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News - Screven-Jenkins Regional Library

The 2018 Hour of Code was the first codingoriented program ever held at the ScrevenJenkins Regional Library System, and it was a great success! The Screven-Jenkins Regional Library System, which

Uncovering Links Between Urban Studies and Network Science

railway stations in the Brussels Regional Express Network: a node-place modeling approach. Networks and Spatial Economics. Condeço-Melhorado A, Reggiani A ... extends across many social and natural science disciplines and over many scales of analysis. Seeking to identify linkages between Urban Studies and Network Science in this growing literature, this special

Spatial-functional pattern of ecotonal riparian landscapes on Meridional Plateau, Southern Brazil

with 47 corridors. In the riparian zones, VH areas occupy the flood plains showing higher variability in size and spatial distribution. This summarizes the natural fragmentation of the riparian ... is the lack of replicated sites that share a pattern of spatial distribution, which provide a statistical basis of the properties and behavior of the patterns identified. This study analyzes the


This paper analyzes the importance of the relations that the rural and urban community members undergo in three Chilean indigenous peoples as a result of migrations and the spatial mobility provoked ... migrations and the spatial mobility provoked by a more active participation in the regional work force and economic markets. The validity and importance of these social networks permits their definition as

Population dynamics and socio-spatial organization of the Aurignacian: Scalable quantitative demographic data for western and central Europe

population during the Aurignacian as well as marked regional differences in population size and density. Demographic increase and patterns of socio-spatial organization continue during the subsequent early ... implicit references to this field are common in the literature. Currently available estimates operate only at single spatial scales, using either regional [ 8, 9 ] or pan-European [ 10?12 ] frameworks to

Tracing long-term demographic changes: The issue of spatial scales

This paper deals with the analysis of long-term changes in population densities at the regional and macro-regional scale and in the density of metapopulations. The following issues concerning ... areas in the latter populations decreased over time, which is taken into account in estimations. Changes in population density are traced at several spatial scales. Regional density, which is also

Marine debris: global and regional impacts

, sources, amount, interactions and socio-economic aspects of this global and regional problem. It would be necessary to develop basic marine indices with the purpose to share a wide knowledge and information ... , fuentes, cantidades, interacciones y aspectos socioeconómicos de este problema global y regional. Se hace necesario desarrollar índices marinos con el propósito de compartir ampliamente el conocimiento e

Ethics, science and technology

The article aims at thinking the relation between ethics, science and technology, emphasising the problem of their re-linking, after the split into judgements of fact and judgements of value, which ... humanising of technique and the generation of a new man, literate at science, technology and the humanities. Key words: ethics, science, technology, nihilism. RESUMO O artigo visa pensar a relação

Scientometrics: the project for a science of science transformed into an industry of measurements

This paper discusses the intellectual justification of scientometrics through the claim that it is part of the quest for a quantitative science of science. Initially, I will make a brief description

The place of metaphysics in the science-religion debate

Metaphysics has no place in the science-religion discourses (or dialogues) if understood as an a priori universal content of the nature and causes of all things. From an overview of the positive and

Narrativas del cambio: Cultura y desarrollo económico regional

221 DC) reconocida durante mucho tiempo como la 'Edad de Oro'. El antídoto contra la esencialización de la cultura china es abordar la explicación desde un nivel más regional. El reconocimiento de que ... la cultura, tanto en la evolución del ambiente económico como en el desarrollo comercial. En otras partes se ha presentado el argumento de que el énfasis en la cultura y la identidad regional estimula

With open science gaining traction, do we need an Australasia PubMed Central (PMC)? A qualitative investigation

Australasia PubMed Central was the objective of this research. The investigation is novel, assisting in the development of open science infrastructure through its systematic analysis of the potential interest ... may be possible from adopting a PMC for retrieving and transferring research, linked to the data underlying the research. This in turn could help put regional research under a brighter spotlight

Assimilating MODIS data-derived minimum input data set and water stress factors into CERES-Maize model improves regional corn yield predictions

crop growth model using minimum inputs was successful for predicting regional yields, and it should be examined for spatial portability to diverse agro-climatic and agro-technology regions. ... challenging due to the difficulty of obtaining many input parameters of the model at a regional scale and uncertainties in the parameters due to spatial variability [ 5,7?8 ]. Remote sensing data provide

Architecture's phenomenology and crisis

ontological "regional" field from which derives the science/art investigated in this article. ... dwelling that makes up the specific or "regional" ontological field from which stems the science/art discussed here. It has also been stated that, in moments of crisis, sciences tend to return to their

Spatial variation in a top marine predator’s diet at two regionally distinct sites

. Therefore, accurate estimations of predator diet at relevant spatial and temporal scales are key to understanding energetic requirements, predator-prey interactions and ecosystem structure. We investigate ... potential intra-specific regional variation in predator diet must be considered when implementing spatial plans over wider geographic scales. Obtaining detailed information on seal diet composition at

Regional science in a resource-constrained world

This paper presents challenges to mainstream regional science that stem from the fact that regional economies are subsumed within larger social, economic and environmental systems. The constraints

Using person factors in social science research

analysis has been employed with less frequency than R-type, and is generally not as well known as R-type among social science researchers. The purpose of this paper is to briefly describe the main features ... of Q-type factor analysis and to show how it can be used in social science research.    Q-type factor analysis is of use in situations where the profile of the entity (the pattern of scores that an

Regional variability in reproductive traits of the Acropora hyacinthus species complex in the Western Pacific Region

similar genetic and reproductive traits, suggesting reproductive isolation with local adaptations. This study reports natural spatial variations in the reproductive traits of A. hyacinthus at different ... the reported spatial variations. A plausible explanation for the regional differences in both gonad volumes is that there is a negative relationship between latitude and sea water temperature, which

New in 2010: the science transfer series

introduce to our readers the Science Transfer Series, a set of guest editorials aiming to cover different initiatives and strategies to bridge the gap between academia and clinical community or industry. To ... open the Science Transfer Series Dr John P. Hatch and Dr. John D. Rugh, from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, USA, present their ongoing project to translate the scientific

A case-based, small-group cooperative learning course in preclinical veterinary science aimed at bridging basic science and clinical literacy

educational vehicle to link basic science with clinical medicine. The aim of this article is to describe the objectives and structure of the course and to report the results of the assessment of the students ... ; L L van der MerweI; R A MeintjesII IDepartment of Companion Animal Studies, Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Pretoria, Private Bag X04, Onderstepoort, 0110 South Africa IIDepartment of