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Political Economy of Living Standards

consequences for the future direction of Australia’s economic, political and social development. The strategy of the Fraser government must be understood as having both short-run and long-run elements. It is ... to the economic philosophy com m only known as M onetarism or Friedmanism. The centre of this school of thought is one o f the most reactionary economics departments in the United States and its ch ief

Discussion and reply: Political parties and mass consciousness

Su m m e r Political Parties and Mass C onsciousness A t t h e M a r x C e n t e n a r y conference on "Prospects for Socialist C h an g e in Australia", held in M elbourne in April 1983, J o h n ... involved in the line political party" was necessary, if present p arlous state of the left, and of we were to get socialist change in the mass consciousness o f workers in Australia. relation to the

Lenin on "Counter-Hegemony"

Struggle, with as few members as possible. The Tasks of the Russian Social-Democrats, 1897, 2 /3 4 9 . . . . a special ‘struggle against the political police’ is required, a struggle that can never be ... . The evil is that, at a time when political discontent is almost universal, when conditions require our work to be carried out in complete secrecy, and when most of our activities have to be confined to

The Popular is Plural: Creating a Left Political Culture

THE POPULAR IS PLURAL: Creating a Left Political Culture Politici and the pleasure principle: The Soapbox ( ircui Tfirst instance, about a more extended concept of his is not an article about ... cultural politics. It is, in the culture than the one we are more accustomed to. By implication, the concept of 'the political’ which goes with it is also more extended. These ‘extensions' — my main argument

Political Responses to the Family : Bringing it all back home

Political Responses to the Family by M ichael Lerner Laurie Zoloth Hon. Wilson Riles Under the rubric o f "Political Responses to the Family" in this issue ALR publishes an abridged version o f an ... will be in itself sufficient to dislodge their political strength. On the contrary, they may then be in a position to identify new scapegoats, new enemies whose program s and positions have thwarted the

Political Responses to the Family : Changing the Family, Changing our Politics

and the political right have long been the moral guardians and defendants of the traditional family and they become more virulent and combative at times when economic and social dislocation might lead ... contradictions. W ork becomes an essential part of maleness so that unemployment is not only a financial disaster for many, but an em otional and psychic crisis which hinders political and social solutions to this

Margins: Where there's a Wills...

In April 1990 I wrote that "Australian politics...may be about to undergo quite dramatic structural change, with political forces outside the ALP and coalition parties taking seats in lower houses ... ties taking seats in lower houses and exercising real political power". I argued that there was a growing electoral trend towards progressive non-ALP candidates which seriously threatened the ALP's

Just Say Neo

the face of political life. ... as a political ‘rationality’ is not equivalent to neoliberalism as a political philosophy— a rationality combines philosophi­ cal themes with those taken from elsewhere. Here a rhetoric of the nation

Racism: Sociological Perspectives

. They form part of the structure of political formations, and the dominance of certain theories and certain philosophical orientations requires political explanation. ... writerthoenir widespread acceptance? Clearly, race relations, van den Berghe has they fulfil some social and political recently argued th at racism also has a purposes, and it is these purposes that genetic basis

Reviews: 1. The Non-Conformist 2. Anal Sects

For nearly 40 years Denis Freney has been the radical political agitator par excellence, deeply involving himself in campaigns for student rights, the Labor split, the NSW Teachers ... that is the autobiographer's privilege, but in Denis' case it is com­ pletely justified and ensures that the story of his personal and political de­ velopment is enthralling, entertaining andthought

A Critique of the ASTEC Report

conduct an inquiry into some of the political and technical aspects of uranium mining. The subsequent report, titled Australia's Role in the Nuclear Fuel Cycle is sometimes referred to as the Slatyer Report ... f horizontal nuclear proliferation adopted by A S T E C tells much ab o u t the philosophy the Report adopts to the functions of the N PR . ASTEC says " ... a n increase in the number o f countries

Australian Left Review No.63 March 1978

living in France discusses the current political situation there and the prospects for a victory of the left in the March elections. Our regular features Comment and Economic Notes examine some of the ... ideological impact o f the Gang: ‘not only must we settle accounts with the gang in the sphere of political and organisational line, we must also conduct criticism on the th eoretical plane o f philosophy

Education for Liberation

Education is always a political event ... education is never neutral, educators are all politicians Thus there can be no talk of education without talk of power, without talk of economic and ... enough. D eschooling Society is a diversion from the com plex political, organisational, intellectual and personal demands of revolutionary reconstruction in education. It is crucial, G intis writes, that

Viewpoints: Alternatives to ANZUS

A nuclear-free, independent Australia based on a new sustainable economic, social and political order. That's my vision and my hope. ... sustainable economic, social parliamentary process was not taken and political order. That's my vision lightly. The debate within the peace and my hope. It's also the hope of half movement has been lively since

The Liberal Face of Liberalism

political philosophy: Rousseau; John Locke; and socialism. Over the last decade, each of those three has been fundamentally affected by changes in our society. The Rousseauian belief that a state of nature is ... generation of the 1980s, which has now run out of steam. Socialism has basically left the field with the demise of the regimes in Eastern Europe. So there is this enormous shift in political philosophy, and

Is there still hope in Fiji?

For the first time since Fiji's coup of 14 May, there may be a glimmer of hope for a political solution that will not hurl the nation back into the Dark Ages. The compromise arising from the Great ... I s T h e r e Still Hope In Fiji? - or the first time since Fiji's F coup of 14 May, there may be a glimmer of hope for a political solution that will not hurl the nation back into the Dark Ages

Consuming Passions: Correct Line Cooking

progressive Australian: FOOD. A veritable melange of sage and timely critique awaits you as we explore the pleasurable and political world of the kitchen. ... it. First, locate a bottle of port. I usually have several bottles foisted upon me by a diversity of political groups bearing allegedly humorous labels. It is often inadvisable to drink the contents of

Courting Controversy

First the Mabo ruling, then the political advertising case: the High Court is clearly turning ‘political’. A fen cdo pmamrlioanm Leneftta rrye sspoovnerseei gins tyto. deBut Angus Corbett disagrees ... First the Mabo ruling, then the found that parliament's recent amendment to the political advertising case: the High Broadcasting Act, which had the effect of banning Court is clearly turning

The Soviet Experience: An Interview with Lloyd Churchward

Lloyd Churchward, former reader in Political Science at Melbourne University, and author of a number of books on the Soviet Union, discusses the Soviet Union with Henry Zimmerman. They cover the

Vietnam Third Force?

IT IS SURELY a sign of the times, and one that gives ground for the greatest satisfaction, that a major Australian: political figure should be occupying himself with serious and sympathetic study of ... shift in the centre of gravity of A ustralian political life w hich has taken, place over those years and is continuing at an accelerated rate. - Malcolm Salmon spent several years in Vietnam; he is