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Lenin on "Counter-Hegemony"

Struggle, with as few members as possible. The Tasks of the Russian Social-Democrats, 1897, 2 /3 4 9 . . . . a special ‘struggle against the political police’ is required, a struggle that can never be ... . The evil is that, at a time when political discontent is almost universal, when conditions require our work to be carried out in complete secrecy, and when most of our activities have to be confined to

Australian Left Review No.23 February-March 1970

con stitu tio nal law is “ only h a lf law and h alf philosophypolitical ph ilo soph y” .1* Ju dges involved in c o n stitu ­ tional cases are n o t ‘law -vending’ m ach ines, and they c a n n o t ... in tangible, is likely to accrue to th e side w hose case ap p ro ach es closer to th e p re d o m in a n t political philosophy in m ost m inds along th e B e n c h .” 10 The C G lL ’s w hole effort

Australian Left Review No.23 February-March 1970

con stitu tio nal law is “ only h a lf law and h alf philosophypolitical ph ilo soph y” .1* Ju dges involved in c o n stitu ­ tional cases are n o t ‘law -vending’ m ach ines, and they c a n n o t ... in tangible, is likely to accrue to th e side w hose case ap p ro ach es closer to th e p re d o m in a n t political philosophy in m ost m inds along th e B e n c h .” 10 The C G lL ’s w hole effort

Australian Left Review No. 58 April 1977

fright at the long-run prospects of the ‘free trade’ philosophy of the government, and it is looking for political allies such as the trade unions. As the longrun aspects begin to dom inate, the ... society. Ultimately this may be the situation, but this conception omits so much o f the detail that it can become a misleading caricature of reality and a self-defeating political philosophy. If we are

Australian Left Review No.38 December 1972

. Easton and K.H. Guddat (ed s.) “ Writings o f the Young Marx on Philosophy and S ociety” (Doubleday Anchor, New York, 19 6 7 ) p. 213. 3. “ The German Id eology,” ibid., p. 415. The negativity and its ... the means of intellectual prod­ uction, so that it also controls, generally speaking, the ideas of those who lack the means of intellectual production.” ( 7 ) Similarly, science and philosophy were

Australian Left Review No.145 November 1992

reflec­ tion on the practice and art of government, on how to govern, as a political philosophy or doctrine. In contrast, socialism has tended to develop a political philosophy but not an independent ... fatally flawed. 12 A LIBERAL DOSE: Mitchell Dean argues that liberalism now forms the bedrock of contemporary political debate. BARRIER PROTECTION: Why save the environment? Denise Russell ponders. THE

Consuming Passions: City of Bookshops

662.1396). It is a general bookshop, but has a touch of quality to its selec­ tion of contemporary literature, and carries a good range of books on history, politics, philosophy, and much more. Located near ... . Current political and social issues, both Australian and over­ seas, are covered and there is a small but lively selection of fiction. Further along the street is the Grub S treet B o o k s h o p (317

Australian Left Review No. 116 April 1990

and jointly cut military expenditures. The pacts alone, however, cannot deter the threat of political instability as austerity courses take full effect. The people of Central and Eastern Europe have ... political alternative. The hardship ahead for Eastern Europe is now only a question of magnitude. P a u lH o ck en o s - a freela n ce jo u r n a list liv in g in B u d ap est. U N O ’s Double Trouble Penny

Australian Left Review No. 109 1989

collective. ©I BRIEFINGS Cain’s Curse Victoria’s economic strategy comes unstuck 1 9 7 5 and All That? Old friends fall out, and Vanuatu pays the price Indonesia’s Political Shadowplay Are cracks developing ... year, hortly after its historic third the Victorian Labor govern­ ment now finds itself embroiled in a major political crisis following revelations o f mismanagement and incompetence in the publicly

Australian Left Review No. 9

ideas. A U ST R A L IA N L E F T R EV IEW is a m arxist jo u rn al of inform a­ tion, analysis and discussion on economics, politics, trade unionism , history, philosophy, science and art, for the prom ... alliance w ith all its im agined advantages in investment, trade an d a special political relationship and m ilitary protection. Stuck with th at fatal decision, the governm ent’s position has gone from bad

Australian Left Review No.147 February 1993

necessity, to be based on compulsion and punitive sanc­ tions rather than the overriding philosophy of minimal government intervention expressed in Jobsback! or Howard’s political rhetoric. While the focus ... , righteous and sensible to have a real personality. In the 1938 Le Sceptre d’Ottokar (King Ottakar's Sceptre) Hergg brought his political satireclosertohome, as Tintin travelled to the ru­ ral Balkanesque

Australian Left Review No.40 May 1973

"Philosophy fo r an Ex­ panding W o rld " complete the issue. INTERVIEW W ITH WILFRED BURCHETT UNPRODUCTIVE CONSUMPTION and its effects on economy and consciousness Gerry Harant INTERVIEW W ITH MANUEL ... o f fully honoring the political provi­ sions of the Vietnam settlement? tion that the US was an aggressor and that the US had to withdraw its forces completely from South Vietnam. The agreement is

Comment: ALR 53

edibank deal also serves political and social aim s as well as directly econom ic ones. At great adm inistrative cost, it m aintains the private funds. It imposes a steep levy w hich m ost w ill find more ... concern is that the governm ent, in pursuing its philosophy and ideology of prom oting private enterprise and p ro fit by ditching the idea of social responsibility, even in the welfare field, is carrying

Conference of the Left

, Philosophy Dept., University of Q 'land , 4067 A L R was one of a num ber of journals invited to express opinions on this project. T h e Editorial Board expresses support and will be undertaking a num ber of ... is growing. This discontent is wide-ranging and deep. Its range includes Encroachments upon civil liberties inherent in the existing political structure and control. The quality of life in a society

Book Reviews

by the ‘realist con­ ception of history.’ “T h e philosophy from which th e doc­ trine originates, is the voluntarism of praxis which Marx and Engels derived from Feuerbach.” It is a pity th a t th e ... the ideas of the facts (nomenclature) are never significant theoretically, though they may be useful on a practical-political level. T o come to Bakunin, and to foreshadow the content of a future


th e needs o f its m any parts into a co h eren t vision a n d philosophy. The right has cleverly shifted the g ro u n d s o f the political de b a te aw a y from i t s t r a d i t i o n a l i m a g e ... ). This develo pm ent was reflected in the political and personnel changes in the last year of the W hillam governm ent, as it a ban d o n ed all o f its reform prog ram . The particu lar post-1974 co ntr

Australian Left Review No. 118 June 1990

declining membership? What is the importance of community and locality in Australian social and political life? How can the NLP support the Aboriginal Movement? Australia’s Foreign Debt and Foreign ... helm ing belief that rural Australia must have a voice and gain political power if it is to capture its fair share of economic resources. There is said to exist in rural A u stralia a pervasive 'co u n

Australian Left Review No. 30

journal of informa­ tion, analysis and discussion on economics, politics, trade unionism, history, philosophy, science and art, for the promotion of socialist ideas. Published two monthly. Single copies ... level of common sense to the level of philosophy; from an incoherent and frequently internally self-contradictory world view to a coherent world view, which both explained the relationship between society

Australian Left Review No. 22 December 1969

political economy. Avi­ neri demonstrates th at Marx's change in emphasis from philosophy to cri­ tique of political economy indicated the fulfilment of a plan sketched out in his early writings. In 1843 ... established. T h u s wide strata of the Jap an ese people were u n ite d in opposition to th e Security T re a ty irrespective of differences in th e ir ideology, creed a n d political position. T h e developm


existing needs. (Exam ple: Political science courses at present force the student to absorb a large bulk o f institutional detail — how m any m em bers in the house of com ­ m ons; w hich countries have ... ot w ith the corner storekeeper, but with the chain-store owners. W hen the Bulletin was a t its pro-Fascist worst, Lindsay was doing its political car­ toons. Just fo r the m oney? N o, a p p a r­