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Precision medicine for all? Challenges and opportunities for a precision medicine approach to critical illness

of critical care may be tempted to envision that complex, acute syndromes could bend to a similar reductionist philosophy—where single mutations could identify and target our critically ill patients

Clinical review: Does it matter which hemodynamic monitoring system is used?

Hemodynamic monitoring and management has greatly improved during the past decade. Technologies have evolved from very invasive to non-invasive, and the philosophy has shifted from a static approach ... totally noninvasive technologies [2-4]. At the same time, we have observed a conceptual shift in philosophy from the monitoring of static parameters to functional and dynamic approaches of hemodynamics [5

Introduction of medical emergency teams in Australia and New Zealand: a multicentre study

The philosophy behind medical emergency teams (METs) or rapid response teams leaving the intensive care unit (ICU) to evaluate and treat patients who are at risk on the wards and to prevent or

Delirium prediction in the intensive care unit: comparison of two delirium prediction models

to keep the doors closed? Intensive Care Med. 2014;40(5):730–3.View ArticlePubMedGoogle ScholarEly EW. The ABCDEF bundle: science and philosophy of how ICU liberation serves patients and families. Crit

Statistics review 3: Hypothesis testing and P values

The present review introduces the general philosophy behind hypothesis (significance) testing and calculation of P values. Guidelines for the interpretation of P values are also provided in the ... subsequent reviews. However, the philosophy behind these statistical tests and the interpretation of the resulting P values are always the same, and it is these ideas that are covered in the present review

Bench-to-bedside review: Latest results in hemorrhagic shock

. Despite enormous efforts to improve outcomes after severe hemorrhage, novel strategies based on experimental data have not resulted in profound changes in treatment philosophy. Recent clinical and ... philosophy. Recent clinical and experimental studies indicated the important influences of sex and genetics on pathophysiological mechanisms after hemorrhage. Those findings might provide one explanation why

Minimally invasive cardiopulmonary bypass: does it really change the outcome?

Introduction Many innovative cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) systems have recently been proposed by the industry. With few differences, they all share a philosophy based on priming volume reduction ... are proposing an 'MICPB system.' With the exception of a few differences related mainly to safety devices (aimed at detecting and eliminating air entering the circuit), they share the same philosophy

ICUs worldwide: A brief description of intensive care development in Argentina

not been uniform, and followed the political and economic troubles of the country, particularly those of its health system. Nevertheless, high quality care for critically ill patients, in both human and

Clinical review: Ethics and end-of-life care for critically ill patients in China

population originates from factors in the traditional ethics that exert a far-reaching influence on Chinese social philosophy: ancestor worship, the patriarchal clan system, and the Confucian principle of ... ways to modernization in economic, social, and political fields. Chinese ICU doctors face ethical problems similar to those of their European and American counterparts, but there are also differences

ICUs worldwide: An overview of critical care medicine in South Africa

South Africa has undergone rapid changes in the political and social arenas since 1994. With new policy-makers in the Department of Health, the distribution of health care resources are being

Bench-to-bedside review: The MET syndrome – the challenges of researching and adopting medical emergency teams

RRS poses enormous logistic, political, cultural, and financial challenges. In addition, double-blinded randomised controlled trials of RRS are simply not possible. Instead, as in the case of cardiac ... [33]. Second, these systems are complex human activities. They require consideration of several important anthropological, organisational, political, logistic, and administrative aspects [29]. These

Physiology versus evidence-based guidance for critical care practice

unquestioned and unstoppable. To rephrase a famous Bob Dylan line, there are no truths outside the gates of evidence-based medicine. The scientific method Epistemology is a word indicating the philosophy of

Structural equation modelling exploration of the key pathophysiological processes involved in cardiac surgery-related acute kidney injury in infants

- 31 . 34. Jennings E , Cuadrado A , Maher KO , Kogon B , Kirshbom PM , Simsic JM . Short-term outcomes in premature neonates adhering to the philosophy of supportive care allowing for weight gain and

Thoracic ultrasonography versus chest radiography for detection of pneumothoraces: challenges in deriving and interpreting summary diagnostic accuracy estimates

final manuscript and approved it to be submitted for publication. Authors’ information DJR is a Surgery and Clinician Investigator Program Resident who is presently conducting a Doctor of Philosophy

Severe hypoxemia: which strategy to choose

decades, the “philosophy” of PEEP has changed significantly. From a simple tool used to increase oxygenation at the beginning of the history of mechanical ventilation, PEEP has in recent years gained a

Video laryngoscopy improves intubation success and reduces esophageal intubations compared with direct laryngoscopy in the medical intensive care unit

initial device regardless of the number of attempts (3 or more) required by the supervised trainee. Current airway management philosophy advocates a limit on laryngoscopic attempts and favors the rapid

Gut instinct

prescriptions. Prolonged use of prophylactic antimicrobials therefore appears to run counter to this philosophy. In the current survey respondents tended to support the statements that SDD increases antimicrobial

Open visitation policies and practices in US ICUs: can we ever get there?

visitation? First, it should be understood that open visitation is not a onesize-fits-all philosophy. Second, it should be clarified that open visitation does not mean a free-for-all, with visitors being on

Ebola virus disease and critical illness

philosophy of providing only oral fluids for EVD care has given way to the delivery of contextFig. 2 Ebola treatment facility, Goderich, Sierra Leone—February 2015 appropriate critical care [ 38, 42, 74–79

Mechanical ventilation and intra-abdominal hypertension: 'Beyond Good and Evil'

Philosophy of the Future' , Friedrich Nietzsche Intra-abdominal hypertension is frequent in surgical and medical critically ill patients. Intra-abdominal hypertension has a serious impact on the function of