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The Philosophy of Law

or system was adopted, although on page 3 we are told, "It is believed that the proper field of the philosophy of law is the explanation of the operation of the external factors of political power and

Behavioristic Philosophy in Law

, 1927. First Principles John Adams: "The fundamental article of my political creed is that despotism or unlimited sovereignty or absolute power is the same in a majority of a popular assembly, an

Political Violence and the Media

, wars). Less universal, with wide variation across political cultures, is coverage of political violence. Political violence—sometimes officially sanctioned by governments seeking to remain in power and

Redirecting Direct Democracy: Non-Essential Spending as Political Speech

political speech, satisfying libertarian preferences of some while creating feedback on shared cooperation among others. ... showed that among Tea Party supporters 54% considered themselves Republicans, but 66% stated that they always or usually voted Republican, while 73% of Tea Party backers consider their political philosophy

Busses, Released Time and the Political Process

essentially what James Madison thought and did about the separation not merely of church and state but of political authority and religious forces in Virginia. All that they say of Madison's beliefs and actions

Defamation: Liability of Station Owners for Political Broadcasts

for Political Broadcasts-During the course of a political broadcast, a candidate for the United States Senate made libelous remarks concerning the Plaintiff corporation. The corporation brought suit for

An Attempt to Restrict Union and Corporate Political Activity

CORPORATE POLITICAL ACTIVITY Throughout the history of the United States, various attempts have been made to prevent the corporate giants from controlling elections and political parties. As the trade labor

Civil, Political, and Social Equality After Lincoln: A Paradigm and a Problematic

/iss4/39 - KATE MASUR* When it comes to Abraham Lincoln and race, there are few words more famous than the future president’s 1858 assertion that he had “no purpose to introduce political and social

The Political Act: Its Application to Annexation, Third Party Attack, and Corporate

:// - Article 5 THE POLITICAL ACT: ITS APPLICATION TO ANNEXATION, THIRD PARTY ATTACK, AND CORPORATE AUTHORITY Prior to an attempted annexation by Brown Deer and an attempted ... acting informally,6 and (2) that the doctrines of apparent authority and estoppel cannot apply because the action of the president in the present case related to a "political act". The court also used the

International Law: The Institutions of the European Communities in a Changing Political Climate

integration provided by the Community treaties was intended to result in a further political integration, but uprising national interests have caused the European Communities to be in "a situation of permanent

The Basic Ideas in the Philosophy of Law of St. Thomas Aquinas as Found in the "Summa Theologica"

Pufendorf. At approximately the same time, the first comprehensive "history of philosophy" appeared under the significant title: "De Doctoribus Scholasticis Corrupta Per Eos Divinarum Atque Humanarum Rerum

The Political Offense Exemption in International Extradition: A Comparison of the United States, Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland

with one of the central subjects in the international extradition problem - the political offender. Traditional definitions of "political offenses" and "political offenders" have been found to be ... inappropriate for dealing with the terrorism that the international political offenders sometimes produce. The politically oriented terrorist has been one of the targets of recent treaties and enactments in all

Postmodern Free Expression: A Philosophical Rationale for the Digital Age

American jurisprudence in specific political and cultural circumstances. Moreover, each rationale shares a foundational commitment to the classical liberal (modernist) self. But the three traditional

Election Law: Limitations on Independent PACs Held Unconstitutional. Federal Election Commission v. National Conservative Political Action Committee, 105 S. Ct. 1459 (1985)

funded presidential candidate in the general election.4 In Federal Election Commission v. National Conservative Political Action Committee (FEC v. NCPA C),5 the United States Supreme Court found 6 that the

The Artifice of Local Growth Politics: At-Large Elections, Ballot-Box Zoning, and Judicial Review

neighborhoods. This paper uses southern California as a case study to examine the ways in which local political structural arrangements have contributed to this conflict, and the reasons why judicial challenges

Public Choice, Contracting Out and Communitarianism

a deeper perception of the problems, practical and theoretical, that are posed by privatization. The themes also display important links with issues in political philosophy and jurisprudence. At the ... Policy Institute, as an academic teaching in the fields of comparative politics and public policy and as an academic research fellow, working in political philosophy. There is much in this Symposium which

Revisiting the Influence of Law Clerks on the U.S. Supreme Court's Agenda-Setting Process

and also suggest that political advisors, at the Supreme Court and in other institutions, are equipped to influence political elite decision making. ... . ** Associate Professor of Political Science, Michigan State University (East Lansing, MI). Email: . *** Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Georgia (Athens, GA). Email: . **** Assistant

Book Review: Overcoming Law by Richard Posner

questions" (p. 22). When forced to take a stand on issues of political and moral philosophy, Posner stands with the liberalism espoused by John Stuart Mill in On Liberty: "every person is entitled to the ... find no fault with interstitial reasoning, as his political philosophy does not preclude historical common law decision-making. Berns's difficulty is with judges who interpret policy decisions for