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Why Michigan v. EPA Requires that the Meaning of the Cost/Rationality Nexus Be Clarified

, and decides how to allocate rights between competing interests. This decision rests on political considerations and moral factors that are independent of the concept of cost. Cost quantification ... JUDICIAL AND POLITICAL REVIEW OF FEDERAL AGENCIES 177 (John F. Duffy & Michael Herz eds., 2005); Richard J. Pierce, Jr., What Factors Can an Agency Consider in Making a Decision?, 2009 MICH. L. REV. 67 (2009

Canada's International Forest Protection Obligations: A Case of Promises Forgotten in British Columbia and Alberta

in some areas." B.C.'s disregard of provincial, as well international, forest law is not a consequence of inadequate enforcement resources. Rather, it is consequence of political collusion and ... part to the timber industry's economic and political clout, 14 1 there are also constitutional considerations underlying its current position. 42 Under the Canadian Constitution, powers are divided