might attract the leaders of other countries. We offer the same goals, and differ chiefly in promising less with respect to their ful­ fillment. .The reason I wish to ... the tradition of individual freedom has been so fundamental to our political philosophy, the most obvious corollaries of it are well known, and these corollaries, like the goal itself, will appear out­

FN: New Faculty Profiles

Sexuality, Virtue, and the Good Life 49, Raja Halwani, ed. (Palgrave MacMillan 2007). "Five Questions on Political Philosophy," in Five Ouestions on Political Philosophy 83, Morten Ebbe Juul Nielsen, ed ... participation), "Radical Evil in the Lockean State: The Neglect of the Political Emotions," 3 Journal of Moral Philosophy 159 (2006). Also published in longer version in Oemocracy and the New Religious Pluralism

FN: Faculty Scholarship 2006-2007

Sexuality, Virtue, and the Good Life 49, Raja Halwani, ed. (Palgrave MacMillan 2007). "Five Questions on Political Philosophy," in Five Ouestions on Political Philosophy 83, Morten Ebbe Juul Nielsen, ed ... participation), "Radical Evil in the Lockean State: The Neglect of the Political Emotions," 3 Journal of Moral Philosophy 159 (2006). Also published in longer version in Oemocracy and the New Religious Pluralism

Crossing the Midway Plaisance, By and By

science and political philosophy. He emphasized the importance of public law, which was at that time not taught in major law schools. This type of study was not just for researchers, but for practitioners ... message, Freund Distinguished Service Professor of Law and - as she is appointed in both the Law School and Philosophy Department and is an Associate in the Classics Department, the Divinity School, and

Don't Trust Me (Except This One Time)

also bound by the law. Trust and political power are at play both domestically and nationally (and sometimes concurrently, demonstrated by President Bush's use of wiretapping) and, Professor Epstein says ... serve. Harnessing, and constraining, self-interest poses a never-ending challenge to lawyers of all political stripes and persuasions. The poet Juvenal hit the nail on the head when he asked this question

Krock on Crosskey: II

doctrine William Until a President committed to "progressive modera­ tion" as a political philosophy is replaced by another dis­ ciple of the New-Fair Deal no Supreme Court majority seems likely to adopt

Morris Cohen's Approach to Legal Philosophy

the principles upon which they decide have ever had a constant and continuous philosophy, into the framework of which they sought to fit the cases they had to decide. High-sounding names not seldom ... conceal the fact that what the jurist has persuaded himself to regard as a new philosophy, or a new method, is in truth no more than a new terminological apparatus for an already outmoded set of concepts

Reapportionment and Judicial Responsibilities

about whether and what role the courts should play in such political dealings, Dean Neal expresses a greater concern for the possibility of a failure of democracy in reapportionment. Despite not having a ... amounts to nothing less than the breakdown of the existing foundations of government. What it means is that the built-in mechanisms for adjusting the distribution of political power have failed. If resort

Corporate Political Speech, Political Extortion, and the Competition for Corporate Charters

choice. - about thirty states,' and these state statutes have a similarly venerable historical pedigree. The vintage of this regulation of corporate political speech distinguishes it from most modem ... campaign finance regulation, which for the most part traces its roots to the Watergate era.' The regulation of corporate political speech is also distinguished by its severity. Since Buckley v Valeo,6 the

Review of Studies in Legal Philosophy by Walt Kelly

and its citizens. - Studies in Legal Philosophy. Vol. I, Pogo, 1951. Pp. 182. Vol. II, I Go Pogo, 1952. Pp. 190. By Walt Kelly. New York: Simon and Schuster. $1.00 per volume. This is a day in which ... consequence merely of economic struggle and of consequent economic and political exploitation. The Soviet revolution did indeed fail to disestablish law and the work of law, but the Edenists1 then promptly

Political Protest and the Illinois Defense of Necessity

Illinois Code, the common law, and established doctrines of constitutional law and American political philosophy. Individuals and juries should not be left to decide case by case whether the law should be ... developing the situation and reasonably believed such conduct was necessary to avoid a public or private injury greater than the injury which might reasonably result from his own conduct.' Recently, political

Political Patronage in Public Contracting

. " The term "patronage" refers generally to "the allocation of the discretionary favors of - government in exchange for political support." M. TOLCHIN & S. TOLCHIN, To THE VICTOR 5 (1971). Although ... . TOLCHN & S. TOLCHIN, supra, at 5-6; see Elrod v. Burns, 427 U.S. at 353. Patronage is often associated with corruption in public office, M. JOHNSTON, POLITICAL CORRUPTION AND PUBLIC POLICY IN AMERICA 176

Toward a Political Supreme Court

and by state courts as by the nine berobed men in Washington. The issue is rather how that new law is made and why, and what effect it will or should have. Some political scientists and some self ... we want to keep politics out of the administration of justice, we must deprive the officials who administer justice of all discretion which might be influenced by political considerations. Else there

Fear of Theory (reviewing Legal Reasoning and Political Conflict by Cass R. Sunstein)

self-effacing agnosticism by his new vision of political philosophy. The philosopher's role was no longer the traditional one of advancing grand metaphysical theories. In our society, reasonable people ... the better. The problem lies with Rawls's claim that any political theory incapable of generating an overlapping consensus must fail as a philosophical analysis. Philosophy is supposed to be about truth

Review of The Philosophy of Law in Historical Perspective by Carl Joachim Friedrich

political community organized on a constitutional basis. It would not be practicable to attempt a comprehensive critique of Friedrich's personal philosophy of law within the confines of an ordinary book ... The Philosophy of Law in Historical Perspective. By Carl Joachim Friedrich. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1958. Pp. x, 253. $4.75. Professor Friedrich's new work is an ambitious attempt to

Racial Preferences in Higher Education: Political Responsibility and the Judicial Role

political process.' Professor Posner, on the other hand, argues that the equal protection clause should be read to prohibit "the distribution of benefits and costs by government on racial or ethnic grounds ... , in judicial decisions, in literature and schoolbooks, in the media of mass communications, and in the rhetoric of political leaders. both humanitarian and egalitarian ideals which also have deep roots