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Responsible Shale Gas Productions: Moral Outrage vs. Cool Analysis

The relatively sudden boom in shale gas production in the United States using hydraulic fracturing has provoked increasingly intense political conflict. The debate over fracking and shale gas ... necessary to guide policymaking. Recognizing this, policymakers must resist political pressures and work that much harder to ground their decisions in empirically-demonstrated facts – namely, those produced

A Tale of Two Trade Powers: Balancing Investor-State Dispute Settlement and Environmental Risk Between the European Union and United States in a Changing Political Climate

Press (bepress). ? A TALE OF TWO TRADE POWERS: BALANCING INVESTOR-STATE DISPUTE SETTLEMENT AND ENVIRONMENTAL RISK BETWEEN THE EU AND US IN A CHANGING POLITICAL CLIMATE ... for the provisions? inclusion, and then examine the risks associated with the evasion of regulation by investors, faults in political insulation, and flaws within the arbitration process. It will also

The Affordable Clean Energy Rule and the Past, Present and Future of Climate Change Regulation of the U.S. Power Industry

Power Plant NSPS?), concluded that EPA did not have the legal authority under the CAA to regulate climate change.5 The states and organizations sued.6 B. The political and legal tides turn In the ... political impact of the CPP and the lack of clear congressional authorization of such a rule, deference to EPA interpretation is not called for. The respondents contended that the CPP falls squarely within

Trends in the Social [Ir]responsibility of American Multinational Corporations: Increased Power, Diminished Accountability

specific candidates for office. The effect is to allow American companies to further consolidate their already substantial political power. The second, the opinion by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second ... unfortunate concert to increase the already considerable political power of U.S. corporations at home, even as they reduce the risk of legal accountability for their actions abroad. By doing so, they shrink the

Takings Bills Threaten Private Property, People, and the Environment

: ConstitutionalJurisprudence or Political Philosophy?, 18 Envtl. L. Rep. (Envtl. L. Inst.) 10,474, 10,476 (1988); Robert Meltz, FederalRegulation of the Environment and the Taking Issue, 37 FED. B. NEws & J. 95 (1990); Carol ... , Senator Dole's bill can be seen in part as a political effort to forestall any attempt by Senator Gramm to make a "property rights" appeal to right-wing Republican primary and caucus voters. As the New York

Changing The Face Of Environmentalism

become a political football. As one who has attended several local and state environmental meetings, it is clear that they often turn into discussions about how to get Democrats elected to political office ... . It falls to the environmental community to remove the politics from environmental discussions. It is not surprising that a political party would play its advantage and accuse another party of not

Mother Nature Knows Best- Fundamentals for Ensuring a Safe Water Supply

made, and the City endured a variety of water quality problems. Why no progress during those thirty years? Aside from the usual political problems, there were two major reasons: first, government ... from the threats of 1801, but unless government devotes the energy, the resources, and the political will to solving these problems, we are likely to face similar problems. Today, I plan briefly to

Mother Nature Knows Best: Fundamentals for Ensuring a Safe Water Supply

made, and the City endured a variety of water quality problems. Why no progress during those thirty years? Aside from the usual political problems, there were two major reasons: first, government ... from the threats of 1801, but unless government devotes the energy, the resources, and the political will to solving these problems, we are likely to face similar problems. Today, I plan briefly to

How to Reform Grazing Policy: Creating Forage Rights on Federal Rnagelands

(Peter Laslett ed., 1988). See generallyJOYCE OLDHAM APPLEBY, ECONOMIC THOUGHT AND IDEOLOGY IN SEVENTEENTH CENTURY ENGLAND (1978); C.B. MACPHERSON, THE POLITICAL ECONOMY OF POSSESSIVE INDIVIDUALISM: HOBBES ... been government ownership of lands throughout the West.1 4 This solution was readily adopted, under the banner of European socialist, American progressivism and other political and economic philosophies

Earth Rights, Human Rights- Can International Environmental Human Rights Affect Corporate Accountability?

1966 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights ("ICCPR")14 and the 1966 International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights ("ICESCR"). 5 These covenants were originally conceived ... introduction of ecological limitations may be possible in theory, it will be demonstrated that significant political, social and economic hurdles stand in the way of such a development. In particular, the

Why Michigan v. EPA Requires that the Meaning of the Cost/Rationality Nexus Be Clarified

, and decides how to allocate rights between competing interests. This decision rests on political considerations and moral factors that are independent of the concept of cost. Cost quantification ... JUDICIAL AND POLITICAL REVIEW OF FEDERAL AGENCIES 177 (John F. Duffy & Michael Herz eds., 2005); Richard J. Pierce, Jr., What Factors Can an Agency Consider in Making a Decision?, 2009 MICH. L. REV. 67 (2009

The Role of the Chief Executive Officer in Firm Environmental Decisions

given the current political climate where environmental regulations are being dismantled at an unprecedented rate. Indeed, in 2016, then United States presidential candidate Donald Trump said ?We are ... Both of these theories allow for executive characteristics to influence firm decisions. In this section, I review recent studies that examine how political ideology, narcissism, hubris, charisma, ability

Below Regularoy Concern: The Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Solution for Radioactive Waste Management

. The Commission uses the "as low as reasonably achievable" (ALARA) standard for radiation protection. The basic philosophy for the ALARA standard has been expressed by the International Commission on ... radioactive emissions. Except as otherwise provided ...nothing in this chapter shall preclude or deny the right of any [s]tate or political subdivision thereof to adopt or enforce ( 1 ) any standard or

Zoning Neighborhoods for Resilience: Drivers, Tools and Impacts

to be achieved, be based upon authoritative scientific, legal and social principles and must be implemented with an understanding of the costs—monetary and socio-political, that are demonstrably ... importance of the elements in consumption; the changes in the distribution and massing of population, springing from recognition of social, political, or residential differences between localities, . . . will

Ounces of Prevention and Pounds of Cure: Developing Sound Policies for Environemtnal Compliance Programs

, relations with foreign governments, insider trading, labor relations, conflicts of interest, misuse of confidential information, gifts to corporate officers and political contributions."); Dominic Bencivenga ... enforcement philosophy toward one that focusses more heavily on encouraging legal compliance.' This is a wise move, but it must cy Regarding the Role of Corporate Attitude, Policies, Practices, & Procedures, in

Standing for Everyone: Sierra Club v. Morton, Supreme Court Deliberations, and a Solution to the Problem of Environmental Standing

, the following terms have the meanings given them in this section. Person: ?Person? means any natural person, any state, municipality or other governmental or political subdivision or other public ... environmental quality standard, limitation, rule, order, license, stipulation agreement, or permit of the state or any instrumentality, agency, or political subdivision thereof that was issued prior to the date

Cracks on the Wall: Why States Should be Allowed to Lead on Climate Change

, especially when it comes to GHG emissions controls. State governments represent fewer people, and often there is a much more coherent, entrenched and dominant political faction or philosophy in state politics ... future, 3 even with the current political leadership which favors stronger environmental policies.14 Factors, like the economic crisis that began in 2008, continue to hamper climate reform efforts.1 5

In Search of Coherency in Negotiating Post-2015 International Climate, Development, and Disaster Risk Reduction Agreements

and prevention; whether a state's priorities are favorably inclined to protect vulnerable people; and the extent of respective political, social, and economic capabilities. The scope and scale of these ... would be threatened on account of his race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion."). 9. United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, May 9, 1992

Framing the Global Pact for the Environment: Why It's Needed, What It Does, and How It Does It

propose that a more effective use of effort would be to fortify these treaties with more resources and renewed political will, allowing for their full implementation and enforcement.24 While we recognize ... to promote a universal right to a healthy environment may well increase political will and improve implementation, if done right. In this sense, and convinced that the existing body of international

An Other History of Knowledge and Decision in Precautionary Approaches to Sustainability

, AHEAD 155 , 163 ( Bernward Joerges & Helga Nowotny eds., 2003 ). 32 . See BHIKHU PAREKH , GANDHI'S POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY: A CRITICAL EXAMINATION 86 ( 1989 ). 33 . See generally P. Wesley Schultz ... offer an alternative reading of precaution, with the hope of recovering the capacity of this ethic to facilitate leg-al and political deci--sions. 6 Since the Precautionary Principle began to gain