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Efficient calculation of heterogeneous non-equilibrium statistics in coupled firing-rate models

general heterogeneous firing-rate model receiving background correlated noisy inputs that accurately handles highly non-equilibrium statistics and interactions of heterogeneous cells. Our method involves ... processing. Here we present a method to approximate the non-equilibrium statistics of a general heterogeneous coupled firing-rate model of neural networks receiving background correlated noise, in which we

The Statistics of EEG Unipolar References: Derivations and Properties

In this brief communication, which complements the EEG reference review (Yao et al. in Brain Topogr, 2019), we provide the mathematical derivations that show: (1) any EEG reference admits the general ... (UR), allowing us to define a general family of URs with unified notations; (4) some notable properties of URs are ‘no memory’, ‘rank deficient by 1’, and ‘orthogonal projector centering’; (5) we also


The Mathematical Intelligencer pp 1–1 | Cite as Statistics Stamp Corner Robin Wilson First Online: 05 March 2019 106 Downloads In the early 19th century, the “method of least ... also as the Gaussian distribution, which was featured on a German postmark. (It was also featured on the last German 10-mark note.) Adolphe Quetelet (1796–1874) was supervisor of statistics for Belgium

Weight statistics controls dynamics in recurrent neural networks

effectively decorrelates neuronal activity, even if neurons receive identical external inputs, and, finally, that (4) identical synaptic input statistics to excitatory and to inhibitory cells increases ... localized solely within the modules [ 18 ]. Finally, the effect of external inputs on network dynamics was explored. A paper identified a general criterion that distinguishes two classes of networks

Multiscale image denoising using goodness-of-fit test based on EDF statistics

expected under the specified distribution, different statistics/measures of GoF have been defined [ 47, 48 ]. Several measures of GoF test are employed in practice [ 49?52 ], each having unique ... properties of their own but only the Anderson Darlington (AD) statistics [ 51 ] will be discussed here because of its relevance with our work. A detailed discussion on the topic is presented in [ 53 ]. P

Anyonic exclusions statistics on surfaces with gapped boundaries

Abstract An anyonic exclusion statistics, which generalizes the Bose-Einstein and Fermi-Dirac statistics of bosons and fermions, was proposed by Haldane [1]. When fusion of anyons is involved ... materials. In this paper, we propose an extended anyonic exclusion statistics on surfaces with gapped boundaries, introducing mutual exclusion statistics between anyons as well as the boundary components

On lattice-topological properties of general Wallman spaces

and Statistics Hindawi Publishing Corporation ht p:/ Hindawi Publishing Corporation ht p:/ Hindawi Publishing Corporation ht p:/ The Scientiifc World

Self-reported hearing difficulty and its association with general, cognitive, and psychosocial health in the state of Arizona, 2015

. Our objective was to assess statewide prevalence of self-reported hearing ability in Arizona adults and its association with general health, cognitive decline, diabetes and poor psychosocial health. A ... self-reported hearing ability in Arizona adults and its association with general health, cognitive decline, diabetes and poor psychosocial health. Methods A self-report question on hearing was added

Prevalence and determinants of stillbirth among women attended deliveries in Aksum General Hospital: a facility based cross-sectional study

. Therefore this was aimed to assess the prevalence and determinants of stillbirth using facility based cross-sectional study among women attended deliveries at Aksum General Hospital in 2018. Systematic random ... and determinants of stillbirth among women attended deliveries at Aksum general hospital, Tigray, Northern Ethiopia in 2018. Main text Methods Study area and period The study was conducted from

General and specialized Orthopaedics

electronic communication our traditions were challenged and new tools were developed. Patient databases became more reliable and easier to understand, medical statistics and meta-analysis became possible. A ... interest and funding [6, 7]. General Orthopaedics appeared as a specialty in the eighteenth century, divided in a high number of sub-specialties in the twentieth century and keeps expanding. Medical

Image statistics of the environment surrounding freely behaving hoverflies

Natural scenes are not as random as they might appear, but are constrained in both space and time. The 2-dimensional spatial constraints can be described by quantifying the image statistics of ... pleasant to view, and both fly and vertebrate peripheral and higher order visual neurons are tuned to naturalistic image statistics. However, for a given animal, what is natural differs depending on the

Costs associated with policies regarding alcohol use during pregnancy: Results from 1972-2015 Vital Statistics

(PTB) related to these policies and their associated additional costs in the first year of life. - Data Availability Statement: Vital Statistics data from 1972-2004 are publicly available for download ... and that limited use and restricted Vital Statistics data from 2005-2015 are available from the CDC?s National Center for Health Statistics. The authors obtained limited use and restricted use datasets

International Economic Statistics: Biased Arbiters in Global Affairs?

data” lest biases in the numbers generate skewed policies, unnecessary disputes and a gradual delegitimization of statistics in general. ... general. KeywordsEconomic statistics Global governance Political economy International organizations International agreements  1 Introduction Economic statistics play an indispensable role in global

Covariance statistics and network analysis of brain PET imaging studies

400 PET scans were investigated to assess the applicability of the methodology in healthy controls and patients. A validation of statistics, including the assessment of false positive differences in ... the assessment of false positive differences in parametric versus permutation testing, was also performed. Results showed good reproducibility and general applicability of the method within the range of

General practitioners’ attitudes towards early diagnosis of dementia: a cross-sectional survey

Dementia is often underdiagnosed in general practice, which may be based on general practitioners’ (GPs’) knowledge and emotional factors as well as external problems. This study aimed to describe ... -0956-1 ©  The Author(s). 2019 Received: 15 November 2018Accepted: 30 April 2019Published: 20 May 2019 Open Peer Review reports Abstract Background Dementia is often underdiagnosed in general

Parametric Statistics and the General Linear Model

statistics include t-tests of hypothesis, Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), correlation and regression. The ability of analyzing data in a variety of ways and using the General Liner Model (GLM) as a mathematical ... independent of each other. The purpose of this paper is to illustrate the many connections mathematically between parametric statistics and the General Linear Model. With these various connections students will

Datennutzung der VHS- und Verbundstatistik. Potenziale für Bildungsforschung, -politik und -praxis

Provider statistics are an important pillar in a fragmented structure of adult education statistics. The article discusses the special prerequisites for the emergence and use of the German ...  Weiterbildungsanbieter Bildungspraxis Bildungspolitik Bildungsforschung Volkshochschule  Usage of the data from statistics on adult education centers in Germany. Potentials for research, politics and practice Abstract

A general framework for frequentist model averaging

Model selection strategies have been routinely employed to determine a model for data analysis in statistics, and further study and inference then often proceed as though the selected model were the ... using data adaptive weights. In this paper we establish a general frequentist model averaging framework that does not set any restrictions on the set of candidate models. It broadens the scope of the