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Enhancing Treatment and Care of Children Using Pediatric Radiology

Editorial First Online: 26 April 2019 74 Downloads Radiology has become an indispensable tool in the evaluation of diseases of children. Pediatric radiology is a subspecialty which demands great ... , dealing with modality based topics in Pediatric radiology. To follow up on the success of these issues, and to continue to keep updated on this rapidly changing and evolving field, IJP is again publishing

The current status of radiological clinical audit - an ESR Survey of European National Radiology Societies

The importance of clinical audit in radiological practice is increasingly recognised and undertaking clinical audit “in accordance with national procedures” is mandatory for radiology departments

I084 Radiology for the rheumatologist: what not to miss

London, London, United 0 Radiology, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust , Leeds , United Kingdom 1 AbbVie, Allergan Ophthalmology, Theapharma, Alliance Pharma , Nicox, Allergan Ophthalmology ... rheumatological eye conditions such as giant cell arteritis, Sj o?gren?s syndrome and eye screening in rheumatological drug use e.g. hydroxychloroquine. I084 RADIOLOGY FOR THE RHEUMATOLOGIST: WHAT NOT TO MISS h t t

Paediatric radiology from a psychosocial lens

families. At Children's National Health System in Washington, DC, USA, CCLSs employed in radiology departments designed and implemented 'MR-I Can Do It', a programme aimed to reduce the rates of paediatric

Encouraging MSK imaging research towards clinical impact is a necessity: opinion paper of the European Society of Musculoskeletal Radiology (ESSR)

Radiology has not been spared in recent economic crises with a substantial reduction in the turnover of imaging equipment. These problems are exacerbated by increasing demand for healthcare across

Correction to: European Society of Paediatric Radiology abdominal imaging task force: statement on imaging in very early onset inflammatory bowel disease

version of the original article can be found at Correction to: Pediatric Radiology 2019 The above article ... NorwayTromsøNorway4.Department of Pediatric Radiology, Jeanne de Flandre HospitalCHRU de LilleLilleFrance5.Department of RadiologyRadiology InstituteVeronaItaly6.Department of RadiologyG. Gaslini InstituteGenoaItaly7

Joint European Society of Paediatric Radiology (ESPR) and International Society for Forensic Radiology and Imaging (ISFRI) guidelines: paediatric postmortem computed tomography imaging protocol

]. Neither of these guidelines specifies the imaging parameters by which the examination should be conducted. A recent survey by the European Society of Paediatric Radiology (ESPR) on paediatric postmortem ... registered members of the European Society of Paediatric Radiology (ESPR) postmortem and International Society for Forensic Radiology and Imaging (ISFRI) paediatric task forces were emailed the survey in May

Summary of the proceedings of the International Forum 2018: “Value-based radiology

The International Forum, established by the European Society of Radiology (ESR), aims to discuss important topics in the field of radiology with radiological partner societies from outside Europe

The Educational Impact of Web-based Platforms for Therapeutic Radiology in Sub-Saharan Africa

Purpose: This study explores the effectiveness of remote contouring training for therapeutic radiology in three Sub-Saharan African countries (Nigeria, Tanzania, Cameroon) using a web-based platform ... tools for oncology and radiology staff, which could improve the accuracy of their treatment planning and ultimately impact the quality of therapeutic radiology. therapeutic radiology; education

The Current Status of Uptake of European BSS Directive (2013/59/Euratom) Requirements – Results of a Pilot Survey in European Radiology Departments with a Focus on Clinical Audit

The recently implemented European Council Basic Safety and Standards Directive (BSSD), 2013/59/Euratom lays down core radiation protection standards for European radiology departments, with a ... Departments with a Focus on Clinical Audit AuthorsAuthors and affiliations European Society of Radiology (ESR) Open Access Statement First Online: 09 May 2019 20 Downloads Abstract The recently

Is CT bulletproof? On the use of CT for characterization of bullets in forensic radiology

radiology CT Bullet Metal Material identification Beam hardening Photon starvation  Introduction In the last decade, medical imaging modalities have emerged as a valuable tool for postmortem examination ... Publisher’s note Springer Nature remains neutral with regard to jurisdictional claims in published maps and institutional affiliations. References 1. O’Donnell C, Woodford N (2008) Post-mortem radiology—a

Oral Radiology accepted by Medline

2018 276 Downloads Dear Readers, I am very proud to announce that Oral Radiology (OR) has been accepted by Medline. That result is thanks to numerous efforts by the first editor of OR ... Kong for their help. I appreciate financial support from the Japanese Society for Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology, the cooperation of international publisher Springer Nature, editing by Edanz Group

Artificial intelligence in radiology: who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?

students are not well informed of the potential consequences of AI in radiology. • The fundamental principles of AI—as well as its application in medicine—must be taught in medical schools. • The radiologist ... radiology in particular. This is a very timely topic and the survey is well designed. Beyond its immediate results, this study raises deeper questions that are difficult to answer: How will the future doctors

How to manage accidental and unintended exposure in radiology: an ESR white paper

Radiology (ESR) Open Access Statement First Online: 21 February 2019 334 Downloads Abstract Since February 2018, the Directive 2013/59/EURATOM (EU-BSS) requires all EU member states to implement ... diagnostic and interventional radiology. The three fundamental principles of radiation protection are justification, optimisation and the application of dose limits (ICRP103) [1]. Under the umbrella of the

IT development in radiology - an ESR update on the Digital Imaging Adoption Model (DIAM)

The Digital Imaging Adoption Model (DIAM), a joint project established in 2016 by the European Society of Radiology (ESR) and the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), is

What the radiologist should know about artificial intelligence – an ESR white paper

This paper aims to provide a review of the basis for application of AI in radiology, to discuss the immediate ethical and professional impact in radiology, and to consider possible future ... the traditional radiology activities of lesion detection and characterisation. In radiomics, AI can foster the analysis of the features and help in the correlation with other omics data. Imaging

A qualitative framework-based evaluation of radiology clinical decision support initiatives: eliciting key factors to physician adoption in implementation

qualitative evaluation of 2 similar radiology CDS innovations for near-term endpoints affecting adoption and present the findings using an evaluation framework. We identified key contextual factors between ... Payment Program) will require the integration of CDS for radiology exams.2 The CDS tools give health care providers specific recommendations on the optimal order for selecting and conducting imaging tests

Adequacy of ultrasound reports in patients presenting with obstructive jaundice at a tertiary hospital radiology department

Department of Radiology, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa Correspondence     ABSTRACT BACKGROUND: Patients with obstructive jaundice require a stepwise approach to investigation and ... degree of bile duct dilatation and the level and cause of obstruction.3,8 Radiology reports are an important method of communication between the radiologist and the referring clinician.10 Structured