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Poor supply chain management and stock-outs of point-of-care diagnostic tests in Upper East Region’s primary healthcare clinics, Ghana

Introduction Several supply chain components are important to sustain point-of-care (POC) testing services in rural settings. To evaluate the availability of POC diagnostic tests in rural Ghana’s ... , University of Washington , Seattle, Washington , United States of America 1 Editor: Nei-yuan Hsiao, University of Cape Town Faculty of Health Sciences , SOUTH AFRICA Several supply chain components are

Smart Logistics – Technologiekonzepte und Potentiale

The intelligent control of supply chains is an essential prerequisite for exploiting the potential of new digital technologies. In the following paper, Smart Logistics will be discussed as a ... Voraussetzungen dargestellt, die in Unternehmen für die Einführung von Smart Logistics gegeben sein müssen. SchlüsselwörterSmart Logistics Smart Supply Chain Management Industrie 4.0 SME 4.0  Smart Logistics

Flood Risk Assessment in Humanitarian Logistics Process Design

This article deals with the relationship between a flood risk assessment and the humanitarian logistics process design related to emergency events caused by flooding. The magnitude and timing of the ... -565.         [ Links ] [11] A. Thomas and L.R. Kopczak, "From logistics to supply chain management: the path forward in humanitarian sector," white paper, Fritz Institute, San Francisco, C.A., 2005

A gestão da demanda em cadeias de suprimentos: uma abordagem além da previsão de vendas

Demand management emerges in knowledge fields of supply chain management and marketing. It aims at rapid and appropriate integration of the needs arising from the market towards the suppliers in ... logistics operations across the food industry supply chain. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, v. 16, n. 4, 2004.         [ Links

Investigation of the construction of intelligent logistics system from traditional logistics model based on wireless network technology

With the continuous development of science and technology, wireless network technology has played an important role in the construction of intelligent logistics system. Under this background, based ... ; logistics enterprises There are certain differences in the business systems of logistics enterprises under different logistics modes of subsystems. From the perspective of supply chain, the subsystems

Heterogeneity of logistics facilities: an issue for a better understanding and planning of the location of logistics facilities

In the last few years, the issue of the location of logistics activities emerged in the literature, in Europe and in the United States, especially from the perspective of logistics spatial dynamics ... management corresponds to industrial production, all stages of the supply chain. These activities are located at all scales of urban hierarchy. The increasing logistics integration and the recent evolution of

Model-based production cost estimation to support bid processes: an automotive case study

In the automobile supplier industry companies frequently need to make bids, typically based on cost estimates for the production process, to obtain incoming orders. The production process is executed ... -order supply chain planning under uncertainties is introduced in Lalmazloumian et al. (2016). There an integrated optimization approach of procurement, production and distribution costs associated with

A produção enxuta como fator diferencial na capacidade de fornecimento de PMEs

The automotive industry, especially in the 90's, has been passed through a re-structure process of its productive base and supply relationship. Supporting such a process, there is a production ... to produce accordingly to the demand but also, to increase the supply capability of the firms. Key words: Supply chain, lean production, Value Stream Mapping.     INTRODUÇÃO As

A reverse logistics chain mathematical model for a sustainable production system of perishable goods based on demand optimization

Sustainability in the supply chain means pushing the supply chain to focus on social, economic and environmental aspects, and addressing the existing problems in the traditional supply chain ... for the reverse supply chain of perishable goods, taking into account the sustainable production system. In this research, four objective functions were considered to maximize profitability and the

Power and culture in supply chains: contributions of the strategic action fields approach

Chicago Press. [ Links ] Mentzer, J. T., DeWitt, W., Keebler, J. S., Min, S., Nix, N. W., Smith, C. D., & Zacharia, Z. G. (2001). Defining supply chain management. Journal of Business Logistics, 22(2), 1 ... uncertainty on supply chain integration in the Thai automotive industry. International Journal of Production Economics, 115(2), 400-410. [ Links ] Zhao, X., Huo

Economic evaluation of snake antivenom production in the public system

frequent shortages of the necessary supply. Here, we present an economical analysis of the factors affecting production cost, assuming a basic processing batch of 100 L hyperimmune plasma. Three annual ... production to improve the process efficiency, lower the product unitary cost and obtain the necessary supply for their own demand or that of other countries in need. Key words: antivenom, economical cost

Use of twitter data for waste minimisation in beef supply chain

Approximately one third of the food produced is discarded or lost, which accounts for 1.3 billion tons per annum. The waste is being generated throughout the supply chain viz. farmers, wholesalers ... : farmers, wholesalers, logistics, retailers and consumers have the onus of food waste. Waste might be generated at one end in the supply chain and their root cause might be linked to other segment of the

Managing a live music performance: A supply-side analysis

live music performances from the supply side are fundamental, since the costs of organising live music performances are high, the needs of the visitors are constantly changing and competition plays a ... research conducted on the critical success factors from a supply side, the following findings emerged. Firstly, it is evident that the critical success factors differ significantly from one tourism sector to

Disaster management in Bangladesh: developing an effective emergency supply chain network

This study has addressed and identified the problems in managing the existing emergency supply chain of Bangladesh in all phases of operation in terms of the primary drivers of the supply chain. It ... is proposed in this study. KeywordsEmergency supply chain Interoperability Effective supply chain Disaster management Logistics management Relief distribution  1 Introduction During any natural or

Identificación y Análisis de una Red de Ayuda Humanitaria: Un Caso de Estudio

With the purpose of addressing the several challenges that humanitarian logistics faces, the configuration of the humanitarian aid of Manizales city (Colombia) was identified and graph theory as a ... Yoshida Yoshizaki, H. T., Literature review of humanitarian logistics research: trends and challenges, doi:10.1108/JHLSCM-04-2012-0008, Journal of Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Management, 4 (1

Otimização no planejamento agregado de produção em indústrias de processamento de suco concentrado congelado de laranja

consideration a large portion of the supply chain involved in the frozen concentrated orange juice sector. Another point to highlight is the inclusion of the blending process of different types of juices to match ...  ] HAX, A. C.; MEAL, H. C. Hierarchical integration of production planning and scheduling. In: GEISLER, M. A. (Ed.). Studies in Management Sciences, logistics. v. 1. New York: North Holland-American

Strategic consensus between functions and the role of supply chain technology as moderator

Purpose: This study aims to identify whether the degree of fit of the correlation between high supply chain and manufacturing strategy will result in a better performance.Design/methodology/approach ... , respondent target are procurement manager or production manager. Findings: Samples are grouped into two ideal types of strategies used mean split technique. 53 SMEs adopt ASCS (Agile Supply Chain Strategy) and

Analysis of Factors Affecting E-supply Chain Performances

The relevance of supply chain (SC) behaviour is continuously increasing, especially with respect to companies adopting e-commerce strategies. Although the huge number of works on this topic, an ... variable is the e-supply chain dynamism degree. This, in turns, depends on both, market and production process dynamics. The latter is related to the variety of production processes and volumes. Market

Gigantism in container shipping, ports and global logistics: a time-lapse into the future

development in a more cost effective way. Indisputably, containerization has been the kindle wood under global logistics and supply chain management. Furthermore. The concept of logistics does not regard only ... supply chain costs, like in the past, I am afraid you will have to put your hand deeper in your pocket…”. Investment in logistics services and related infrastructure, rather than in ships, which

Factors for implementing green supply chain management in the construction industry

Purpose: The objectives of this study are to elaborate on the concepts, dimensions and elements of green supply chain management (GSCM) and develop a framework of GSCM implementation for the ... the myriad stages of the supply chain must achieve the net greening of a production task to attain their opposing goals ( UN Global Compact, 2010; UNEP-SBCI, 2016). Presently, only a few studies have