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University genres in disciplinary domains: social sciences and humanities and basic sciences and engineering

description of an academic corpus based on texts collected in four disciplinary domains of knowledge: Industrial Chemistry, Construction Engineering, Social Work, and Psychology. A review of the concepts of ... found when comparing Social Sciences and Humanities. Not only are there fewer genre types in Industrial Chemistry and Construction Engineering (as shown in Table 2), but there is less genre diversity, as

Foundation-phase children's causal reasoning in astronomy, biology, chemistry and physics

with language and literacy, and especially with mathematics?' The author argues that firmer conceptual knowledge of science can be developed in younger children in the early grades, because the thinking ... the early grades, because the thinking mechanisms for understanding and reasoning seem to be in place at a young age.     Introduction: Laying the foundation for science concept development

Teaching and Learning with Chemistry in Context

Chemistry in Context is an issues-based curriculum model developed by the American Chemical Society for non-science majors at the college level. Through six editions, the goal has been to establish ... ., 2009) are being used by students across the United States, retaining Chemistry in Context's unique position as the market leader for non-science majors. The project includes a text, a lab manual, and

Scientometrics: the project for a science of science transformed into an industry of measurements

This paper discusses the intellectual justification of scientometrics through the claim that it is part of the quest for a quantitative science of science. Initially, I will make a brief description ... concerns of governments and private corporations. Keywords: Scientometrics. Citation analysis. Quantitative methods. Commoditization.     The significance of science and technology for economic

Las grandes ideas sobre biodiversidad y la ReCo de un estudiante-profesor: Visita de una profesora de la Universidad Surcolombiana

Natural Sciences Program: Physics, Chemistry and Biology. PCK, considered as an amalgam made of Subject Matter and Pedagogy, allows to strength the professional knowledge of Preservice Teachers ... , CPC, ReCo, biodiversidad.   Abstract This paper presents the research results to search for, develop, document and portray the most important element of a Pre-Service Biology Teacher pedagogical

Ingeniería Física, un Título Profesional Universitario de la Física Aplicada para el Ámbito Productivo

This paper describes the major of Engineering Physics as one of the applied branches of the career Bachelor in Physical Sciences. This major was proposed by a group of professors of the Physics ... ; Ingeniería física. Una nueva perspectiva de la enseñanza de la física. Revista de la educación superior, 10(40), 1-11 (1981).        [ Links ] Jakcson, G. Physics and Engineering, Phys. Educ. 7, 74-77 (1972

Trends in Women’s Participation in Computer Industry Subfields

The participation of women in specific subfields of computer science (CS) and information technology (IT) will be investigated to determine the existence of any trends that may exist indicating ... CS and IT. About our Data. (n.d.). Retrieved October 12, 2018, from Computer, engineering, & science occupations. (2016). Retrieved November 18, 2018, from

Innovative chemistry learning model: Improving the critical thinking skill and self-efficacy of pre-service chemistry teachers

chemistry teachers is still low. Problem Based Learning (PBL) model and Inquiry model have been implemented widely to improve the critical thinking skills and self-efficacy of pre-service chemistry teachers ... the material that was obtained from the learning activities. The results of these preliminary studies indicate a need for a chemistry learning model that emphasizes critical thinking and science process

A disciplina de História da Ciência e da Técnica: contribuições para o ensino e a formação de Professores de Química

This study aims to examine how structured the discipline of History of Science and Technology in the faculty of Chemistry, Faculty of Engineering - FIQ of the Universidad Nacional del Litoral - Santa ... - Santa Fe, Argentina, and how the teacher of the subject has adequate knowledge of History and Philosophy of Science for the teaching of this subject. It is emphasized that the course does not offer a

Exact travelling wave solutions for some nonlinear (N+1)-dimensional evolution equations

equations play a very important role in mathematical physics and engineering sciences. The implemented algorithm is quite efficient and is practically well suited for these problems. The computer symbolic ... on computer with the aid of symbolic computation software Maple.   References [1] M.A. Abdou, A.A. Soliman and S.T. Basyony, New application of exp-function method for improved Boussinesq

A investigação da construção de modelos no estudo de um tópico de física utilizando um ambiente de modelagem computacional qualitativo

physics and engineering areas and activities of a qualitative computer modelling environment expressive modelling activities. Results show that the students were able to build up and modify the model from ... . Frazer e K. Tobin.         [ Links ] [3] R. Harré, Physics Education 13, 275 (1978).         [ Links ] [4] J. Gilbert, Models in Science and Science Education, Exploring Models and Modelling in Science

Ethics, science and technology

The article aims at thinking the relation between ethics, science and technology, emphasising the problem of their re-linking, after the split into judgements of fact and judgements of value, which ... -articulation between science, technology and humanities, and will give the opportunity for the formation of a new man, defined no longer as a tool and object of the techno-sciences, but as a subject and

Chemistry students

The main objective of the study was to test chemistry students' competence, in the first, second and final years of their BSc course, in some basic problem-solving strategies. Five strategies were ... principles; use of equations for calculations and deductions and use of a step-by-step procedure. The study method used was the analysis of students' solutions to questions that were carefully designed to test

Edward Charles Howard: Explosives, meteorites, and sugar

nickel and have a composition different from any material originated in the earth, and the design of the vacuum evaporator and other accessories that resulted in a substantial improvement in the economic ... that such masses do not penetrate further into the earth, for meteors move more on a horizontal than in a perpendicular direction, and there is as absolute ignorance regarding the force, which impels the

Mapping student understanding in chemistry: The perspectives of chemists

was developed through Living by Chemistry (LBC), a chemistry curriculum project with, an assessment system for secondary and university chemistry objectives called ChemQuery, both funded by the National ... : Las perspectivas de los químicos   Jennifer Claesgens,1 * Kathleen Scalise2 and Angelica Stacy 3   1 Center for Science Teaching and Learning, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Arizona

Selenium and tellurium chemistry: historical background

In this paper we present a general survey on the history of the selenium and tellurium chemistry in Brazil and worldwide. ... devoted to selenium and tellurium, in which he reported, for the first time, the accumulated knowledge on this field.1 Rheinboldt's school had a deep influence in the development of chemistry in Brazil, and

A Review on Hierarchical Origami and Kirigami Structure for Engineering Applications

Origami and kirigami originally serving as the ancient papercraft techniques also provide the way of developing functional hierarchical structures for various engineering applications, for example ... ). Engineering and Science, 67(1), 5–19.Google Scholar 5. Lamoureux, A., Lee, K., Shlian, M., et al. (2015). Dynamic kirigami structures for integrated solar tracking. Nature Communications, 6, 8092.Google

STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

Science is on our minds at Linfield. Students and faculty spent the summer collaborating on research in the sciences, mathematics and technology, both here and abroad. ... imperative not just for biology, but for the STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). In the broadest of terms, we need science education for every student. We must prepare future

Algorithmic Government: Automating Public Services and Supporting Civil Servants in using Data Science Technologies

The data science technologies of artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), big data and behavioral/predictive analytics, and blockchain are poised to revolutionize government and create ... Computer Science community to engage with government to develop these new systems to transform public services and support the work of civil servants. 1. INTRODUCTION The data science ‘tsunami’ led by

The Vibrating Universe: Astronomy for the Deaf

other sciences to act as portal for K-12 engagement in science given the imagery it presents, the answers it offers to grand questions, and its interdisciplinary nature. The workshop is an unconventional ... ). Women, minorities, and persons with disabilities in science and engineering: 2015. Tech. Rep. 15-311, National Science Foundation, National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics, Arlington, VA