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Instability, Rupture and Fluctuations in Thin Liquid Films: Theory and Computations

requires fluctuations to be taken into account self-consistently. In this work we present an analytical and numerical study of a stochastic thin-film equation derived from first principles. Following a brief ... provides a general theoretical and numerical apparatus that will be relevant in a wide variety of natural processes which involve a similar stochastic gradient-flow structure. In the same spirit, we believe

Model-based production cost estimation to support bid processes: an automotive case study

mechanisms to improve the decentralized approach. To capture the uncertainty during the bid process, associated with key parameters like demand, capacity consumption and cost, we formulate a stochastic version ... . First, we focus on decentralized decision making and analyze different organizational structures to deal with that issue. Second, we introduce a stochastic, recourse based formulation of the problem and

Compositional abstraction of CSP Z processes

Data abstraction is a powerful technique to overcome state explosion in model checking. For CSPZ (a formal integration of the well-known specification languages CSP and Z), current approaches can ... emphasize that our approach is applied to a CSPZ process in isolation; we split the data (Z) part into a data dependent and a data independent part. We can also apply the approach to all CSPZ processes

Probability in quantum mechanics

By using a fluid theory which is an alternative to quantum theory but from which the latter can be deduced exactly, the long-standing problem of how quantum mechanics is related to stochastic ... Brownian motion [4] or some variant of Brownian motion [5]. The reason for this direction of the stochastic search is the analogy between the shape of the simple Schrodinger equation, t 2m x2 (1.2) and the

Compositional abstraction of CSP Z processes

Data abstraction is a powerful technique to overcome state explosion in model checking. For CSPZ (a formal integration of the well-known specification languages CSP and Z), current approaches can ... emphasize that our approach is applied to a CSPZ process in isolation; we split the data (Z) part into a data dependent and a data independent part. We can also apply the approach to all CSPZ processes

On Markovian cocycle perturbations in classical and quantum probability

We introduce Markovian cocycle perturbations of the groups of transformations associated with classical and quantum stochastic processes with stationary increments, which are characterized by a ... theory of cohomology of groups can describe the set of all functionals from the classical and quantum stochastic processes with the stationary independent increments. 6.1. The Wiener process. Consider the

Control theory in biology and medicine

From September–December 2017, the Mathematical Biosciences Institute at Ohio State University hosted a series of workshops on control theory in biology and medicine, including workshops on control ... of the participants in the MBI workshops. Control theory is a mathematically oriented discipline within engineering that concerns the design and analysis of systems for the regulation of physical

An application of the nonselfadjoint operators theory in the study of stochastic processes

simple, dissipative, nonselfadjoint of rank 1, and has real spectrum. As a generalization, we represent the infinitesimal correlation function (ICF) of a nonhomogeneous linearly representable stochastic ... Hindawi Publishing Corporation Journal of Applied Mathematics and Stochastic Analysis The theory of operator colligations in Hilbert spaces gives rise to certain models for nonselfadjoint

On processes of conflict "environmentalization

of environmentalization implies changes both in the State and in the behavior of people at work, in their daily lives and leisure. Such processes are analyzed in order to frame the environmental issue ... processes newly perceived as important, such as "curialization" – the formation of European court societies between the fourteenth and eighteenth centuries – or "sportification", starting in nineteenth

Probability Theory

it! Fuck! Pushing the worthless newspaper aside, I glare at the clock on the radio where that cheerful DJ bitch, Delilah, was introducing the next song and I swear if it’s Norah Jones, I’ll beat her ... leaching automated-calling fuckers! Calls your phone and you answer and nothing, just nothing, what’s the goddamn point? Wait! Something on the other end of the line, a choked hiccup or… “Hello?” A woman on

On Markovian traffic with applications to TES processes

Markov processes are an important ingredient in a variety of stochastic applications. Notable instances include queueing systems and traffic processes offered to them. This paper is concerned with ... System Technical Journal 63:7 ( 1984 ), 1283 - 1310 . Jagerman , D.L. and Melamed , B. , The transition and autocorrelation structure of TES processes . Part I: General theory , Stochastic Models 8:2

A randomized method for handling a difficult function in a convex optimization problem, motivated by probabilistic programming

to stochastic approximation, the present method builds a model problem. The approach is adapted to probability maximization and probabilistic constrained problems. We discuss simulation procedures for ... probability at least 0.9, regardless of the number of new columns generated over the course of the procedure. 3.2 On stochastic gradient methods The aim of this section is to place Theorem 10 and the column

Elucidating fitness components of the invasive dermestid beetle Trogoderma granarium combining deterministic and stochastic demography

analysis of this species at 30, 35 and 40°C, combining deterministic and stochastic approaches. The net reproductive rate, the intrinsic rate of increase, the finite rate of increase and the doubling time ... well with respect to the intrinsic rate of increase. Females of roughly 63, 42 and 21 days old reached their maximum reproductive potential at 30, 35 and 40?C, respectively. The stochastic models of this

Detection of determinant genes and diagnostic via Item Response Theory

of diagnosing individuals regarding the anomaly under study and some characteristics of the genes are analyzed. Maximum likelihood equations for general and particular cases are presented. ... : van der Linder WJ and Hambleton RK (eds) Handbook of Modern Item Response Theory. Spring-Verlag, New York.        [ Links ] Chow YS and Teicher H (1978) Probability Theory: Independence

Special Issue on Cognitive Load Theory: Editorial

For over three decades, cognitive load theory (CLT) has drawn on models of cognitive architecture—including a working memory whose capacity and duration limits can be substantially reduced when ... construct refers to the load placed on working memory by a range of cognitive processes, including comprehension, schema construction, schema automation, and problem solving. When working memory is overloaded

A coupling technique for stochastic comparison of functions of Markov Processes

necessary and sufficient conditions for the construction of a coupling Markov Process which stays in a fixed set K for all times and with given marginal processes. The strong stochastic comparison—or, more ... work is to obtain explicit conditions (i.e., conditions on the transition rates) for the stochastic comparison of Markov Processes. A general coupling technique is used to obtain necessary and su cient

Stochastic flows with interaction and measure-valued processes

motion of single particles. We also consider examples related to stochastic flows with the interactions and the local times for such processes. ... IJMMS STOCHASTIC FLOWS WITH INTERACTION AND MEASURE-VALUED PROCESSES We consider the new class of the Markov measure-valued stochastic processes with constant mass. We give the construction of

Stochastic processes on non-Archimedean Banach spaces

Non-Archimedean analogs of Markov quasimeasures and stochastic processes are investigated. They are used for the development of stochastic antiderivations. The non-Archimedean analog of the Itô ... stochastic processes 4.1. Remark and definition. Let (? , , ?) be a probability space. Points ? ? ? are called ?elementary events? and values ?(S) probabilities of events S ? . A measurable map ? : (? , ) ? (X

Orthogonal Stochastic Duality Functions from Lie Algebra Representations

We obtain stochastic duality functions for specific Markov processes using representation theory of Lie algebras. The duality functions come from the kernel of a unitary intertwiner between ... \), \(\rho (Y)\) and \(\sigma (Y)\) are the generators of two stochastic processes. In case of \(\mathfrak {sl}(2,{\mathbb {C}})\), Y is closely related to the Casimir operator. The duality functions come from

Attachment theory and religious violence: theorizing adult religious psychopathology

violence and the concept of attachment. It is first argued that the relationship between a religious believer and a religious figure can be explained as an attachment experience. Secondly, it is proposed ... attachment processes seem to correlate with that of childhood attachments. It is on this ground that Kirkpatrick and Shaver (1990) conceptualised a theory of attachment-religion aspects in which they