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Understanding the psychological nature and mechanisms of political trust

Political trust is a perennially important concern and the events of the last few years have, in many ways, heightened this importance. The relevant scholarship has done much to meet this challenge ... of America, 3 Department of Political Science, Michigan State University , East Lansing, Michigan , United States of America, 4 Poole College of Management, North Carolina State University , Raleigh

Underlying socio-political processes behind the 2016 US election

Recently we have witnessed a number of rapid shifts toward populism in the rhetoric and policies of major political parties, as exemplified in the 2016 Brexit Referendum, 2016 US Election, and 2017 ... Kingdom , 2 The London College of Political Technologists , Newspeak House, London , United Kingdom , 3 MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit, University of Glasgow , Glasgow , United Kingdom 1

Social media’s contribution to political misperceptions in U.S. Presidential elections

There is considerable concern about the role that social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, play in promoting misperceptions during political campaigns. These technologies are widely used, and ... samples of Americans during both the 2012 and 2016 U.S. Presidential elections to assess whether use of social media for political information promoted endorsement of falsehoods about major party candidates

Reliance on Facebook for news and its influence on political engagement

This paper examines the link between reliance on Facebook for news, political knowledge, and political engagement in the Philippines. We tested five hypotheses using data gathered from an online ... higher levels of perceived knowledge about politics than those who rely more on it for news. Controlling for traditional news use, following political officials or institutions on social media is

Respect and political disagreement: Can intergroup respect reduce the biased evaluation of outgroup arguments?

Past research indicates that in political debates the same arguments are judged very differently depending on the perceiver’s own position on the issue, because positions on controversial issues are ... was no longer significant when intergroup respect was experimentally induced (Study 2). Results support the notion that disagreements over political issues are intergroup conflicts, in which different

Liberals lecture, conservatives communicate: Analyzing complexity and ideology in 381,609 political speeches

, Ireland , 2 Amsterdam School of Communication Research, University of Amsterdam , Amsterdam, Noord-Holland , the Netherlands 1 Department of Political Science, University of Amsterdam , Amsterdam, Noord ... specific American and British examples to other speakers, political systems and time periods. In this paper, we find results in support of such a general trend between political ideology and linguistic

Political cycles: Beyond rational expectations

Motivation and method Existing rational expectations models cannot satisfactorily explain why political budget manipulations systematically raise re-election chances and only occur in “specific ... including unsophisticated voters into an opportunistic political cycle model; unsophisticated voters are unable to take the optimal behaviour of other agents (fully) into account, but may, nonetheless

Incorporating environmental costs of ecosystem service loss in political decision making: A synthesis of monetary values for Germany

Germany faces on-going degradation and biodiversity loss. As a consequence, goods and services provided by biodiversity for human well-being, so-called ecosystem services, are being lost. The associated economic costs and benefits are often unknown. To fill this gap, we conducted a literature review and developed a database of monetary values for the changes in ecosystem services...

Doing philosophy effectively II: A replication and elaboration of student learning in classroom teaching

An important aim of teaching philosophy in Dutch secondary schools is to learn about philosophy (that is, the great philosophers) by doing philosophy. In an earlier study published in PLoS ONE, we

Timescape of disaster risk governance in contemporary Japan: Neither state of normalcy nor constancy in regulation

regulation of disaster risk. The evolutionary relationship between these two parameters and other political and economic factors was reconstructed through the notion of disaster timescape. Results do not ... economic or political crises. Nor is there continual evolution of regulation of disaster risk but, rather, a sequence of long periods of quiescence and acceleration more indicative of policy punctuation. The

Is mobile app a new political discussion platform? An empirical study of the effect of WeChat use on college students’ political discussion and political efficacy

In the last couple of years, the increasing application and popularization of mobile app have dramatically transformed people’s daily political lives through offering innovative mechanisms for ... mainly focused on its characteristics, only few documents have unearthed the potential effect of using such emerging social media on facilitating political discussion and increasing political efficacy

Foreign Direct Investment in oil-abundant countries: The role of institutions

’ institutions on greenfield FDI, using a gravity equation for a dataset that covers 182 countries during 2003-2012. Our findings confirm that compliance to rule of law, lack of corruption, political stability and ... Castilla-La Mancha, SPAIN 0 Department of Economic Theory and History, University of Granada , Granada , Spain , 2 Department of Economic Analysis and Political Economy, University of Seville , Seville

Statistical reporting inconsistencies in experimental philosophy

Experimental philosophy (x-phi) is a young field of research in the intersection of philosophy and psychology. It aims to make progress on philosophical questions by using experimental methods ... the European Research Council through Starting Investigator Grant No. 640638, J.S. 1 Department of Philosophy and Tilburg Center for Logic, Ethics and Philosophy of Science (TiLPS), Tilburg University

Globally important islands where eradicating invasive mammals will benefit highly threatened vertebrates

approach to consider socio-political feasibility. We applied this framework using a comprehensive dataset describing the distribution of 1,184 highly threatened native vertebrate species (i.e. those listed ... eradicating invasive mammals would benefit highly threatened vertebrates. When socio-political feasibility was considered, we identified 169 of these islands where eradication planning or operation could be

Growth rings of Brazil nut trees (Bertholletia excelsa) as a living record of historical human disturbance in Central Amazonia

. We identify changes in tree recruitment and growth rates associated not only with regional climatic variability, but also major political and socio-economic activities recorded by historical documents ... expansion of a post-colonial political center (Manaus) from the middle of the 18th century onwards coincided with a reduction in recruitment of B. excelsa. We argue that this hiatus suggests the interruption

When do we care about political neutrality? The hypocritical nature of reaction to political bias

Claims and accusations of political bias are common in many countries. The essence of such claims is a denunciation of alleged violations of political neutrality in the context of media coverage ... School of Public Policy and Government, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem , Jerusalem , Israel 1 Department of Political Science, Stony Brook University , Stony Brook, NY , United States of America 2

The geographic evolution of political cleavages in Switzerland: A network approach to assessing levels and dynamics of polarization between local populations

Scholarly studies and common accounts of national politics enjoy pointing out the resilience of ideological divides among populations. Building on the image of political cleavages and geographic ... and party affiliation, current approaches in political research lack the capacity to measure their evolution over time or other vote subsets. This article introduces ?Dyadic Agreement Modeling? (DyAM

Correction: Political instability and supply-side barriers undermine the potential for high participation in HIV testing for the prevention of mother-to-child transmission in Guinea-Bissau: A retrospective cross-sectional study

Margarida Alfredo Gomes Peter Aaby Christian Wejse Morten Sodemann There is an error in the last sentence of the Results section. The correct sentence is: In the adjusted analyses, political instability was ... ) Political instability and supply-side barriers undermine the potential for high participation in HIV testing for the prevention of mother-to-child transmission in Guinea-Bissau: A retrospective cross

Psychometric assessments of Persian translations of three measures of conspiracist beliefs

relationships between scores on these measures and hypothesized antecedents (i.e., education, schizotypal personality, information processing style, superstitious beliefs, religiosity, and political orientation ... across socio-political spectra despite strong contra-indicatory evidence [ 4?6 ]. In the past two decades, there has been increasing interest in psychological predictors and outcomes of endorsing

Infectivity enhances prediction of viral cascades in Twitter

Models of contagion dynamics, originally developed for infectious diseases, have proven relevant to the study of information, news, and political opinions in online social systems. Modelling ... Systems Science, Beihang University , Beijing , China 1 Department of Computer Science, University College London, United Kingdom, 3 Systemic Risk Centre, London School of Economics and Political Sciences