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The Terrorism Bar to Asylum in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States: Transporting Best Practices

fundamental doctrinal dilemma.' 6 13. DIPAK K_ GUPTA, UNDERSTANDING TERRORISM AND POLITICAL VIOLENCE 3 (2008). 14. See id. at 6-7. 15. See id. at 7-8. 16. The Encyclopediaof World Terrorismbegins with this ... , in this era, this term carries with it significant legal and political consequences. The meaning depends on who defines it. There is no real disagreement in the Western World on whether Mohammed Atta

The Pen and the Sword: Legal Justifications for the United States’ Engagement Against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS)

member States must refrain from the “threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state, or in any other manner inconsistent with the Purposes of the United ... will not authorize force against ISIS (specifically in Syria) for political reasons.60 Specifically, if the United States sought Security Council authorization to engage against ISIS, the United States

Employment Discrimination Faced by the Immigrant Worker- A lesson from the United States and South Africa

explains the historical, political, and social background of Title VI. It also offers an overview of the application of Title VII, with specific discussion regarding the term "national origin." 1. Historical ... , Political, and Social Background Title VII's creation can be traced to the Reconstruction era in the United States, when the US government began to address 27. See 42 U.S.C. § 2000c-2 (2006) (listing race

I Spy with My Not So Little Eye: A Comparison of Surveillance Law in the United States and New Zealand

Nations formally declared privacy a fundamental right in Article 12 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.22 Further, Article 17 of the 1966 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights ... GEO. WASH. INT’L L. REV. 659, 660 (2010) (describing the United Nations’ affirmative declaration of a right to privacy). 23. See International Covenant on Article of Civil and Political Rights art. 17

Dragon's House of Cards: Perils of Investing in Variable Interest Entities Domiciled in the People's Republic of China and Listed in the United States

structure’s fundamental viability.12 The murky legal and political landscape surrounding VIEs poses unusual challenges to the protection of US investor interests.13 ... .                                                                                                                              14 . See Mainland China, WIKIPEDIA, China (last visited on Feb. 26, 2014) (“[A] geographical and political term to describe the geographical area under the direct

Will The United States Continue To Say “You’re Fired” To Cedaw?: Lessons Learned From Germany And Chile’s Implementation Of Cedaw And The Potential For United States Ratification

in pursuit of equality between men and women.6 The cultural climate seems to point to a wide range of support for women’s rights, despite the contentious political climate the country is experiencing ... : specifically, Part II demonstrates how the post-war German political and social landscape continues to affect CEDAW’s enforcement. Part III moves to Chile, and explores the implementation of CEDAW there. This

Head-of-State and Foreign Official Immunity in the United States After Samantar: A Suggested Approach

, inconsistency, unfairness, and undue political influence) and the overall dearth of judicial cases, see 2011] international law, this Article endeavors to establish an analytical framework for US courts to use ... claims of immunity in every civil action against a foreign state or its political subdivisions, agencies, or instrumentalities.” It codified the State Department’s general criteria for making suggestions

After Guantánamo: Legal Rights of Foreign Detainees Held in the United States in the "War on Terror"

Treating Captives of War, N.Y. TIMES, Jan. 29, 2002, at Al4 ("Critics contend that the United States is fudging the definition of war to suit its political purposes."). 22. The so-called Christmas Day ... Political Branches While the US Constitution and the laws enacted by Congress govern this issue, US courts make the final determination. The US Supreme Court has spoken, to a limited extent, on the issue of

Revisiting Miranda After Avena: The Implications of Mexico v. United States of America for the Implementation of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations in the United States

Clause has the unique function of "transform [ing] instruments that had previously been operative on [nations] as political bodies and enforceable only by military force into instruments operative on

A Postal Code Lottery: Unequal Access to Abortion Services in the United States and Northern Ireland

scope of these restrictions in each of the states where TRAP laws have been passed or are in effect). See also Rachel Benson Gold & Elizabeth Nash, TRAP Laws Gain Political Traction While Abortion Clinics

Soziale Kompetenz: A Comparative Examination of the Social-Cognitive Processes that Underlie Legal Definitions of Mental Competency in the United States, Germany, and Japan

. See, e.g., THE OXFORD HANDBOOK OF PHILOSOPHY AND NEUROSCIENCE (John Bickle eds., 2013). 2015] Perhaps unsurprisingly, these scientific developments have caught the attention of legal actors throughout

The (Inter)natioanl Strategy: An Ivory Trade Ban in the United States and China

that while congressional members are sympathetic to museums, there is concern about political backlash for opposing the ban.341 Will a US Ban Reduce the Illegal Ivory Trade and Poaching ... suppression of the environmental movement as a source of the continuing illegal ivory trade). See also Susan V. Lawrence & Michael F. Martin, Understanding China’s Political System, CRS REPORT, 2, 16 (Mar. 20


birth to new legal or political system). 9. See id. at 4 (stating that despite manifold differences between laws of common law countries, common law tradition allows each country to draw upon experience ... self-determination as used in International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights "refers to civil and political rights enjoyed by peoples in their relationships with governments."). 349. Id. at *45-50

Preface: John Hume: The Architect of Peace

architect of peace. JOHN HUME: THE ARCHITECT OF PEACE Joseph P. Kennedy I]* John Hume is often praised these days for having the courage to reach out and seek dialogue with political rivals in order to ... tanks to stop the aggressive advance of heavily armed soldiers into the ranks of peaceful demonstrators. Personally and philosophically opposed to political violence, he has endured assassination