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Lenin on "Counter-Hegemony"

Struggle, with as few members as possible. The Tasks of the Russian Social-Democrats, 1897, 2 /3 4 9 . . . . a special ‘struggle against the political police’ is required, a struggle that can never be ... . The evil is that, at a time when political discontent is almost universal, when conditions require our work to be carried out in complete secrecy, and when most of our activities have to be confined to

Letters: ALR104

Shanghai say involved up to 150,000 people, are a mark of ho*" intensely the issue of political democracy is regarded there. i hope that we will grow to be as enthusiastic for the continuing Chinese ... revolution as we are for developments in the Soviet Union. We could well find that the historical and political significance of changes in that country will be more profound than what is happening in the USSR

The Future for the Left: ALR104

be dam ned! Jade sees this astro-political opportunism as antithet­ ical to the cause of astrological unity. However, f digress. In this edition the ultimate horrorscope — big Karl himself! (Although ... art of a generation who were all to seek to push back the frontiers of existing philosophy and have places named after them. LOOKING A H EA D Aries March 21 to April 20 With Mars ducking into your

Briefings: 1. The IRA Regrets... 2. Romanian Holiday 3. Turning Turtle

the least adequately represented people in Europe. They elect 17 MPs to the Westminster parliament, none of whom belong to mainland political parties, and who therefore have little input into ... religious divides than any political or military campaigns. The effects of these external influen­ ces will be long-term and gradual. Yet they represent the possibility of changing the terms of the debate on

Unions at the Crossroads: Accord in Discord

10 years in the Com­ munist Party of Australia. Although he is currently not a member of a political party he has a dose interest in political developments on the Left On March 20 this year, just four ... union just days before a crudal election. So was it a political deal to protect the chances of a fourth Labor term? And if there was a deal for the sake of a Labor victory, will the govern­ ment back it

Identity Crisis

the needd to rethink political constituencies, alignments, forms of or’bDeeyond class' and beyond the political and theoreticas garnisation, affiliation and processes. It concerns thinkinj references of ... both a received marxism and a traditional Eabourism. The politics of identity is markedly a product of the 'seventies, of the New Left and of the new political logics sketched out by feminism, and the

Bohemian Rhapsody

opposition could fulfil such high expectations. So, as the quasi-govemmental party, CF has been blamed for the many problems that persist. At the same time, CF is a very broad political movement which ... encompasses a spectrum wider than any traditional political party. This is both a weakness and a strength. Some people argue that it is too all-encompassing and not specific enough. Yet it unites within the

News from Nowhere: Night Noise

mythos was another curious aspect to this. Joshua Meyrowitz has argued that media have made political figures more of an everyday presence, and this has rendered them less heroic in stature, more everyday

Margins: Is Peace Enough?

unacceptable solution, or no solution at all to the present crisis. But if the political ideas behind them rem ain naive and com­ placent, the Left is condemning it­ self to remain on the outer fringes of A

Sovereign Desires

D E S I R E S - Sovereign T he term 'sovereignty' has several tech­ nical legal meanings as well as a less specific general or political meaning. When aboriginal people in Australia, or ... elsewhere, assert their sovereignty they may be using the phrase in either a legal or a political sense or in a sense that represents some amalgam of the two. Communication becomes difficult if those

News from Nowhere: Glorious Defeats

analysis offered in the film of the union movement's relationship to the changing political and economic environment, not just in Australia, but concerning Australia's inser­ tion into Ihe world economy. One

Briefings: 1. The Barbarian Syndrome 2. Sweden Sour 3. National Obsession 4. Papua Tiger

with die uneasy co-operation of a gaggle of independents and dissident conservatives, will not divert his program of public sector rationalisation and debt reduction, he says. Butin political terms ... everything is different According to the Premier his p o licie s are correct but misunderstood. The Treasury exercise may well be the start of a new campaign to regain control of his political agenda-a control

Governing Corruption

for panic. In this sense, our conclusion is that corruption inquiries should be seen as useful aids to a sort of popular political sociology. Given sensible reporting, they should help to make voters

The China Syndrome

European countries which have already adopted a democratic political sys­ tem, it is now all too clear that even after the overthrow of the communist parties, it is not easy to transform the economy into a ... . But such concerns have been near-absent in China. Here 1 am not thinking of Deng Xiaoping and the political hardliners, but rather the in­ creasingly influential intellectual elite and, in particular

ALReview: 1. “Power to the People” 2. BIMA Up 3. From Hair to Maternity 4. Unchecked Mates 5. Hearts and Craft 6. Goethe’s Joust

Cumming's method. The dust jack­ et describes her as a senior Canberra political journalist "specialising in probing behind die daily headlines". This book certainly doesn't provide any evidence of that—in ... ) men. Women hardly figure in thishistoryin a political sense. Mothers, wives and sisters are presented as possessing sig­ nificant political skills (for instance Brereton’s sister Deirdre Grusovin

Australian Left Review No. 109 1989

collective. ©I BRIEFINGS Cain’s Curse Victoria’s economic strategy comes unstuck 1 9 7 5 and All That? Old friends fall out, and Vanuatu pays the price Indonesia’s Political Shadowplay Are cracks developing ... year, hortly after its historic third the Victorian Labor govern­ ment now finds itself embroiled in a major political crisis following revelations o f mismanagement and incompetence in the publicly

Briefings: 1. From Our House to Greenhouse 2. Terry's Lessons 3. The Salad Bowl Upturned

f the protracted dispute. It may, however, have given M r G reiner and his ministers cause to reflect on the riddle o f political life which could t u r n w h a t s e e m e d th e new g o v e rn m e n ... other lies in the n a tu re of that populist appeal itself. Briefly, by going “o u tsid e" the traditional param eters of political d ebate, and by standing at once “ in” and “a g a in s t” the state, the

Profile: Kylie Minogue

parted company. D r o p o u t s b e c a m e c u l t u r a l entrepreneurs and political activists became professors of sociology. M aryanne Fahey's roo!ly excellent Kylie Mole is the role model for Minogue

Obscured by Dust

accordance with what was mere supposition. W hat the industries’ spokespersons chose to obfuscate, however, is that this notion of medical o r th o d o x y is in effect a political concept. It is a concept ... every case involving government efforts to control carcinogens in the m arket place. The discovery of an association between a disease and a chemical p ro d u c t is a political act. Its c reato r and the

A Popular Passion

ruling elite m aintains what Gramsci called its cultural (and therefore political) hegemony and manipulates the consent o f the mass of people to a brutally unjust society. In this I agree with the general ... define the very parameters of whatever political debate can take place. As the late Alex Carey once said, a i n ’t much use having a twoparty state if you've got a one-party press. Even where the mass